BY Stormy Elizabeth
on June 2, 2015

Tonight on NBC the all new show The Island hosted by Bear Grylls premieres with an all new Monday June 1, season 1 episode 2 called, No Water, No Life and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, the men desperately search for fresh drinking water as hard truths about living on the island hit them hard.

On the last episode, world-renowned survivalist Bear Grylls gave the modern American man the ultimate challenge. Fourteen men on a deserted island were stripped of all modern conveniences where they have to hunt for food, source water, erect shelter, build community and try to survive using only their strength, determination and know-how. There are no prizes. No eliminations. No winner. No camera teams. The entire series is filmed by the men themselves. This experiment takes them to the very edge of human endurance where they will test their physical, mental and emotional limits and fight for their very existence. In the end only the strongest will survive and remain standing. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonights episode per the NBC synopsis Day three on the Island proves to be difficult as the men have yet to find fresh drinking water. As they expend energy in the tireless search to find hydration, the realization that their days may be numbered hits the men hard.

Tonights season 1 episode 2 is going to be exciting. Well be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us how excited you are for season 1 of The Island.

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#TheIsland starts just after crazy Taylor was carted off by medics. Matt says youre never safe out there. Rick says they have to sleep tonight and pull together tomorrow. On day 3, they wake and talk about their bug bites and the awful sleep. They eat coconuts for strength. They talk about finding water today so they dont dehydrate. Rick tells them not to touch the water right now. They try to get Rick to drink some and he refuses. Mike says they need water fast. They go and try to knock down coconuts by throwing a spear at it.

Bear says coconuts can harm you if you eat too much of it because they are a diuretic that can make you pee more and dehydrate you. They knock down several and move on. They discuss breaking up into search teams to find water. Trey is an account manager in an office and hes ready to step into a leadership role. He just came out of a relationship that he says was his fault for it failing. Trey says he has a problem coming out to new people again and again and lets people figure it out for themselves.

The guys split into three groups and head out. One group heads through, one around the beach then another going off another way. Benji and Jud follow the little water source to see if it breaks clear of the ocean. Buck thinks theyre not covering enough and he wants to go North and East. Dakota, Earnest and Matt make it to a mangrove swamp which is still salt water. Earnest says this is bad. He says they can be smart and strong, but have to have water or theyll shut down.

Mike says he cant move too much. Bear says dehydration can creep up on you on an island where the temps are over a 100. He says it can cause fatigue and heat stroke. Benji says Mike never complains and that has him worried. Mike says this is really hard and hes worried theyre all at risk right now. Jud says even filming it seems really dire and dangerous and they shouldnt even be carrying cameras around. He says the camera guys are incredible to do that.

The guys talk about how scared they are Mike says hes freaked out because hes weak. We see him talking about how cancer killed his wife and says she was his dream girl. He is now raising two daughters alone. He says he picked himself up after losing her and moved forward. He says he has to be strong for his kids. Matt says if they can find water, they can make it. They are worried about Rick and Buck and wonder how those two are still moving.

Rick says they can drink a little coconut water to keep them going. He says theyre starting to figure out the island after doing two big loops. Bear says the men will scramble to find the resources they need. He shows how they just passed some fresh water on the map. They decide to stay out the whole night so they dont waste time going back tonight for no reason. Rob and Benji decide to go look around while its cool and dark.

Rob says hes feeling pain and defeated. Benji finds a water vine and knocks some water loose. Bear says water vines are a great source of water in dry seasons. He hands some to Rob and says to not let any of it fall loose. He gets a few drops. Rob says its like when he eats his favorite food peanut butter. He says he got a water rush. Rob says he told his family he would finish. They eke out some more water from vines and move on. Next day, Jud says it was a low for all of them and says their bodies are screaming for food and water.

Trey says they dont know what Rick and Buck found and where they are. Benji tells them about the water vines and says he knifed a bunch and says it can give them a nice little breakfast of fresh water. Matt says Mike lost all his energy. They get him up to walk him to the water vines. Davion is ready for some vine water too. They all trudge down the beach. Matt gets one of the #WaterVines and is thrilled. Earnest gets a really good vine and they say its like an IV to your mouth.

They all come over and take part and tell Benji hes great. Benji has been shooting National Geographic specials and also works for Vice. Dakota gets a really great vine thats like a faucet. Mike is feeling really bad and is weak and nauseous. He says if he doesnt get more water, hell be done. Buck and Rick find some drainage that leads inland and they find wet ground. They poke around and find water. They taste and its fresh!

Rick and Buck says #Booyah and high five. They now just have to find more bottles and have found at least a week of water for the group. They talk about how close they were to this yesterday but just walked right past it. They have to get the water back to the group to help them. Bear says your brain can shrink when its dehydrated and can make you lose your sense. Mike is struggling to breathe and doesnt want any cameras on him.

He says he doesnt want his babies to see him like this. He starts crying. They call out for the others to cut vines and bring them down to Mike. One asks the others to turn off the camera. Davion says he wants the cameras off so he can help Mike as an EMT. Buck and Mike fill up bottles then head back they are 45 minutes away. Mike is bawling and senseless. He says hell kill him and they worry because Mike has a knife and is being emotional.

Jim is a retired police of chief who was over homicide and violent crimes division. He says hes made a ton of critical life and death decisions. Earnest is worried about Mike and his knife. The guys come with water. Matt says Mike needs the water but is acting dangerous. Mike starts saying if he has to stay there, hell kill himself. Buck and Rick are now 30 minutes away. They try and talk sense to Mike and tell him there are no cameras on him.

The guys call the EMTs to come get Mike. The camera guys have to tell the others to leave the cameras alone. Davion says its all business when someone calls 911. He says when you help someone, youre trained to do it and if someone gets hurt on the island, its his duty to help. Davion threatens to throw the camera in the ocean. The boat pulls up and the Safety Team heads inland. They tell him that he had the knife to his throat at one point.

They ask Mike if hell go with them and he says he doesnt have a choice. They stand him up and put arms around him. The others tell Mike he did great and helped them all get there. They take him away. Rob says Mike has been amazing. Hes shocked that he left and says Mike just wanted to keep his dignity. Rob says they love him and hes the man. Bear says losing a man can be hard, but lose two and its a real danger. Plus, Mike was very accomplished at fires and hunting.

Bear says they have to work hard to lift each other up. Rob says Mike had everyones good will at heart. Hes in tears now. Matt says he doesnt know if they stand a chance without Mike. Earnest says Mike was real and genuine and says theyre like family now. Buck and Rick make it back and hope theyre going to be the heroes. The other guys tell them they were worried about them. Rob says its so funny that the hope that comes with two guys carrying water.

They tell him that Mike tapped out and just left. Rick says they need to boil this water fast. They boil it then dip the gerry can into the ocean to cool it off. The water looks like beer because its not clean. Bear says soil and residue discolor it but that doesnt mean its bad. Dakota says it tastes like sweet tea but smells like piss. They agree to drink it and pass it around. Rick says they failed with Taylor and Mike. He says he was really looking forward to getting to know Mike.

Rick says you have to be totally present so you dont miss things like they missed the water yesterday. The other guys thank them for the water. Rick starts crying then kind of laughs and says its overwhelming. The guys talk about the cameras when Mike was struggling. Benji says they need the shots to tell the story. Davion says he just wanted dignity but they didnt want to give it to him. Rob says they all signed up to do the show.

Graham has worked on a bunch of documentaries and says this is unique because hes filming and surviving and says this will be an unfiltered experience which will bring out the truth in people. Davion says he can see both sides and how they have a job to do and they can get along. He says they just need to work through toward the common goal of survival. The guys talk about making a water run today. They discuss being closer to their water source but want to keep the beach.

Rick and Buck tell them the signs of water to look for including streams and mushrooms. He says they should work teams to find more then bring more back. Ricks group goes back to the water source while Graham and the others look for water closer by. Matt says they have 40 minutes til water and its hot. Rick points them along the way. They skirt a tree and run into fire ants. Rick got ants on him and is being bitten. He says he hates ants and he was stung on his neck and legs.

Bear says on an island like this, the bugs are the biggest danger on this place. Buck checks out Rick who is feeling horrible and says hes allergic to this type of ant. Hes swelling and Buck treats him with Benadryl but says hes getting worse and the welts are getting bigger. His face is swelling and Buck says when your lips and face start swelling, its bad and it can shut off your air way. Davion checks hi blood pressure. Buck doesnt want to lose Rick if he has to leave.

Benji spots some water and they head up to check it out. They taste it and its fresh. The others try to encourage Rick. Buck says he has to call soon because if he waits until his airways close, it will be too late and hell die. Rick says it feels like its getting better. Davion keeps an eye on his blood pressure and it comes down. He seems to be stabilizing. Rick says he can feel the drugs kicking in and says theyre making him lethargic.

Bear talks about high tides that come in fast and that can trap you. Its getting dark and Graham and Benji are struggling in the water. They are scraping up their legs on the rocks. The guys wonder if they got lost. Dakota says hes worried theyre lost. Both of them are banged up and bleeding. Matt says the sun set an hour ago and theyre still not back from their mission and it isnt good. Graham and Benji talk about leaving the camera so they can use both hands to navigate. Bear says the guys may have water now and two are gone with two more lives on the line.