BY Stormy Elizabeth
on January 5, 2016

Tonight on CBS NCIS: New Orleans returns with an all new Tuesday January 5, season 2 winter premiere called, Sister City: Part Two, and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, a crossover episode that began on NCIS concludes with the New Orleans team as they investigate a Russian sleeper agent who was involved with Abbys brother.

On the last episode when a string of Christmas burglaries turned deadly, the evidence lead the NCIS team to Wades adopted son, Danny (Christopher Meyer). Also, Lasalle and Brody teased Sonja about the high stakes of drawing Pride in the teams Secret Santa exchange. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, a crossover episode that began on NCIS concludes with the New Orleans team as they investigate a Russian sleeper agent who was involved with Abbys brother; Sebastian flies to D.C. to partner with Abby on the case; and Bishop delivers a package after driving all night.

Tonights episode looks like it is going to be great and you wont want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBSs NCIS: New Orleans at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 2 episode 12.

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#NCISNOLA starts with LaSalle bringing in a body to Loretta who fusses about chain of custody. She asks if Dwayne knows. Pride is on the video chat with Gibbs and tells him Loretta isnt happy about this.

Pride says if he was the Russians, hed be pissed too since their attache is missing. Its Pavlenkos body theyve got on the slab in NOLA. Gibbs says theyve got five bodies to consider.

They talk about how Blye is missing and they were working on Manta Ray project. Gibbs says hes going to read him in now. Merri comes in and finds Elliee at her desk. She tells her its okay and she doesnt need to move then offers her tea.

Elliee asks whats up and if she knows about her divorce. Merri says McGee let it slip. Then Sonja comes in and introduces herself. She tells her sorry about the divorce. Pride comes in and hugs Elliee too and says theyre going out for beer once the case is done.

Pride tells them about Manta Ray a next generation warship he says the product was shelved for cost. Eva Azarova, a GRU sleeper agent, is the primary suspect. They wonder if she killed Pavlenko.

Pride goes to find Luca who says he doesnt know where Eva is. Eva then approaches them and Pride says he has questions for her about six murders and Pavlenko. She says she hasnt killed anyone but wont mind.

There are agents there but Eva shows Pride her gun and says back off or shell shoot. Pride calls her bluff. Eva tells Luca to let his faith be bigger than his fear. He wrestles with Pride then throws a flammable bottle onto the grill.

The hubbub allows Eva to get away onto the busy streets of the French Quarter. Pride brings Luca in who asks if hes under arrest or can go. Pride says they found weapons and recording devices in his house and hes helping a suspected murderer.

He says Eva is a spy and not Lucas friend. Pride lists off Evas sins and he says shes being like Abby whos untrusting. Pride says that does not describe Abby at all. Pride tells him he needs his help to find Eva and bring her in.

Luca says he knows this looks bad but shes good inside and he wont help him trap her. Pride says hes keeping him there so he wont get hurt then makes a call to Abby and hands Luca the phone.

In the morgue, Loretta says they dont know a lot. Ducky is on video chat and LaSalle asks about the victim. Loretta says Pavlenko died from a neurotoxin. Then Loretta shows him mosquito bites all over him and says the bites are recent.

She says she gave Sebastian some samples. Sebastian comes in and says hes processing them and says he might get some trace evidence off them to tell them where the mosquitoes were located.

LaSalle comes back and tells the group that the bites are from the wetlands 100 miles out in the boonies. He says its a protected habitat where no people are allowed. They pull up satElliete images of a research facility owned by Blye Industries.

Elliee says thermal imaging shows that someone is in there. They head out to investigate. LaSalle and Pride go inside and Jenner Blye is there. They tell him his life is in danger and he says he knows what happened to the people on his plane.

He says hes hiding out there until they sort it out. He taes a sip from a water bottle then seizes and collapses.

They get him to a hospital and find out he was exposed to a neurotoxin that may leave him partially paralyzed.

Blye agrees to talk to them since they saved his life. They ask about Manta Ray. Huxley, one of Blyes guys speaks up and says DOD took over the project from the Navy then scrapped it. Blye says they had permission to do a version that wasnt weaponized.

He says a Russian shell corporation bought the tech under the name Baxtrom Drills from Norway. Pride says the Russians tried to kill anyone they know. Sonja says Eva is a spy and assassin and likely killed them all since she had contact to all of them.

Luca says he was at Blyes house when Pavlenko was there since he was cooking that night. Sebastian comes in with Ducky on Bluetooth and is trying to clean up from possible exposure to the toxin.

Loretta says he looks okay and shoos him away. The Bluetooth gets interference as Sebastian gets closer to the freezer. They pull out Pavlenkos body and realize he has an implant in his mouth that was a transmitter and recorder.

Sebastian says why havent the Russians come to steal the body if they know its there. Pride says they can use this to draw the Russians in and tells Sebastian to take a road trip. Chill checks out the device and says the tech is old school.

He finds the signal origin in town. Pride and Sonja head to a swanky hotel in town where the signal is. They spot a guy wearing headphones and taking notes. Sonja yanks out his headphones but its just music.

Then Paulina Kurteva is there apologizing and Pride says shes GRU and theyve worked at odds before. She assures him shes a diplomat now. She says she doesnt want to be recorded and he sets his phone down near the headphones.

They walk and he asks her about Pavlenko then says he knows she knows where the body is. He says he recognizes the men with her as Russian Special Forces. He then asks about Eva and she denies knowing the name.

He asks her about the listening devices and she says that would be espionage. He threatens arrest and she sips her drink and mocks him. He threatens her again then walks away. Sebastian is with Abby checking out the bug in her lab.

She asks about Luca and he says he hasnt seen him and mentions he was detained by NCIS. She asks if hes a prisoner. She says Luca doesnt understand he could be in real trouble because of some woman he met at church.

She tells him Luca wont answer any of her messages. Sebastian finds a serial number on the tooth from Pavlenkos mouth. Chill comes in and says he did good. He says he put a program in Prides phone to clone the other phone.

He says hes embedded on one of the Russians phones now. They hear a Russian guy talking about a woman hes interested in. Paulina says give the girl space. Ellie and Merri are following them and are bored with Ilyas woman complaints.

Ellie says the truth is, nothing feels different and Jake is himself theyre just not together anymore. She says she feels better after the mini rant. Paulina and the men break into an apartment looking for Eva and shots are fired.

Merri and Ellie go check it out. They find three bodies on the floor and the door to the balcony open. They find Paulina hiding in a wardrobe and she says they got away. She looks terrified and all her henchmen are dead.

Luca makes vegan osso buco for Sonja. She samples it and says its good. He says he has some for Ellie too but Sonja says shes on the way back to DC to brief the director on his GF. He says he knows she lied and Sonja says thats all she did.

Sonja says he needs to accept that Eva is not who he thinks. He says faith doesnt work that way. Sonja calls that church talk. He says maybe. Sonja says she used to work undercover like Eva does and convinced a lot of people of many things.

She says Eva is wanted by them and the Russians and he cant help her now. Paulina is in holding when Pride comes in and she says last time she had him behind the table. LaSalle watches and he and Merri check out their body language.

She mentions he doesnt have a wedding ring on and then Pride clicks the speaker off so LaSalle and Merri cant hear. Paulina says she has diplomatic immunity for what happened today. Pride says Russia is stealing Manta Ray.

He says Pavlenko exposed the plot and Eva assassinated all involved on her orders. He tells her to take a seat. She says Eva worked for Pavlenko on a sensitive matter spying on Blye. She says they werent sure Pavlenko was being honest with them.

She says Eva didnt come in when they called. Pride tells Paulina to work with him to bring in Eva to get answers. She says she doesnt need him. Pride says shes lost five men and hes lost no one.

Sonja comes in and hands him a slip of paper. It says Luca is gone! She says he kicked out a window and jumped the wall. Pride says someone has to tell Abby. Sebastian has to tell her and she explodes at him. He says hes just the messenger.

Abby tries to calm down with some breathing exercises. She yells some more. She says if something happens to him, she wont forgive herself. Sebastian reassures her. He says its like Schroedingers cat right now. She says thats horrible.

Abby thinks about the tooth and the transmitter. Pride sits Paulina down for some tea. He shows her a folder of photos of the mouths of her dead agents. He says each had a transmitter in it. He says Pavlenko had one too.

He says she may have one but she says her teeth are all hers. He says they just want Eva and they know she has an implant. He says give us her transmitter frequency and they can work together then Paulina can go home. She sips her tea and thinks.

Luca meets Eva at a church. He says she has a lot to explain to him and she says she cant deny what hes heard about her. She says shes sorry for what she did and is about to do. He asks what shes about to do.

She says she knew he would come even if he was in danger. She tells him that hes been tracking him. Pride is there and tells Eva hands up and tells Luca to get away from her. A man starts firing and she warns them all to get down and pulls her gun.

LaSalle and Merri get eyes on the shooter. Pride spots him too. The guy moves and Eva goes running after him. They are in an under construction area of the church. Eva follows and exchanges shots with the guy.

Eva spots the guy and kicks his gun away then goes at him with a knife. He knocks her down and Pride shoots him before he can shoot Eva. She drops the knife and Pride says its time to come in. The shooter was Huxley Blyes guy.

Turns out Huxley was trying to kill Luca because he was at the meeting at Blyes place. She says Huxley killed the people at her apartment too. She says she cant talk to him because Paulina is watching and will put her away for treason.

Pride says have faith and says Luca risked a lot for her and stood by her when no one else did. He says she should earn that regard. She says Pavlenko was her mentor and taught her that human lives matter.

She says Pavlenko found out Russia stole the Manta Ray designed and she was getting evidence to prove it.

She says Pavlenko was killed and she had to find out who did it. She says the GRU was on her the whole time and Pride tells her about the transmitter in her tooth.

Eva says shes lived her whole life as a tool and says Luca sees her differently. She admits she used Luca as bait, but only to save him. She says Huxley would have killed him if not. Pride asks why Huxley was killing.

She says hes serving someone. LaSalle finds Blye getting on his private jet. Hes on a cane. LaSalle says his flight manifest says hes going to Venezuela. LaSalle says they know he sold the Manta Ray plans to the Russians.

Blye says hes a sick man and they cant arrest him. LaSalle says he poisoned himself. LaSalle says confess and tells us how to find Manta Ray. Eva gets to see Luca and she says she came to say goodbye. He tells her to run but Sonja says no.

She thanks Luca and says hes a good man. They kiss. She leaves and Luca calls Abby who is frantic. Paulina asks Pride if shes free to go. She asks for Eva and says shes coming with me. Eva says touch me and I break your arm.

Pride says DOD has to debrief Eva and it could take a few months or longer. Paulina says in Russian that Pride is fun to spar with. She leaves. Eva thanks Pride and he tells her shes going to meet with Gibbs in DC.

He gets a call from Gibbs then who tells him good job. He asks Gibbs what they have on the Manta Ray and he says its about to hit an iceberg. They end the call happily.