BY Natalie Woods
on September 30, 2015

Six days after “Big Brother 17” ended the gossip and drama are still going full steam ahead. Steve Moses, the winner of the season, appeared on the podcast Reality Recaps. On the YouTube show, he upset die-hard “BB” fans went he slammed “Big Brother 15” super villain, Amanda Zuckerman. Fans took to Twitter to express their opinion about his comments.

Reality Recaps sat down with Steve Moses on September 29 for a post-season two-hour interview. He asked Steve how he felt about Amanda Zuckerman’s game strategy versus Dan Gheesling’s. He told him that he could answer any way he wished because Amanda will not be angry with him, even if he slams her. RR reveals that Amanda had heard Steve throughout the season talk badly about her on the show, so fans wanted to know his true feelings about her, since he is now outside the house.

Steve said that he felt that Amanda was a bully, and it wasn’t related to any game strategy. Steve said that Amanda often lashed out at people, and it wasn’t to advance herself in the game. He said, “Dan Gheesling was a brilliant player. He was a bully at times but only to get further in the game. He played the best game in each of his seasons.”

Steve’s comments confused fans; he admitted that Dan was a brilliant player but slammed Amanda for playing the game – the same type of game. Could the reason Steve disliked Amanda’s gameplay be related to the fact that she portrayed a strong woman, who wasn’t afraid to play the game? Steve went on to say that he wasn’t aware that he mentioned her often in the BB17 house.

RR recalled that Steve must have talked about Amanda at least ten times. And, he implied that Steve could be jealous of the way Amanda played the game. Could Steve feel jealous that Amanda could play fiercely when Steve had trouble making simple nominations – never mind making a bold move?

Big Brother Gossip tweeted, that they were very disappointed in Steve’s comments. They felt duped by him, and his innocent act. Fans reacted by replying that they felt the same way about Steve, particularly how he overplayed his super fan status. Do you think Steve was implying that because Amanda is a woman, it’s unacceptable for her to play the same the same way as a man? And, if that’s what Steve meant, does that make him a sexist pig?