The seventh Power of Veto competition of Big Brother 17 featured the return of BB Comics, comic book covers featuring the 17 HGs as superheroes (or perhaps super villains). Take a closer look at all 17 covers.

By John Kubicek
on Thursday, August 13, 2015

Becky Burgess as Trainiac

She's a train to the face of evil!

Shelli Poole as the Puma

Bad guy or boy toy...someone's getting a spanking!

Vanessa Rousso as the Mad Hatter

She's not afraid to pop a cap!!!

Austin Matelson as Austin the Barbarian

If his muscles don't get you...his odor will!

Julia Nolan as South Beach Savior

Keeping Miami safe from her evil twin

Liz Nolan as the Bikini Bandit

She'll steal your heart...and your wallet

John McGuire as Dr. Drill

Tough on cavities...even tougher on crime!

Steve Moses as the Engineer

His sound...will bring the city down!

James Huling as Captain Camo

If you see's already too late!

Meg Maley

In case you didn't know...she's from New York!

Jackie Ibarra as Super Showgirl

Odds are...she'll kick your ass!

Clay Honeycutt as Mister Perfection

He's so HOT...he doesn't need a superpower!

Jason Roy as the Mylantor

Clean up on Aisle 17

Audrey Middleton as the Blanket

She's going under covers!

Jeff Wledon as the Salesman

Buy or die!

Da'Vonne Rogers as Mama Day

She's one tough mother!

Jace Agolli as the Bro

Bros before foes!

(Images by CBC)