BY Kristine Francis
on April 5, 2015

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday April 5, season 6 episode 18 called, Loser Edit and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, Alicia[Julianna Margulies] is questioned about leaked emails during a TV interview. Meanwhile, Diane [Christine Baranski] takes a case that pits her sympathies toward gay marriage against the rights of religious freedom; and an investigator begins looking into the evidence Diane used to get Cary [Matt Czuchry] out of prison.

On the last episode, Alicias political future was on the line when Peter gave an interview that could influence voter turnout on Election Day. Meanwhile, a weekend getaway with Kurt and his affluent hunting buddies lead Diane to a prosperous new client for the firm. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, still reeling from the cyber-hack at her law firm, Alicia is ambushed with questions about her leaked emails during a television interview. Meanwhile, Diane takes on a case that pits her sympathies towards gay marriage against the rights of religious freedom. Also, an investigator starts looking into the evidence Diane used to get Cary out of prison.

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Alicia is facing a dilemma on tonights episode of The Good Wife and unfortunately for her she honestly didnt have enough time to prepare a defense. Which for a lawyer, even a semi-retired one at that, is never good.

Prior to getting ambushed during the middle of an interview, Alicia and her team were warned about certain emails. Apparently the same emails that were hacked last week still have a chance of getting out. So in essence Alicia was warned ahead of time by her team that she needed to speak with the firm (quite quickly) and convince them to negotiate some kind of deal with the hackers.

According to these hackers, they wanted an official apology for what the law firm tried to do when they attempted to shut down their favorite file sharing website. So though it was going to be like swallowing battery acid for her the great believer in whats right and wrong Alicia had to find a way to both appease the hackers and to get the law firm willing to agree to take a kick to their pride.

However, before she could even get to that stage, the hackers chose to personally punish her, out of everyone else, by handing out the hacked emails to the same person she was about to be interviewed by. Hence, when Alicia later showed up to finish what should have been part two of a puff piece she was bamboozled. Her interviewer flipped on her and suddenly began asking about Will. Or more importantly how Alicia technically slept her way to the top.

So Alicia and Eli went into overdrive. They tried to stop the story or at the very most stop a gun-ho journalist from using illegal information to complete the story. And while that appeared to work on said journalists boss a certain someone still held onto the idea that the people deserve to know.

Thus she went behind her bosss back and pressured him into releasing the story before someone else scooped him.

And now a story is coming out about Alicia just when another named partner is about to find herself in trouble.

Diane was helping out her new client in what she thought was a mere think tank about gay marriage and peoples right not to service it when as it turns out R.D. was actually using her to see if he could win a case for a baker that refused to make a gay couple their wedding cake. So safe to say she was more than a bit ticked off when she found out she had been used. Yet that was just the tip off the iceberg.

That private investigator Andrew Wiley had been brought in to help with Careys case on that dirty cop that had set him up. Yet the proof Diane used in court to free Carey was actually fabricated by Kalinda. So not only is Kalinda facing legal trouble but she also kind of dropped Diane in it.

Though she hadnt known what Kalinda did, Diana can still be held culpable for using false information.

So, with the situation being the way it is, Kalinda needed help and she needed it from an outside source. Hence she turned to Finn and he wisely got her to hire him to ensure everything they said to each other would be privileged.

And as for Diane, she was abruptly thrown into a mock trial when R.D. then asked her to join one with the baker they had been arguing about earlier.

It seems he still doesnt know if he can win the case or if he should continue to endorse the case. So he asked Diane to give the mock trial her very best. Tear down the baker and prove her point if there really is one.

But he ended up getting upset with Diane when she used his gay nephew to play the plaintiff for their mock trial. And despite go on to win the same trial she didnt change her clients mind. For hes still going to represent his religious client.

And playing on his heartstrings did not help Dianes case.

Alicia and her people in an attempt to do some damage control came up with a plan. The plan was for Alicia to get ahead of the story and claim and the emails were only evidence of a flirtation. However there was one thing standing in their way. And that was Petra. The same journalist that wanted to get the dirt on Alicia.

So they scooped her story and made it appear as if she had a grudge against Alicia if she continued with her own version.

And do you know what Petra did in retaliation? She somehow found evidence of elections tampering. Meaning Alicia might not be States Attorney for long!