The other day I had trouble with my Acer laptop not coming on. Since it was only a few months old, I called the Acer Help Line and learned something about laptops I didn't know before.

First, I was told to flip the laptop over. I had to give the person the serial number of my laptop.

Then I was told to look for a tiny pin-hole! (I had never seen this pin-hole it was so tiny.)

Next I had to get a needle, insert it into the pin-hole and hold it for 5 seconds before pushing the power button on.

It Worked!

I asked what had happened and was told the laptop had frozen up.

So, if you experience a similar problem where the laptop power light is on but the screen doesn't come on, turn it over and see if there is a tiny pin-hole somewhere on the bottom and insert a needle into it for a few seconds, then try the power button again.

This simple act could save you big bucks if you take it to a computer tech fix it for you. The store where I bought my laptop told me I'd have to send it back to Acer to be repaired.......................which I wasn't prepared to do.