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Oct 13, 2015 | 10:30PM

Season 9 | Episode 12 | “Death Becomes Them” | Aired Oct 13, 2015

We’re nearing the end of the season, and it wouldn’t be Face Off without a good twist. So, the remaining five artists head to the Universal Studios back lot to see McKenzie and get the deets on their semifinals challenge.

The Challenge

McKenzie and Mr. Westmore are waiting for the contestants at the old Munsters house. The Munsters was one of Mr. Westmore’s first jobs, and dynamics of “unusual” families like them and The Addams Family are the source of the next challenge.

Each contestant chooses a unique family member to use as inspiration to create a quirky member of their own macabre family. They are encouraged to blend fun and horror in this challenge. (This is incredibly vague and feels like it should be a challenge early on in the competition, not when we’re down to our most talented and skilled artists.)

And since this is the semifinals of season 9, two people are going home at the end of this challenge. The remaining three will go to the finale.

The Concepts

chooses the stern father. His character is a zombie dad brought back to life after a zombie lobotomy domesticates him (limiting his intake of brains).

picks the “black sheep cousin,” who comes from a literal black sheep family. Despite her family’s satanic leanings, her character is happy and bubbly.

takes the bully older brother. Evan also goes the literal route and decides to create a demon bull.

picks the inappropriate uncle. He goes for a major caricature of a creepy uncle with big features, who brings his dead wife on vacation with him.

chooses the spinster aunt who is always stuck babysitting. But her nieces and nephews are sick of her bossiness, and they tie her up with her own knitting supplies and sew her mouth shut.

Lab Time

Everyone is on track until Mr. Westmore’s consults. He tells Evan that his bull’s face is too aggressive and demon-like. So Evan decides to start over in the eleventh hour, and it’s Nora’s turn to be supportive. (I love these two; they’re killing me with cute.) Evan tries doing a softer version of his earlier sculpt and feels better about it.

Ben adds lots of texture to his nose and makes a balding wig. Scott creates zombie hands, and Jordan fabricates a tiny nephew character to go on his aunt’s shoulder. (Yet again, Jordan spends a lot of time fabricating something he doesn’t need and that doesn’t add much to his character.)

On application day, Evan realizes his paint job is looking exactly like his pug from the wedding challenge. He’s wasted a lot of time, and has to start over with a new palette before last looks.

Jordan’s character is REALLY bright and cartoony compared to everyone else’s characters. He tones down his paint a little, but it still sticks out from the rest of the pack.

The pressure is on. With two people going home, no one is safe.

The Judges Say…

concept is right on, but his edges and coloring aren’t great. He spent a lot of time creating a skull and then threw an unflattering wig on top of it. The patterning of his paint camouflaged some of the great stuff in his sculpt, like the good forms around the nose.

made a great character, but they would have liked to see him use more color. It is beautifully sculpted, but it was missing some of the comedy the challenge called for.

concept was extremely successful. It was a very stylized character—especially around areas like the ears, hairline, and forehead—and everything read “creepy uncle.” He could have added some more details to the paint, but his texturing on the nose was excellent.

character was different, but the color was great and very cartoony. Unfortunately, it was reminiscent of a lot of his other makeups, and he should have spent more time painting. The judges are unsure if his character fits this challenge, but if he’s going to commit to such a cartoony look, he should make everything really over the top.

created a great character. The transition on her coloring could have been better, but she had a great shape around the nose and eyes and a beautiful profile in her sculpting.

The Twist

After some deliberation, the judges name two of our finalists: Ben and Nora. But before they choose the last finalist, they are going to give the three remaining guys an extra hour of last looks to improve their character based on the judges’ comments. So Evan, Jordan, and Scott get to work.

Evan basically repaints his entire character and loses the wig.

Jordan adds some contrast to the face and stuffs the aunt’s costume with bubble wrap to change her shape and increase the cartoony factor.

Scott deepens his stern dad’s eyes and highlights the skull scar, but he’s not sure how much further he should go.

The Judges Say (Again)…

character is much stronger without the patterning, and the new paint job highlights his sculpture better. Evan made the most use of his extra hour. He’s shown a lot of growth during the competition, but his work can still be inconsistent.

changed the proportions of his character, making genius use of a fast fix to change the shape. His character is more complete, but still didn’t feel like it satisfied the challenge.

revised zombie is more morbid since he lightened up the paint and darkened the eyes. His character is the strongest makeup of the three, but the judges aren’t sure he did enough in the extra hour he was given.

So what did the judges decide?


SENT HOME: Scott and Jordan

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