BY Bobby Fischer
on January 2, 2015

Teresa Giudice landed herself in hot water by lying, so what does she do? Lie some more, of course. Teresa Giudice is headed to prison in three days, and shell be there for her fifteen month sentence. While that might not seem like a lot on the outset, Teresa Giudice is not in the least bit cut out for prison. I wont go as far as to say that she wont make it in jail, but its going to be incredibly difficult for her to adjust after living like a spoiled brat in her day-to-day life.

Since Teresa is only days away from being incarcerated, theres a ton of Teresa-related news out there. For one, the National Enquirer is reporting that Joe Giudice is going to serve Teresa Giudice with divorce papers while shes in prison. Please! As IF Joe Giudice has the balls to do that. He wont want to be vilified by the public for divorcing his wife while shes suffering in prison, so he wont think about it. Her, on the other hand dont be shocked if she files for divorce while shes still in prison.

Theres also another report from Radar Online alleging that Teresa has told her two younger daughters, Milania (8 years old) and Audriana (4 years old), that shes planning to go away to work. Apparently, she doesnt want to tell them the truth that shes going to prison so shes just made up a story to explain away her absence. Im not sure what shes going to do when they come visit her in prison, but perhaps shell try to convince them that wearing an orange jumpsuit and talking from behind bars is part of this mysterious work.

Her two oldest daughters, Gia (13 years old) and Gabriella (10 years old) reportedly do know whats happening, but again, are they going to keep it a secret from their two younger sisters? Theyre never going to let anything slip?

I empathize with Teresa lying to her daughters to prevent them from getting hurt, but shes not thinking in the long term. Then again, she did commit fraud thinking in the long term is clearly not her forte.

Image credit to FameFlynet