BY Amanda Austin
on March 22, 2015

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday March 22, season 6 episode 16 called, Red Meat and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, Alicias [Julianna Margulies] political future is on the line when Peter [Chris Noth] gives an interview that could influence voter turnout on Election Day. Meanwhile, Diane [Christine Baranski] goes on a weekend getaway with Kurt and his affluent hunting buddies, and she hopes it will lead to her landing a prosperous new client for the firm.

On the last episode, when Frank Prady decided to go after Governor Florrick as a campaign tactic, Alicia was faced with the decision of whether or not to attack Peters record as well. Also, when Florrick/Agos/Lockhart took on the case of a man paralyzed by a malfunctioning gun created on a 3D printer, they call on Kurt McVeigh to testify as an expert witness, which lead to a rift between Diane and her husband. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, Alicias political future is on the line when Peter gives an interview that could influence voter turnout on Election Day. Meanwhile, a weekend getaway with Kurt and his affluent hunting buddies could lead Diane to a prosperous new client for the firm.

Tonights season 6 episode 16 looks like it is going to be great and well be updating it live for you beginning 9PM EST.

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Tonights episode of The Good Wife kicks off with Peter and Alicia in a car together Peter snaps that making him seem racist at the Black Business Leaders summit was a low blow. Meanwhile, Diane is at a lodge in Wyoming with her husband while they are in the dining hall she recognizes a millionaire named Gil Barridge and knows he just left his last law firm. She calls Gary and tells him to get some information on Gil so that she can try to pitch their law firm.

Alicia is at her house with Jonathan its finally election day. She says that she wrote her acceptance speech but she heard it was bad luck to do it before the votes are tallied. Finn stops by to tell Alicia good luck, and it is awkward with Jonathan there. Alicia excuses herself when she receives a phone call it is Bishop calling her to tell her good luck. She rushes off the phone with him and says that its a busy day and she doesnt have time to talk. Bishop hangs up and calls Kalinda in he tells her that Alicia is trying to put some distance between herself and him, and he has put too much money in to her campaign. He tells Kalinda that she is going to have to be the go-between for him and Alicia.

Dianes husband announces that he is going on a hunting trip with his friends so she has to go on a spa day with all of their wives, she is not thrilled. Peter heads to an interview, and back-handedly sabotages Alicia. He announces that Alicia is guaranteed to win the election. Jonathan calls Alicia and is panicking he says that Peter just screwed her. Once the voters see his interview, they are going to think that she has the election in the bag and not even both going to the polls to vote for her. Jonathan demands to know why Peter is sabotaging her but she insists that she has no idea.

Alicia tracks down Peter at an event and tells him that she saw his interview he plays coy and says that he doesnt know why she is upset, he just told the truth. Alicia whines that no one is going to vote for her if they think she has already won. Peter insists that what he said wont hurt her election. Alicia snaps that Peter doesnt want her to win because he wants to be the only winner in the family. She tells Ely to cancel the rest of Peters interviews for the day.

Kalinda is driving Bishops son Dillon to school the black SUV is following her again. She calls Bishop and tells him, at the next red light Bishops men pull up to the SUV and drag the two men out of it and kidnap them. When Kalinda drops Dillon off at school one of the other moms corner her she saw what happened at the traffic stop and she demands to know if everyone is all right.

At the resort Cary calls Diane he tells her that he did some investigating and it turns out that Gil left his last firm because his wife Georgette didnt like them. If Diane wants to win over Gil, then she is going to have to win over his wife. Alicia returns home and Josh and John are bickering over what to do about Peters interview, they break the news to her that according to the latest poll numbers she is losing the election right now. Josh and John decide to send out a robo call to the voters they think that it will help her campaign.

Diane heads out on the hunting trip with her husband she sits down with a man named RJ and they discuss his views on abortion. Two deer arrive in the forest and Gil tries to get Diane to shoot them she gets them in her sights and Gil pressures her until she pulls the trigger and kills the deer. Meanwhile at Alicias house she takes a break from playing video games with Marissa and Finn, John tells her that the election is not going well and she should begin working on her concession speech. John and Josh try to get Peter to record a robo-call to send out to voters and retract his statement about saying that Alicia had the election in the bag. Peter tells Ely that there is no way he is recording the robo call.

Cary calls Diane and she tells him that she didnt seal the deal with Gil or his wife. Cary says that is not important, they snooped around and the 4th richest man in America is on the hunting trip with her and he is shopping for a lawyer Diane learns that it is the man RJ that she was hunting with. Bishop corners Kalinda he tells her that the men in the SUV were following her and they work at the states attorney office they werent after him or his son. Meanwhile, back at the hunting lodge Diane sits down with Reese to discuss him using their firm. He agrees and tells her to call him when they get home and set up a meeting.

The election is winding down Peter decides to help Alicia and he has a spontaneous speech in the plaza and shuts down traffic in the city so that no more voters can get to the polls and vote for Frank Prady. At her house Alicia and her team impatiently wait for the election results on the local news channel. Alicia asks Finn to go out to dinner with her and he awkwardly turns her down and says that he is dating someone else.

Its finally time for the election results the news anchor announces that Alicia Florrick is the new states attorney. Alicias phone begins going off and everyone is calling her to congratulate her. Alicias team gets ready to go to the victory speech. Alicia slips out and secretly meets up with Frank Prady before he gives his concession speech. Alicia begs him to come work for her at the states attorneys office she wants him to be her deputy. Frank kindly turns her down and says it wont work because he doesnt believe in her approach.

At Bishops house he and Kalinda watch the election on the news. He tells Kalinda that he is getting out, and going straight. He tells Kalinda that she needs to go tell Alicia that he is getting out of the game and everyone is going to come gunning for him he needs Kalinda to make sure that Alicia is on her side because he is going to need her.

Everyone heads to the victory party Marissa and John watch Alicia celebrate. John confesses to Marissa that he was thinking about sticking around in Chicago and helping Alicia out but then Peter arrives and John says that he isnt the kind of guy to stay in one place. He tells Marissa to take care of Alicia and slips out of the victory party without even saying goodbye.