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Liz and Red continue their quest to become the longest-running fugitives on television as they continue to try and clear Liz's name while still tracking down the men and women behind the Cabal. In the episode "Sir Crispin Crandall," Liz and Red track down a missing confidant of "The Director," while Tom enters the world of underground boxing.

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That Guy Who Looks Like Stephen Hawking

The episode begins in an unidentified room where a man is addressing someone he calls Dr. Kucera. The doctor is in a wheelchair, unable to speak. The man explains that he'll soon be able to free his brain from his broken body. The man speaking is billionaire Sir Krispen Crandall, the next person on The Blacklist.

Red calls Ressler and tells him that someone is kidnapping the smartest male and female scientists in a number of different specialties. Red doesn't know who is responsible, but one of the kidnapped men, Andras Halmi, is a close associate of the Director. Finding him could hurt the Director and that's good for both Red and Ressler.

Don't Mess With The Russian Mob

Tom picked a fight with Russian mob to get close to gangster Charlie Volkens. Volkens is hiding Kirakurt, the man Tom and Cooper believe can exonerate Liz. The Russians come for Tom at Asher's house and it's not clear who wins the fight.

Meanwhile, the man who helped frame Liz (the CIA director) is at the FBI with his team. He's supposed to be helping them, but he's really trying to get to Red first in order to kill him. The FBI team notices Dr. Kucera's kidnapping and Arum thinks he knows whose next on the list. Her name is Dr. Anna Neehof, but two kidnappers show up before the FBI. They nearly get away, but Ressler and his team rescue her. One kidnapper is killed and after the second is captured, he gives up the identity of Sir Krispin Crandall.

Red Reddington, Construction Site Manager

Red and Liz are in a space being remodeled and it's not clear what they're planning. One of Red's associates is saying that none of it will matter if Halmi can't be found. The biggest problem on the construction site is that a city inspector wants to shut them down. Red's solution is to turn the space into a restaurant and offer it to the inspector's chef girlfriend if he can get one uninterrupted day of work. Just another day manipulating things to winnowing down The Blacklist.

The Director Shows His Evil Side

The captured kidnapper tells Ressler about Crandall's Boston warehouse, but an FBI raid only reveals a number of cryogenic frozen bodies. They later discover Crandall is flying around in a large cargo plane that only lands for emergencies. The FBI gets word the plane is landing in Canada, but it's a trick. The plane is actually landing in Pittsburgh, a fact the CIA director is hiding from the FBI. Instead, he dispatches Mattias and a squad to kill Red and Liz, along with retrieving the body of Andras Halmi.

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Sometimes You're The Evil Bug, Sometimes You're The Evil Windshield

Red gets to Crandall first and eventually kills him before retrieving Halmi's frozen body. He cuts off Halmi's thumbs and gets in a shootout with Mattias and his team before escaping. Crandall had been kidnapping smart people to create a frozen ark in order to save mankind. It's an idea that's part genius and part nuts. But that's typical for The Blacklist. Red uses the renovated restaurant space to break into a bank vault, where he uses it to open Halmi's safety deposit box. The director shows up the next day but finds only Halmi's thumbs inside the box.

Red calls the Director and tells him that he knows that the Director has been skimming from the Cabal. Red also knows that the millions he found in Halmi's safety deposit box were given to him by the Director for safekeeping. Red threatens to expose the Director if he doesn't exonerate Liz. He threatens to destroy the Cabal, but the Director fails to go along with the proposal.

No One Talks About The Russian Fight ClubTom wakes up chained to an unconscious Asher. He's told that they are scheduled to fight to the death. During the fight, Tom tries not to hurt Asher. But he's eventually forced to kill Asher and that allows him to meet the Russian mobster Volkens. Tom kills Volkens and captures Kirakurt. Tom plans on exonerating Liz, no matter what.

The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 9pm on NBC.

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