BY Amanda Austin
on March 1, 2015

Tonight on CBS The Good Wife starring Julianna Margulies continues with an all new Sunday March 1, season 6 episode 13 called, Dark Money and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, Diane [Christine Baranski] and Cary [Matt Czuchry] represent Colin Sweeney when he accuses a TV producer of basing an unflattering character and show on him.

On the last episode, Alicia and Frank Prady squared off in a crucial debate in the race for States Attorney as Peter and the city of Chicago prepared for a potential riot. Cable news host Chris Matthews appeared as himself as the debate moderator. David Hyde Pierce returned as Frank Prady. Rachael Harris guest stars as Franny Zissis, an aide to the Mayor of Chicago. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the CBS synopsis, Diane and Cary represent Colin Sweeney when he accuses a TV producer of basing an unflattering character and show on him. Meanwhile, Alicia competes against Frank Prady for a major campaign donation.

Tonights season 6 episode 13 looks like it is going to be great and well be updating it live for you beginning 9PM EST. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonights episode below!

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Tonights episode of The Good Wife kicks off with Diane in court with her client Colin Sweeney Sweeney is suing a producer named Tierney for ruining his reputation and making a TV show episode based on the murder case of Colin Sweeneys wife. Only, in Tierneys episode he depicts Sweeney as the killer of his wife. On the stand Tierney argues that the similarities in his TV show and Sweeneys wifes murder are purely coincidental and the character was named Loomis, not Sweeney.

Meanwhile, Alicia goes to a private meeting with Frank Prady he plays a recording of a robot call that was sent out to a very Conservative neighborhood. The call is from an openly gay man who rages on about how pro-gay rights Frank Prady is, and invites everyone listening to a Rainbow Rally. Frank tells Alicia that his team didnt send out the call and it was someone on her campaign. The call was strategically only made to residents in Edmonston who are notoriously Conservative, Franks says that her team did it so they could get more people to back Alicia. Someone named Redmayne calls Franks phone and he excuses himself.

Alicia heads to her campaign office and Josh and John insist that they didnt send out any robo calls. Alicia reveals that she knows about their secret Twitter account where they tweet out polling information to the pack even though it is illegal for them to speak to them. She knows the pack is responsible for the robo calls and tells Josh to tweet them to stop. Josh warns Alicia that Prady got an influx of late campaign cash and they cant compete with it, they have no idea who the big backer is though. Alicia asks them if it could be a man named Redmayne and reveals that she knows he has been in contact with Frank. Josh whines that they are screwed and Redmayne is a mega-donor out of Phoenix.

The actor that plays Loomis takes the stage next in court to testify. Kalinda rushes in and passes Diane Gerards casting tape. Bishop calls Kalindas phone and she rushes back out of the court room Bishop tells her that he is ready to cash in on the favor that she owes him and says that he needs to see her. Meanwhile, Gerard Morris insists that he was never told by the producers to talk or act like Colin Sweeney. Cary plays his audition tape where the producer specifically tells him to talk like Colin Sweeney.

Alicia is rushing around her office with Marissa getting ready for a meeting, and she finds Sweeney sitting there waiting for her. He whines that Diane isnt doing him any justice in court and their defamation case is sinking. Alicia rants that she warned him that it was going to be a tough case to win. He whines that the TV show is making him out to be a killer and the board will fire him if he doesnt clear his name. Sweeny threatens to drop her as a client and Alicia isnt fazed, so then he threatens to tell the press who is really financing her campaign and laundering money through it. Alicia agrees to look over his case and advise Diane and Cary but wont be going to court with him.

Kalinda meets with Bishop, he gives her an address on a business card. He wants her to pick up his son every day from school and drive him home for the next two weeks. Apparently, his school wont allow him to send bodyguards anymore to pick up Dylan. He warns Kalinda that he is trusting her with the most important thing in his life.

In court Diane and Carys case for defamation takes an interesting turn. The judge is about to rule that Colin Sweeney was indeed being defamed. But, the producers lawyer argues that it isnt defamation because it is true and Colin Sweeney did really kill his wife. The judge asks the opposition if they are ready to prove in court that Colin really did kill his wife she accepts the challenge.

At Alicias office Josh and John brief her on Redmaynes history, apparently he has gotten over 72 Democrats elected over the years. They have set up a meeting with Alicia and Redmayne, they try to train her on how to ask Redmayne for financial support in her campaign.

Meanwhile in court the detective that worked Colins wifes case takes the stand he says that everything on the TV show depicts exactly what happened. They play the 911 tape and it even sounds the same as the one on the TV show, per verbatim. Detective Crowl says that Colin Sweeney is the luckiest murderer alive. Diane tries to submit emails to the court of Crowl conspiring to bring down Sweeney one way or another but the defense argues that the emails were obtained illegally by Kalinda. Diane is dumbfounded because there is no way the opposing lawyer could have known that she calls Kalinda and tells her she thinks there is a leak at the office.

Sweeney heads to Alicias office and rants to her that someone is leaking information to the defense team. Alicia notices his wife Renata in the other room, she asks him if the board kicks him out if Renata will be given his seat by default because they are married. Meanwhile, Kalinda picks Bishops son up from school. She notices a black SUV tailing them and calls in the plates. Kalinda reports to Bishop about the SUV and the name on the plates, he doesnt think that it is serious and tells her to let him know if the SUV follows them again tomorrow. He quizzes Kalinda about what his son had to say about school and tells her it is part of her job to find out what is going on in his life.

Alicia meets with Redmayne and he flirts with her and boasts that he has the testicles of a 20 year old. Alicia ignores his advances and tries to talk to him about her policies. Redmayne announces that he is going to give Alicia $1 Million to back her campaign, because he hates fags and he heard the robo colls about Frank Prady that were going out to the suburbs. Alicia tries to argue that Frank isnt gay, he was actually married but Redmayne continues to ramble about the gays.

In court the next day Sweeneys wife Renata takes the witness stand. Diane tries to argue that it isnt fair for Sweeneys wife to testify against him because of spousal knowledge. Renata testifies that before they were married Colin confessed to burying the gloves that he used to kill her. Sweeney jokes to Diane that he should have moved the gloves. Cary and Diane corner Sweeney after trial and tell him that he needs to say he was joking about moving the gloves because they cant defend him if he openly confesses to them that he is guilty.

Kalinda heads back to Dylans school to pick him up the next day while she is waiting she sees a large kid bullying him outside, Dylan gets punched in the face. Kalinda rushes to his aid and slams the bully up against the wall she threatens him to never touch Dylan again. While she and Dylan are getting in the car, the black SUV from yesterday starts following them again. On the way home Dylan pleads with Kalinda not to tell his dad about getting beat up by American Mike. They return home, and Bishop is on the phone so Kalinda doesnt get a chance to tell him about the bully or the SUV.

Back in court Sweeney takes the stand and is cross-examined by the defense, they ask him about his interests in S&M and his sexual preferences. Sweeney admits that he likes to experiment and it is the males job to dominate his mate. Sweeney goes on a rampage about wives submitting to their husbands. While she is driving away Bishop calls Kalindas phone he says that he needs to see her ASAP and tells her to come back to his house.

Frank Prady meets with Redmayne to ask him for campaign money Redmayne informs her that he already met with Alicia Florrick and goes on about how he wants to split that little missy in half. Frank is obviously uncomfortable, and he asks Redmayne to stop talking about Alicia like that. Redmayne goes on that he wants to bang Alicia, Frank says that he has no issues with Alicia and stands up to leave. Redmayne scoffs that Frank is just like he thought and tells him to get the hell out. After Frank leaves Redmayne rants to his daughter that he is a big fag.

Alicia finds Sweeney and Renata sitting in her office, Sweeney laughs smugly to Alicia that he and his wife made up, even though it cost him $2 Million. Alicia coaches Sweeney on what to say in court next and says he should show the judge some sympathy. Sweeney heads back to court and sobs fake tears to the judge and says that he loved his wife Caroline and he is devastated that the producers are being allowed to tell 15 million people that he killed her.

Kalinda heads back to Bishops house and he demands to know why Dylan has a black eye, Kalinda tries to calm Bishop down and says that she took care of the bully and scared him off. Bishop doesnt want to hear it he demands to know if the bully was American Mike. Kalinda confirms by not answering and Bishop kicks her out she tries to warn him not to be hasty. Bishop calls Mikes Dad and tells him that he wants him to speak to his son about bullying Dylan. He gets off the phone and confesses to Kalinda that being a parents is the hardest thing he has ever had to do.

Diane and Cary get a major break in the case when they realize in the TV episode that they were infringing on the copyright of Sweeneys case and showing the name Chummy all through out the episode. They sit down with the defense and explain that it is a $150 Million company and they will come after them for disparaging the brand unless they issue the public apology that Sweeney deserves.

Frank pays Alicia a visit after his meeting with Redmayne, he lets Alicia know that his team blames her for Redmayne not supporting him. Alicia reassures Frank that the pack took down the robo call. Frank says that campaigning is lonely and Alicia is the only other person who understands what he is going through.

Alicia heads home and has a glass of wine her daughter Grace asks her what is wrong. Alicia confesses that she doesnt like when people do bad things and she did something bad today. Grace reassures her that whatever she did couldnt be too bad because she is the best person that she knows. Alicia begins sobbing and Grace comforts her.