BY Stormy Elizabeth
on April 22, 2015

continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday April 22, season 10 episode 19 called The Werther Project, and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, Sam [Jared Padalecki] searches for a magical box built by a former Men of Letters that may be able to cure Dean [Jensen Ackles] of the Mark of Cain. But the box contains a deadly alarm system that puts the brothers lives in danger.

On the last episode, Charlie (guest star Felicia Day) called Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) to tell them she found the Book of the Dead which helped remove the Mark of Cain. The Winchesters raced to her after she told them shes been shot by a man named Jacob Styne (guest star Jeff Branson) who said the book belongs to his family and he wont rest until he got it back. Castiel (Misha Collins) and Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong) take a road trip to find Castiels grace but they hit a couple road bumps along the way. PJ Pesce directed this episode written by Robbie Thompson. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CW synopsis, Sam (Jared Padalecki) learns that former Men of Letters, Magnus, once built a magical box and Sam sets out to find it in the hopes it can cure Dean (Jensen Ackles) of the Mark of Cain. However, what hes not prepared for is the deadly alarm system Magnus set up on the box. When Sam opens the box, he puts both his and Deans life in danger. Stefan Pleszczynski directed this episode written by Robert Berens.

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#Supernatural begins in St Louis, Missouri in 1973. A teen girl is told to do the chores and she complains that she always gets stuck with all the work because shes a girl. She takes the laundry to the basement while her smirking brother turns up the record player. Her mother yells down at her and she picks u a hammer out of the tool box and busts through a wall. She steps into a secret room where theres an old safe. She opens it looks like its a Men of Letters object it blasts her back when it opens and greenish gold smoke twists out and goes upstairs.

She comes to later and stands. She looks around then heads upstairs. Dinner is burning on the stove and she goes looking for her parents. Her dad is dead on the floor of his office. Her brother Brad hangs himself in the hall and her mom is catatonic in the kitchen. She tells her daughter everything will be okay then grabs a butcher knife and slits her own throat. Now, Rowena tells that theres only one thing Sam can do for her and asks him to kill Crowley.

She says hes expecting it from her. Sam agrees easily but asks if she can read the book. She says shes likely the only witch alive who can but says not in its present form. He slams the case closed. She says she knows shes his last resort and says to stop pretending hes not desperate. Dean sends a text saying hes hitting a nest in Tulsa. Rowena says Nadya the grand coven witch can read it but shes dead. She says Sam needs to find her codex and she can break the text and give him the cure.

Sam asks where to look and she says to look at home. She says the Men of Letters murdered Nadya and stole it. Dean is in a trailer awash with blood. Hes killed off a group of vampires. He goes outside and washes his hands and sword off then takes a beer from the fridge. Sam shows up and Dean says it was six vamps and says its a personal best. He pops a beer and Sam asks why he didnt wait. Dean says its done and reminds him it takes the edge off.

Dean says hes tired of Sam looking at him like a diseased killer puppy. Dean says he wants to go back to the bunker so he can get drunk and pass out watching Speed 2. Sam waits until Dean is passed out then goes looking for what Rowena wants. He finds notes about Cuthbert Sinclair. He finds a tape reel in an envelope and loads it into a player. Its a Men of Letter meeting from 1956 about expelling Cuthbert. We see a flashback to the meeting.

Markham, the leader, talks about the Werther Box with 98% lethality. He says it was necessary to protect the codex. Markham says he left Fletcher and Martinez vulnerable. Both died when they interacted with it. Curthbert says it was an accident that he already apologized for then asks why theyre all so small minded. He stands and says they are there to do great things, take risks and bring the fight to the monsters. He says they are not men and says they are only librarians.

Markham says if hell tell him how to shut down the box in St Louis, they will show leniency. Cuthbert tells Markham to shove his leniency. He tells them he built the box that way on purpose because theyre cowards. He says Martinez was on the right track and he welcomes them to try and shut it down. Markham says they should bury the box where it is and guard it into perpetuity. Sam looks up the St Louis chapter of the Men of Letters.

He heads out. Sam calls Rowena and she says shes over 300 and needs her beauty sleep. He says he has a lead but its guarded by a violent enchantment. She tells him one to use and says its not for amateurs. She says she could meet him and says he might need her. He says no thanks and hangs up. Sam heads to the house. There are decades of newspapers on the front porch. He goes to pick the lock but a woman puts a gun put the mail slot.

She tells him to back up. He goes back to the car and then Dean is there and asks hows the case going. Sam asks why hes there and Dean says to save his sack. He tells Sam it was stupid for him to go off solo and says its a douche move. He says if hes doing this case alone to teach him a lesson, he doesnt have to. He asks how Dean found him and he says its the St Louis suicide house based on a Google search. He says only the daughter lived and shes likely the broad with the gun.

Dean asks why hes even there and Sam says it used to be a Men of Letters chapter house. He says Cuthbert built a magic box called Werther and its buried in the house. He says its a time bomb that needs defused. He says its their responsibility as Men of Letters. Dean says hes in if Sam will have him. Dean goes and knocks on the door. An angry woman opens the door with her gun and asks what he wants. He says hes with neighborhood watch and says there have been break ins.

He steps in and asks for a minute of her time to get a description. She says it was a tall white fellow with pretty hair. Dean asks her name and she says Suzie. He says its a nice house and she says its just her and Gus and gestures to the gun. Sam goes in a side window and creeps around. The teapot whistles and Dean follows her into the kitchen. Sam is lurking nearby.

Dean says its a big house. Sam sees the lock on the basement door and picks it. She says shes used to being alone and offers him tea. Sam creeps down the stairs while Dean keeps Suzie distracted. He sees a stack of chairs piled up against the door. She says her Aunt Pauline moved in after he family died but then Sam makes a noise with a chair and Dean asks what happened to her aunt. Suzie says she told her not to go in the basement. She says no one goes in the basement.

Sam makes his way to the box. Dean asks whats in the basement and she gets her gun. Sam is working the spell Rowena told him to try. Suzie pulls the gun on Dean and says shes not an idiot. She says theres only one thing worth getting in this house and says hes there for the box. Sam lights a match and chants. Suzie says she knew someone would come for it one day and she swore never to let it happen. Dean says theyre there to help her. She holds the gun on him and says to call him.

Dean calls out to Sam who says the incantation word. He opens the box. Suzie tells Dean to get out and screams that he let it out. The green gold smoke goes into Suzies eyes and Sam runs up and says to take it easy. Sam says they can talk about it. Suzie sees her dead brother. She tells them to stay back and shoots at them. Shes really shooting at her dead brother. She turns and her mom is there too all covered in blood. Dean asks Sam what hes doing without a plan.

Suzies family is there and tell her she let it out and its all her fault they died. Sam bangs on the door and tells her he can help her if she lets him in. He calls for Dean but Dean has another thing going on. Hes in the forest of purgatory! He calls out for Sam. Theres a gunshot and Sam goes in and sees that Suzie shot herself. Dean walks through the trees. Suzies ghost is there and says she kept it safe for 40 years then he showed up.

She tells him to look at her and he does. She says its all his fault and asks how his search for the cure is going. Sam says shes not real and this isnt happening. She says he thinks Dean is the wild card but Sam is the reckless one making deals with witches and opening Pandoras Box. She says he has to be stopped and tells him to finish himself. Rowena is there and vanishes the evil spirit. She tells Sam she told him hed need her.

Sam asks how she found him and she says magic. She says she thought he might be in over his head. He says Dean cant see her. Sam goes to find Dean he can see him, but Dean is lost in purgatory in his head. Hes attacked and fights back against a vampire. Bennie, the vampire he escaped from purgatory with, saved him. She says Dean is too far gone and says the spell is in deep and says hes going to have to rip the enchantment out by the root. Sam says they need to get the box out. Rowena says they can just tie him up so hell stay safe.

Dean says he knows Bennie isnt real and the vampire says hell try not to be offended. Dean turns back to him and Bennie says he just went in a perfect circle. Dean walks off another way. Sam and Rowena tie Dean to a chair with rope and leave him put. Sam shows her the box. She says the man who came up with this is deliciously baroque in its sadism. She lights up the writing around the circle on the front of the box so they can read it.

Dean and Bennie make another circle. Dean says he needs to get out of there and Bennie says need and want are two different things. Bennie says why this place and why this figment? He says this is Deans happy place and he doesnt really want to leave. Sam and Rowena translate and Sam says he thinks it wants his blood legacy blood from the Men of Letters. Bennie reminds Dean what he said about the purity of the place. He tells him to listen and they hear snarls.

Bennie says he doesnt have to go looking for a fight, he just has to be still and it will come to him. He says thats what Dean craves killing with no consequence and thats why hes there. Dean says hes tired of fighting but Bennie says the Mark isnt. Bennie says theres a third way out and says he knows Dean has been thinking about it. Dean says hes not going to off himself and says theres no honor in it. Bennie says Dean is going to kill Cass and Sam if he keeps on or have them put him down.

Bennie says they wont put him down and if they do, they will never recover from it. He says it will ruin them. He says he knows Dean has been thinking about putting himself down and knows its been gnawing at him. He tells Dean he cant leave that job to them. Dean breaks loose of the bonds and Bennie says Dean can sleep forever and wont hurt anyone ever again. Bennie says no one has to know since what happens in purgatory stays in purgatory and hands him his blade.

In the house, Dean grabs up a bottle and smashes it and has a weapon in his hand. Sam opens a knife and rolls up his sleeve. He tells Rowena it may not work and slices his arm. He gathers the blood in a bowl and the gears of the box begin to open. Dean holds the broken bottle in his hand. Dean tells Bennie he loves it there in purgatory and says its as good a place as any to call it a day. He covers the wound and the gears slow. Rowena says it wants more. Sam cuts himself again.

Rowena gets excited about the blood and holds him. The gears start turning again. Dean tells Bennie hed do it if he really had to. He says the real Bennie would never let him. Bennie says they already agreed its not him. Dean says the Mark on his arm also wont let him. He says the Mark wants him alive for better or worse. He stabs Bennie with the sword and says thanks but no thanks. He comes out of the enchantment and finds the bottle in his hand and that hes back in the house.

He goes running for Sam. His brother is bleeding out to open the box. Dean comes down and finds Sammy bleeding but Sam tells him to stop. He says its the only way. He says it needs legacy blood. Dean says it can have some of his and slices his wrist. Rowena is hidden behind a wall nearby. The gears spin and spin and then stop. Rowena magics herself away. The box opens and Dean reaches in to get the codex. Sam slumps against the wall.

Sam wakes to see Dean with a sledgehammer. He destroyed the enchanted box down to scrap metal. He asks Sam if hes road-ready and says one hour in that house and they were both in the brink of death. Dean tells him sorry for going rogue the day before and Sam says theyre even. Dean says theyre stronger together than apart then asks whats so valuable that it took a spell that nasty to protect it. Sam plays dumb and says whatever it is, theyll keep it safe.

They head back to the bunker. Rowena meets with Sam later and she giggles happily. He slaps some magic dampening cuffs on her and she says they had an agreement. He says the agreement is she finds the spell to cure Dean and then he burns the book and will kill Crowley for her. She says he cant just leave her there but he does she calls him a big bampot (Scottish slang for an idiot). Shes shackled with the non-magic cuffs and he walks out.