BY Stormy Elizabeth
on January 19, 2016

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all new Tuesday January 19, season 2 episode 13 called, Undocumented, and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, the team investigates the murder of an immigrant petty officer that was staged as a suicide.

On the last episode a crossover episode that began on NCIS concluded with the New Orleans team as they investigated a Russian sleeper agent who was involved with Abbys brother; Sebastian flew to D.C. to partner with Abby on the case; and Bishop delivered a package after driving all night. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, the team investigates the murder of an immigrant petty officer that was staged as a suicide. Also, the agents secretly create an online dating profile for Pride.

Tonights episode looks like it is going to be great and you wont want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBSs NCIS: New Orleans at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 2 episode 13.

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#NCISNOLS begins with two guys talking about college. Is buddy says college is a waste of money. They are repo men and the car owner comes out with a shotgun. He says he wanted a BMW since he was 12 and wont let them take it.

A body falls on the Beemer from the bridge above and trashes it, startling all three men. Pride is cooking when Chill comes in. He tells him the food looks good and says hell be back. LaSalle checks out the pic that Chill took of Pride.

They are setting him up on the internet on a single site. Brody asks if theyre sure about this. Pride says theres a dead sailor in Algiers and theyve got to go. Mateo Ortega is the guy who fell on the car. Brody heads out to look for witnesses.

Loretta says he has injuries consistent with a fall and he smells like bourbon. She doesnt know yet for sure if its suicide. Pride goes to talk to Mateos boss Harper she says he was diligent and then mentions that he was born in Honduras and got asylum here.

Pride asks if it was the immigrant recruitment program and she says yes and hes the best and brightest. She says he had been off recently and says he seemed stress and came late, cried one day, and lost his temper a couple of times. She says he was AWOL yesterday.

She says talk to his brother Victor who works as a contractor on the base. LaSalle goes to talk to him about Mateo. He says his brother liked to handle things on his own. He says he feels like he screwed up and should have done something.

LaSalle says its not his fault and he should know that. He says he has an older brother too who has had problems too. Victor asks if he can see his brothers body so he can say goodbye. LaSalle takes him to the morgue. He asks if the brother can come in.

Loretta says there are fingernail marks on Mateos neck and signs he was strangled. Loretta says it was staged and not a suicide. Chill tells LaSalle that Mateo emptied his bank account $10k is gone. LaSalle says he has a good service record and was working on border control.

Brody says he was supposed to be at the Honduran Community Center yesterday. LaSalle says hes calling in Mateos mom. Victor is with her. She says she loves this country but its tough on immigrants. LaSalle says hes there to help.

LaSalle asks who would harm Mateo and she says no one. She says Victor is the wise ass, not Mateo. Victor jokes that Mateo even still lived at home with his mommy. She says they came 1200 miles from Honduras to get to the US and Mateo was 15 and never stopped smiling no matter how hard it was.

Brody goes to the coroners office. Sebastian shows her Prides dating profile he wants to photoshop a suit onto him and says women want a guy that looks like he makes money. Brody says what about when they find the real Pride.

Sebastian shows Loretta the dating profile and she says she tried to set up Pride before and it didnt work. Loretta shows Brody that he had some sort of bacterial infection they havent identified yet. Loretta shows Brody a broken hand from a hammer in the last few days.

At the community center, Pride is told that Mateo helped out several times a week. LaSalle asks who might break his hand. She says there is gang mediation and domestic abuse cases there. She says people there may not talk to them.

They see gang graffiti on the side of the building 1821 and the woman says shed rather not get involved. LaSalle says the Sula Mafia has ties to 1821 which is run by Edgar Barrios. The cartel is out of Choloma. Pride says the gang look bad and is into everything.

LaSalle says the gang also started a network of coyotes and says Barrios used hammers on hands like Mateos injury. Pride and LaSalle head out to deal with the gang. They bang on the door and hear noise. SWAT busts in the door.

They hear shouts and banging under the floorboards. They open up a floorboard and find people crammed under there illegals. LaSalle says the people have been there two days and paid Barrios. Brody says Barrios was holding them until their families paid more money.

Randy shows up and introduces him to the team. He says he talked to the Coast Guard about Barrios since they stopped a boat load of immigrants they thought Barrios was moving. The immigrants tell them that they were packed onto a boat then arrived late at night.

They were loaded into a van and taken to the house. One guy says Grande Isle was the sign they saw. One guy has a bandaged hand and he says the man hit me with a hammer. Randy says a few will get to stay if they qualify for asylum and others will be deported back to Honduras.

He says you never get used to it. Then Randy says ICE is tracking a militia thats engaged in hate crimes against immigrants. He tells Pride they have a bounty on his head for $75k. Pride says it used to be just $50k.

Brody says Paula Castillo paid Barrios to get her mom there. They wonder if Mateo was killed to cover up the human smuggling ring. Sebastian tells Chill that Pride already had a dating profile. Pride and Loretta come in and Sebastian says he wasnt doing anything.

Pride says the conversation is over and hangs up on Chill. Loretta says they have the cause of the bacteria a rare meningitis. Sebastian says he was infected with a specific strain thats not common in the US its from another country.

Sebastian worries Pride heard them talking and Brody laughs at Chill for Sebastian calling him the booty whisperer. Chill says he found security footage of the van at 2 am. Pride comes in and says one of the immigrants tested positive for meningitis.

Pride tells Chill to go back through Mateos records and tells Brody and LaSalle to search his house. He says something is missing in the evidence. They search the house and LaSalle tells Mateos mom hes sorry. Victor asks whats up.

LaSalle says they have to do their job. His mother is angry and storms off. Brody calls LaSalle into the garage and they find the van that was moving the immigrants in Mateos garage. LaSalle now thinks Mateo may have been involved in moving the immigrants with Barrios.

Pride asks Mateos mother if her son used the van the night before he died. She says maybe. Pride says the van was used to bring in some illegal immigrants. He asks if she was home that night. She says she goes to bed early. He asks if she heard anything and she says no.

Pride asks if anyone else has access to the van. She says Victor doesnt have the key. LaSalle works on Victor. He tells him that Mateo wasnt perfect. Victor says if his brother did something, he would have had a good reason.

Pride walks the mom out and Randy shows up just then. He tells Pride they have a problem with Mrs Ortega shes the owner of the van and her asylum status may be threatened. He says he has to take her in for now. Pride doesnt like it.

Victor says no he cant take her. They restrain Victor while Randy takes Mrs Ortega to his SUV. She tells Victor not to worry. Victor is furious at LaSalle and storms off. Pride finds LaSalle watching a video from Mateos Facebook.

LaSalle asks why Mateo is connected to Barrios and why he would work with him and why Barrios would kill him. Pride gets a text and says Barrios is dead too. Loretta is at the scene and says workers found him. They see that he was strangled like Mateo.

Loretta says fingernail marks on his neck too. Brody tells LaSalle its the same COD. Brody says it must to do with the coyote ring. LaSalle asks what else they have. Brody says she found some wire transfers to the Honduras of a couple of hundred a week.

Chill comes in and says hes got something. He shows them the Coast Guard patrols route. Its Grand Isle, where the immigrants came in. LaSalle says this makes no sense. Brody says they need to talk to an 1821. Chill says he found a second file.

He found another route for todays patrol and they think more immigrants are coming in. Sure enough, the Coast Guard and NCIS find the 1821s bringing people in at the docks. LaSalle has his gun on a runner and goes after the guy.

He knocks the guy down and he sees its Victor, the brother. LaSalle tells Brody that Victor wont talk to Pride. Brody says they have a sister her name is Claudia, shes 18 and is still in the Honduras. Brody says shes been missing for five days.

LaSalle goes back to talk to Victor and says he knows about Claudia. He asks if someone has her. Victor doesnt answer and LaSalle says he can help him. Victor says he may be working with them. LaSalle says not trusting anyone wont help.

LaSalle says its important to take care of family. Victor says Barrios people in Honduras have his sister. He says she was too young when they left he says she wouldnt have survived. He says they tried to bring her legally and it didnt work.

He says his mom wanted to bring her in and contacted Barrios. He says Barrios broke Mateos hand and told him if he would help, he would deliver Claudia. He says he went there tonight looking for Claudia. He says Mateo wanted to take Barrios down to get Claudia back.

He says it was supposed to be a sting and Mateo thought he would have backup. LaSalle asks who else would be there. Pride finds Randy coming out of his hotel. Randy says hell let Mrs Ortega go soon. Pride asks Randy whats going on and tells him to be straight with him.

He says he knows Mateo came to him for help to arrest Barrios. Pride says hes not judging him or whats going on in his life. He asks if Barrios offered him money. Randy denies meeting any connection to Barrios or Mateo.

Pride says Mateo told him and says he made a video. Pride holds up a flash drive and Randy says hes lying. Pride says they need his help to get his sister back. Randy sighs. Pride says get Claudia home safe and hell help him all he can. Randy agrees.

LaSalle is there and they arrest Randy. Brody snatches his badge off. Pride was wearing a wire and Randy begs him to hear him out for old times sake. Randy says he can help stop the militia hit and help him. Pride says he doesnt want his help.

He says tell us where we can find Claudia and says shes just a kid. Mrs Ortega and Victor wait as the car pulls up and Claudia gets out LaSalle does too he drove her over. Victor thanks LaSalle who says they worked with ICE to get her processing expedited. He says she has asylum status and can stay.

LaSalle says Randy will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They shake hands and Victor says his brother is lucky to have him. Chill sits laughing and drinking with Brody and Pride. Chill is playing some of his old beats.

LaSalle says the video lie was perfect. Pride shows them he knows about the online profile they set up for him. He says his sources told him they found the other profile. They wonder if Loretta ratted them out. He says Laurel made the other profile.

He tells them hes doing fine on his own. Chill says he should look at the hotties that have been checking him out. Brody pulls him away. Pride puts up the bottles then sees a profile pop up as someone checks him out. He chuckles.