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Thread: How to Get Away With Murder Finale Recap The Night Lila Died/ Its All My Fault Season 1

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    Default How to Get Away With Murder Finale Recap The Night Lila Died/ Its All My Fault Season 1

    BY Kristine Francis
    on February 26, 2015

    Tonight on ABC their gripping new drama How to Get Away with Murder starring Viola Davis continues with an all new Thursday February 26, season 1 finale called, The Night Lila Died; Its All My Fault and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, in the two-part season 1 finale, Annalise [Viola Davis] defends a priest whos accused of killing a colleague; Connor [Jack Falahee] and Oliver [Conrad Ricamora] explore a new level in their relationship.

    On the last episode, Annalise was overcome with guilt and sought help from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Bonnie represented a new client accused of rape. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

    On tonights episode per say the ABC synopsis in the two-part Season 1 finale, Annalise defends a priest whos accused of killing a colleague; Connor and Oliver explore a new level in their relationship; and Wes and Rebecca continue to lose faith in one another. In the second hour, Wes, Connor, Michaela and Laurel may be in too much trouble for Annalise to rescue them; and the truth about Lilas murder is revealed.

    Tonights episode is going to be great, which you wont want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABCs How to Get Away with Murder season 1 finale tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new series.

    Tonights episode begins now Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

    Even though he didnt want to and in fact wanted to do anything but, Wes eventually had to return to his apartment and more importantly to Rebecca on tonights season finale. You see Laurel had warned him. She said that despite what they heard about Rebecca there was really nothing concrete enough to accuse anyone of murder. And thats what Wes wanted to do.

    The moment Rebeccas story about the night Lila died was called into question he suddenly wanted to go on an expedition to find the truth. But what would the truth lead to Laurel asked. Wes and the rest of them had already dumped someones body and lets face it they were not careful about doing so. Rebecca had been there to see everything. And Wes must have filled her in on what she didnt get to see so what would be the point of rocking the boat? If they incriminate her then she can just turn around and do the same to them.

    Yet, reasoning didnt stop Wes from digging!

    He pretended to be the happy and loving boyfriend with Rebecca meanwhile he was looking at the original depositions she had supplied when she was first questioned by the police. And Laurel caught him at it because Wes didnt even attempt to hide what he was doing. He was actually in Annalises kitchen rereading the files when she walked in and Laurel, for the umpteenth time, told to just drop it.

    But the two of them were seen arguing and although Laurel came up with an excuse Michaela didnt believe either of them. So now shes knows theres something wrong and shell be closing watching her friends to see if they trip up.

    However, the truth Wes is looking into can destroy everything. Because if Rebecca did kill Lila then the Sam was innocent. And Laurel doesnt think Annalise is going to be all that concerned about them anymore when she finds out they murdered her husband, who was cruel and philandering, but not a killer in his own right. So, everytime Laurel sees Wes reading files and finding holes, she begs him to stop while hes ahead.

    And, still, he refuses to listen.

    Thankfully, Annalise hasnt suspected anything yet seeing as her case defending a priest brought up on murder charges has taken up most of her time, but soon shell start to see through Wes and Laurels many trips into the kitchen and then Wes wont be able to refuse her a thing when she begins demanding answers.

    The priest, Annalise and her associates are working for, was accused of murdering a fellow priest.

    However the Father was defending his practitioners when he acted thusly. It seems he had found out the other man had sexually abused a boy and couldnt anything about it seeing as it was revealed during the act of confession. So, at the time, the Father wasnt left with that many choices. He knew the other priest wasnt going to stop with just one child and he wanted to make sure that never happened again.

    Hence he killed him. Though now he appears to wants to fight the charges in order to be near the woman hes always secretly loved.

    So Annalise was going to use this same woman to help get her client off. But the one thing the Father did not want to happen was possibly dragging someone else down with him. Which, in this case, meant he changed his plea in order to keep a woman he cared from perjuring herself.

    The Father has acted in someone elses best interest by sacrificing herself. Annalise on the hand chose to get Nate out on bail by throwing as many people under the bus as she could. And she wasnt afraid to let Nate to be her first victim.

    She had hired a couple of guys to beat him up and when that didnt drum up enough sympathy in the judges she then had the judge removed from the case.

    And as for Wes, he finally had enough with hiding things from Michaela and Connor. So he told them about his suspicions and they did the one thing Laurel begged them not to they confronted Rebecca. And the result of that was ugly.

    You see, once Rebecca saw what was happening with Wes; she created an insurance policy for herself. Apparently she had found the security guard that had seen everyone at Annalises home on the night Sam went missing and she was going to use him if the others pushed her into doing something she didnt want to. Like confessing for instance.

    So Connor, Wes, Laurel, and Michaela (who were all so innocent in the beginning) chose to kidnap Rebecca!

    Like always, they called in Annalise afterwards to help them but this time she chose to act differently.

    Instead of just taking their side in the matter like she normally does she wanted them to convince her of Rebeccas guiltiness. And in the meantime she untied Rebecca and brought her back to her house. Otherwise known as a manageable environment.

    Subsequently, she and the rest of her team were going to give Rebecca the trial she had managed to wriggle herself out of the last time. In which Michaela, Laurel, Connor, and Wes all had to act as prosecutors and make their case strong enough to convince Annalise of Rebeccas guilt. But what no one says, at least out loud, is whats going to happen to Rebecca if shes actually found guilty.

    And in case anyone wanted to treat this like a Sam situation, there were far too many variables standing in their way.

    Rebecca had apparently texted someone, unbeknownst to everyone else, and whoever she texted now has Michaelas phone number. And if thats not bad enough, theres also Asher. The same Asher that keeps coming around at the most inopportune times.

    So Wes and his friends are in limbo. And the real world keeps interfering with things thats going on at the house.

    Annalise was called away by the prosecutor in Nates case because they wanted her to come in and give another statement. Later Michael was also called away when Aidens mother, who clearly knows hes gay, tried to convince her to marry her son regardless of that. And lastly there was the relationship problems between Laurel and Frank.

    So they were having a lovers tiff about what came next and there still werent any answers about what had happen on the night Lila died in order to make such a decision. And thats when Annalise had had enough. She spoke to Wes and she demanded he take part in this trial whether he liked it or not.

    It was the others that had all tried to find Rebecca guilty or speak at the very most get her to talk about that night, but not Wes. All the doubting and research led to him, for the most part, to stay silent even as he was needed .And so Annalise told him now was the time for him to start acting like a man. He was the one that dragged them into this so it was his job to get the truth out of Rebecca.

    Yet did he get the truth because after Rebecca confessed to drugging her neighbor Rudy and that she merely found Lilas body rather than have anything to do with it she then went missing.

    Someone had let her go and it wasnt Wes. Although he chose to believe her after she claimed her innocence no one else did. So it was really quite odd that someone else in the house would have willing let her go. But she was gone and Wes quickly fell apart when he was told.

    Fleeing made her look guilty and with her gone Wes just didnt have it in him to defend her anymore. And luckily Annalise was there by his side. She honestly helped him and she told him it would be easier if he simply talked himself into believing that Sam really was Lilas killer. So thats what he did.

    But the truth is Sam only made a call that night. He called Frank and it was Frank that had murdered Lila!

    And it someone else that had murdered Rebecca!

    Rebeccas body was moved and the lie about her running away was created by Annalise and Frank (who didnt take part in her death) to cover it up and protect the students. And these students that Annalise had been so concerned about went on with their life as if it was their last chance at freedom. Which it would have been if Rebecca had actually escaped.

    Michaela went drinking and eventually met up with Laurel who as it turns out is a lot more devious than she looks. As for Wes, he went home to grieve. And Connor went to go see his boyfriend but found out Oliver is going to need him now like never before Oliver tested positive when he went to get himself checked.

    THE END!

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    Enjoyed Season 1. I kind of knew who killed her all along. Frank always came across shady. Can't wait for season 2

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