BY Jackalz
on February 5, 2015

Tonight on Lifetime Emmy Award winning Tim Gunns Project Runway All Stars continues with an all new Thursday February 5, season 4 episode 12 called Some Like It Hot Dog and we have your weekly recap below. On tonights episode, Red-carpet gowns are fashioned as inspired by the beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

On the last episode, the designers had to use Marchesas showroom as inspiration to create bridesmaids dresses. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonights episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, Marilyn Monroes timeless beauty inspires the designs of red carpet gowns.

Tonights episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you wont want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime′s Project Runway All Stars season 4 episode 12 at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Project Runway All Stars tonight!

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The lead actress of the upcoming lifetime movie about Marilyn Monroe tells the contestants that their assignment is to create a dress inspired by the actress. Alyssa Milano elaborates, saying that they must create a red carpet gown suitable for the Oscars that will be remembered for years to come just like Marilyn Monroe.

The contestants get a budget of $500 each, the highest in the season so far, but they have just one day to complete it. The winner gets the opportunity to be a costume designer for an upcoming Lifetime project.

Helen says she wants to create a dress with a high collar and a cap sleeve. She knows that the judges will probably expect a lot from her as gowns are her specialty. She gets some white chantilly beaded lace and a mint julep fabric to pair together.

Michelle gets a black burnout velvet fabric with tinsel. It is extremely expensive and only about 40 wide, but she decides its worth it.

Dmitry is dying rows of fringe to attach to his dress.

Isaac Mizrahi comes in with a surprise. He says he has another icon to introduce to them: Out comes Lassie, officially turning this show into a complete irredeemable joke.

He tells them their mini challenge is to design a piece of canine couture, with each contestant getting a different rescue dog to work with.

Each designer gets a special doggie bag with fabric, toys, treats and a movie genre which each contestant will use as inspiration for his/her design:

Helen: sci-fi.

Michelle: western.

Sonjia: musical comedy.

Dmitry: gangster.

The winner will be the guest designer for Lassies couture collection. Each designer will watch the red carpet with his/her dog. Unfortunately, I am allergic to dogs, Dmitry says. But I am more allergic to losing.

Lassie helps pick the winner, with two barks for yes and one bark for no. Michelle wins this challenge.

Zanna walks in to critique everyones progress.

She criticizes the chains on the back of Michelles dress for looking cheap and being kind of commonplace, telling her to make it look more expensive like the rest of her dress.

Zanna praises Sonjias dress for being modern and also something that can stand the test of time. She tells her to focus on the structure of the dress. When asked what her best competition is, she says Dmitry because hes never been at the bottom.

Zanna hilariously says that the dress needs to be one of the most iconic dresses of all time just to win this challenge.

She tells Helen that her dress looks too Victorian and old like it belongs in a museum.

Dmitry says in confessional that Helens dress is blah and he wouldnt look twice at it.

Zanna keeps saying these dresses that have been made in one day need to be timeless and iconic, adding that all of these dresses are somewhat forgettable so far.

Helen decides to scrap her entire bodice to make it sweet and sexy like a camisole top to make it more modern looking.

Sonjias zipper breaks, which will take another ten to fifteen minutes to fix tomorrow morning when she is already struggling with time.

With two hours remaining the next morning, she has a lot to do but remains focused.

Dmitry needs to sew all the crystals onto his dress by hand.

Helen uses diamond stud earrings and a diamond ring to add to her look. She says she is confident because she looks around at the other contestants dresses and she sees black, dirty mop and cheap gold, and Im like, theres no way.

The guest judge is Sophia Amoruso of, author of the book #GIRLBOSS.

Michelle has reduced the chains on the back of her dress to one chain, creating a classier and more formal look.

Mizrahi says that this was one of the best runways ever, and that they did their job picking the final four.
He says he likes that Sonjias dress is midriff, and that out of all the dresses he likes how dramatic and memorable hers is. He also calls it inventive. Chapman, however, says there is too much going on that detracts from the statement bow. Amouruso likes how it could be photographed from many angles.

Milano says the textile is the star of Michelles dress, but she doesnt love the chain and she thinks maybe the dress needs shoulderpads to give the ridiculously skinny model a tinier waist. Amouruso says the dress may be a little too sheer, but Mizrahi says he likes the sheer because he cant see where it is sheer and where it is lined. He says he is on the fence about whether the textile looks expensive. Chapman calls the dress impactful, but says she needs to be careful with the pattern because it doesnt seem expensive.

Amouruso says Helens beading is gorgeous, but she doesnt think the dress is extremely memorable and that she doesnt know if the color would look good on various skin tones. She says maybe there should be more drama somewhere. Milano says its a solid dress that there isnt much to say about, but Chapman says its perhaps too safe and that she would like to see more originality and more of Helen in the dress.

She criticizes the straps. Mizrahi says he loves the dress and the color, however it doesnt move beautifully. He and Chapman suggest the dress should be shorter.

Milano is blown away by Dmitrys dress, saying it may be her favorite thing she has ever seen on the all star runway. Amouruso loves all of the elements he has combined, and the clear straps. Chapman says this is one of the few times where the dress could be on the red carpet as is because it looks like its worth thousands of dollars. Mizrahi calls it major, but he says he may not wear this to the Oscars because some elements make it somewhat ruffian and less dressy.

Amouruso praises Sonjia for creating a top that adds volume without overwhelming.

Dmitrys dress is praised by all of the judges. Mizrahi says its one of the prettiest dresses they have seen.

Helens dress is called pretty and safe, but Mizrahi says theres an elegance to it and Milano agrees, saying actresses want a dress they can wear that wont wear them. Mizrahi says he wishes the dress had shown an all star quality, however.

Michelles dress is also called safe by Chapman, and Mizrahi says the fabric is the biggest issue. The chain in the back of the dress is called skanky, and Amouruso say she doesnt think its Oscar worthy.

Dmitry wins the challenge and a guaranteed place in the finale. Sonjia is then declared safe. Milano then tells Michelle and Helen they havent made their decision yet, and asks them each to explain why they think they deserve to be there.

Michelle says she deserves to win because her style is unique and not seen every day. Helen says there are so many looks she has put on this runway she didnt think she was capable of and that as a young designer, she finally knows who she is capable of and who she is. Milano sends them both back out so the judges can deliberate.

The judges still cant decide, and call the two women back out to the runway. When they get out there, all of their garments from the previously eliminated designers are on the runway. The women are told they have one more challenge, which will take place live on the runway tonight. They are asked to change the looks that sent their fellow designers home. They must choose at least three looks and reinvent them into a successful look. They have one hour.

After brutally tearing apart others work with her constant insults throughout the season, Helen suddenly gets in a moral uproar about the fact that she has been asked to tear up clothing people have worked really hard on and starts crying like a baby. She magically decides to get over it because she doesnt want to go home.

Michelle only uses two looks rather than three.

The judges write down the name of who they think should win: Helen wins the challenge.