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To say that Monday's episode of The Bachelorette took an emotional turn is an understatement. Kaitlyn Bristowe, who can't seem to catch a break, faced her toughest week thus far as she was put on the spot by front runner Shawn B., who confronted her repeatedly about her feelings. This was enough to start the waterworks for Kaitlyn, who feels guilty for getting intimate with Nick and for reassuring Shawn too much. Unfortunately, the tears continued as Ben H. grilled Kaitlyn for what she said during her off-camera time with Shawn while Nick got emotional and offended when Kaitlyn asked him not to spill the details of their liaison. To cap it all off, Chris broke down in tears after Kaitlyn revealed she couldn't see a future with him. So what did Bachelor Nation think of this week's cry fest? Find out below:

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Kaitlyn Bristowe's blog on People: "To give you some further insight, one night after the rose ceremony, I had snuck down to just say hi to some of the guys - not to be promiscuous but just to say hello... I just wanted it to be a quick, fun gesture, and it turned into me telling Shawn I thought he could be the one. So unfair to him, unfair to myself and unfair to the other guys. But Shawn was someone I felt so strongly about, and I just didn't want him to give up on me. So I REALLY reassured him. Again, I challenge anyone to date this many guys and not make mistakes. This was one I made, and it only set him up to get more upset when it came to my other relationships. This is why I understood where Shawn was coming from when being upset."

Chris Harrison's blog on Yahoo: "None of us were there when they had their time alone in San Antonio, but the conversations they had obviously gave Shawn a deadly combination of confidence and insecurity. And who can blame him? When someone you are falling in love with spends time with someone else, how can you notjust about lose your mind? Anyway, you'll see that this gets even more intense next week when Kaitlyn is open and honest about her relationship with Nick. Shawn's love of Kaitlyn and strong disdain for Nick really come to a head -- this feud is nowhere near over."

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Sharleen Joynt's blog on Flare: "The revealing of Kaitlyn's off-camera time with Shawn where she told him he was 'the one,' is huge... The most interesting part is that their off-camera time was clearly so developmental that production had no choice but to flesh it out... It's clear to all that it's the Shawn-vs-Nick show now, so why waste an episode where we know, without suspense, who's going home? Why not cut half the guys now and get down to it?"

Ali Fedotowsky's blog: "And is it just me or did Shawn get more screen time on this episode then any contestant in the history of the show? So what's his deal anyway? Is he being a big baby? No! Why would you even think that?!? Kidding. But really all of his feelings are totally justified and there is no way to fully explain why, unless you have been in that exact situation. Well, I have been in that exact situation... So I get you Shawn. Completely. I love that you know what you want and are going after it with passion. Should Shawn be worried that Kaitlyn's feeling are fading. Absolutely not. I think she just had to put her foot down because he was putting TOO much pressure on her to comfort him and it was stressing her out."

What did you think of this week's Bachelorette cry fest?

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