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In this episode of Gotham, "Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster," Gordon learns the truth about Theo Galavan, Penguin is determined to exact revenge upon his enemy, Nygma deals with the aftermath of killing Miss Kringle and Bruce makes a choice.

Penguin reunites with his mommy, but his joy is short-lived. Theo and Tabitha emerge from the shadows, and Penguin finds out Butch is no longer under his mind control. Penguin goes from petulant child, ordering Butch to kill Theo and Tabitha, to blathering sycophant in a matter of minutes.

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Mommy Dearest

When it doesn't look as if Penguin will be able to save himself, he falls on his knees and begs Theo to at least let Gertrude go free. Tabitha lets Gertrude out of her cell, only to stab the old woman in the back as she embraces her son. As Gertrude lies dying in her son's arms, he apologizes and begs her forgiveness, but Gertrude remained clueless to her son's true nature right to the very end.

Theo orders Butch to kill Penguin, but Penguin taunts Theo, calling him a coward and needling Theo about his family's past. Theo, who should be smarter, takes the bait. As he points the gun at Penguin, Theo asks the grief-stricken Cobblepot if he has any last words. Penguin takes the knife from his mother's back and slashes Theo's neck. Tabitha opens fire, but Penguin is able to hobble away and make his escape.

The Dark Half

Having killed Kristen Kringle, Nygma's darker half returns to taunt him. Nygma is starting to full-on disassociate. While the repentant Nygma slumbered, the bad Nygma hid Miss Kringle's body, leaving a riddle behind for good Nygma to find. Nygma is now tasked with finding the body, and he has to start at the police station where he works.

A Young Vixen

Theo is projected to win the mayoral seat by a landslide. Easy to do when you murder off the competition. With the election in his pocket, Theo has time to focus on executing his revenge plan against what is left of the Wayne dynasty, young master Bruce. His lovely ward Silver St. Cloud is just as nasty as we might have suspected, and she's going to use her Lolita-esque skills to help out Theo.

Gordon Has Doubts

Gordon tells Bullock that Selina fingered Penguin as the man behind the recent rash of fires. Gordon can't figure out why Penguin would go after mayoral candidates and then start burning down buildings belonging to Wayne Enterprises. Bullock points out that Penguin is crazy as a loon and that nothing the Penguin does surprises him.

Theo decides to use the GCPD to track down the Penguin. He tells Barnes, Gordon and Bullock that Penguin tried to kill him after Theo refused to join forces. Gordon and Bullock are dubious, but Barnes and Harvey Dent buy the story, no questions asked.

In fact, Dent informs the others that due to recent events, a judge has declared a state of emergency and granted the mayor's office "additional powers." Once he's sworn in, Theo plans to impose a curfew and use Gordon's elite Strike Force to conduct a door-to-door search for Penguin.

Gordon isn't thrilled with the plan. He tells Theo that policing through fear isn't a great idea, but Theo reminds Gordon about their conversation and how Gordon said they needed to use every method available to go after men like Penguin. Gordon seems to be cluing in that he might have been manipulated.

Gordon begins to put together the pieces of the puzzle and voices his suspicion to his partner that the recent rash of crimes could have been orchestrated by Theo Galavan. Bullock thinks that kind of Machiavellian scheming is impossible.

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Butch Rolls Over

The two go to question Butch, who is now trying to go out on his own. Butch doesn't appear willing to cooperate until Zsasz shows up. Zsasz has a hard-on for Butch, which works out in Gordon's favor. If Butch wants to save his own ass, he has to sell out Theo.

Gordon and Bullock engage in a very Untouchables kind of shoot-out with Zsasz, and while Zsasz is forced to retreat, he promises he'll be back. Butch is able to sneak out during the gun fight, since Gordon cuffed the wrist without a hand.

Gordon is left wondering if all of his conspiracy theories have just been confirmed or if Butch was lying. Bullock points out that everyone lies in Gotham.

And Kitty Makes Three

A very interesting little love triangle is forming among Bruce, Silver and Selina. Selina drops by Wayne Manor, apparently hoping to tell him all about Bridgit, only to find that Bruce has a guest, Miss Silver St. Cloud. Silver urges Bruce to invite Selina to lunch and uses her powers of persuasion to send him to tell Alfred. In his absence, Silver makes it clear to Selina there is only room for one girl in Bruce's life. Silver also makes a not-so-thinly-veiled threat against Selina.

The three engage in some awkward tea and pleasantries with Alfred, but it doesn't take long for Selina's claws to come out. She calls Silver a two-faced slut and questions what the blonde bad seed's intentions are with Bruce. Silver scurries off, triggering Bruce's protective instinct. In spite of Selina's warning that Silver is bad news, Bruce puts the "Cat" out.

Puzzle Pieces

The grisly Nygma plot continues. The first clue leads to the vending machine where Nygma is rewarded with Kringle's hand. He's needled by his other half, who swears his intention is simply to get Ed to accept and embrace his true self.

The next clue leads to the morgue, where Nygma finds the remainder of Kringle's body. Lee walks in and Edward has to do some fast talking to cover his ass. He invents a fake fight with Kristen to lure Lee out and away from the body.

A Villain Unmasked

Theo wins the election and throws a huge victory party. The GCPD is on high alert, making sure Penguin doesn't succeed in killing the new mayor.

Gordon and Bullock are checking out Butch's story on the down-low, confirming that Gertrude hasn't been seen around her apartment building in several weeks. Gordon suspects she might be dead.

Penguin plays right into Theo's hands. Driven by rage and the compulsive need for vengeance, Penguin crashes the party. Actually, Penguins crash the party. Penguin gathers a group of look-a-likes to limp in as a distraction. Gordon also finds himself dealing with a mystery shooter, who happens to be Tabitha. She obviously doesn't trust local law enforcement to have her brother's back.

The victory party turns into a bloodbath as Penguin's men and the GCPD open fire on each other. Tabitha takes out one unfortunate soul by sticking the heel of her boot through his throat.

Penguin gets within striking distance of Theo but has to get through Gordon. Penguin tells Gordon that Theo killed his mother, and Gordon says he knows. Theo orders Gordon to shoot Penguin. Bullock shows up for reinforcement, but Penguin is determined that he kill Theo or die trying.

Penguin warns Gordon not to shoot him or else he risks not finding out Theo's endgame, which involves someone Gordon knows and cares about. A shot from Tabitha in the distance ends the stand-off, but Penguin gets away.

All pretenses are stripped away between Theo and Gordon, and the gloves are off. Bruce falls deeper under Silver's spell and Nygma accepts his destiny.

Gotham airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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