BY Natalie Woods
on September 16, 2015

“Big Brother 17 spoilers
are trickling in: the live feeds have been in the dark for 26 hours now. The fans have been dying to know which houseguest has been evicted in last night’s surprise pre-taped eviction. When the feeds were turned off, Vanessa had won Head of Household. She nominated Johnny Mac and Steve. Johnny Mac knew his life in the game was in peril, and he pulled out a veto win. He removed himself off the chopping block, forcing Vanessa to nominate Austin in his place. So “BB17″ fans, did Steve or Austin leave the house?

Rumors are swirling that Austin was evicted with a 2-1 vote, with Vanessa breaking the tie. As shocking as it is, Vanessa did exactly as she promised Johnny Mac – she sent Austin out the door.

Vanessa now will need to decide who she wants to align with for the last week of the game. She made a final two deal with Johnny Mac, Steve, and Liz.

It all depends on who wins the Head of Household competition for Final 4. The rumors have stated that Johnny Mac won his first HoH comp, which earns him a spot in the final three. The real question, who will he nominate if he did win – Liz, Vanessa or Steve? It seems very likely that he would want to nominate Vanessa and Steve – as he felt pretty betrayed when they voted to evict him from the house a few weeks ago.

He promised Austin that he’d work with Liz, but if he voted to evict Austin, he may not keep his word.

It will come down to two factors – who does he trust and who can he win against? Unless, Johnny Mac steps up his game, he may not be able to win the game. Over the weekend, he decided with Vanessa that the next target would be Steve. They both felt like Steve would win a mental challenge in the final HOH competition. With only hours left until the show airs, soon “Big Brother 17” fans will know for sure who was evicted last night and which houseguest is the Head of Household. Don’t forget to come back later for more juicy “Big Brother 17” spoilers, rumors, and updates!

Updates: As CDL reported according to Internet rumors Austin was in fact evicted. HOH went down to a tie between John and Steve and in the final round Steve pulled it off and is Final 4 Head of Household, assured a spot in the Final 3!

So the new HoH for Week 12.5, Steve, nominated Vanessa and Johnny Mac according to BBN – But of course, Vanessa saved herself for the Final 3 by winning PoV – yes Vanessa has Power of Veto for Week 12.5.

So the Final 3 are going to be 1 of 2 sets: {John, Steve, Vanessa} or {Liz, Steve, Vanessa}! Come back to CDL later for some detailed reports on how the house is shaping up and who is like to be evicted next!