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Thread: James comes up to HOH

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    Default James comes up to HOH

    Twins freaking out and asking James to go listen to Austin and Vanessa's conversation. They think Vanessa is confronting Austin about a plan to BD her, and Meg's crying has nothing to do with Vanessa.

    James says Vanessa is stalking everyone about being BD. Twins keep saying Vanessa isn't using VETO, so why all the grilling. Twins think JohnnyMac might have leaked a rumor to Vanessa.

    James saying Vanessa might be flipping the target to Steve instead of JM. Twins think JM is still the target. James not going back to listen in on Austin/Vanessa convo. He's staying out of it.

    Steve comes in HOH. Game talk stops

    Vanessa and Austin now talking about possible Steve going. Austin keeps reassuring Vanessa he trusts her. Liz can't take it anymore and joins Austin and Vanessa. They are discussing Steve and James might be working together. Lots of paranoia fast talking.

    Austin tells Liz to go upstairs and kick everyone out of HOH. Steve. James and JM leave HOH.

    Vanessa follows Austin up to HOH with twins. Vanessa animated talking fast saying Steve and JM are working with Meg and James against them. She keeps telling Austin and the twins are "her people".

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