It's Week 10 of the "RTVL BB17 Game" of the season!!!

All registered members are welcome to play!

You can change answers as much as you want until the deadline but
final answers must be submitted by 9pm ET/ 8pm CT Thursday, August 27th!!

Two months into the season so points go into overdrive. From here on out you will have extra Bonus Point questions that could give your score a boost in the final moments of the season. This game is for 12000 points to be awarded during the Thursday, August 27th Live Show.

Click here to play:

Good Luck and Have Fun Everyone!!!

***Please note question 12 about asking about next week and if it will be a double eviction week is asking if the live show on September 3rd with be a double eviction not the August 27th. Note that Julie usually announces the double eviction shows a week ahead which is why I ask this question the way I do.

***I left Shelli, Jackie and Becky on as answers on all questions about houseguests since they have a chance to win their way back into the house at some point. And finally i kept the question about what Julie will wear during the live show cause sometimes we just need a goofy bonus.