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Previously on The Biggest Loser, our final contestants had an amazing beach experience in Hawaii, and Jordan was sent "home" to meet up with Bob back at Comeback Canyon.

There's only five of them left, and this episode is totally resolution-themed. Wait, today marks the beginning of the year! Is this live? (Of course I know it's not live.) After some inspiring words about moving forward with the new year, the contestants awkwardly move some logs around the Hawaii beach for exercise.

"You work for the life that you want," trainer Jen states, as Jesse talks about destroying old palms of the past. Oh, Jesse. I'll never understand you.

Working Out with Bob

Bob has the actual equipment back at his place, and he reminds us that he only has two weeks left to bring his contestant back to the ranch. Scott's New Year's Resolution is to go back to the ranch, and he's going to do everything he has to do to get there. Jordan's resolution is to "be The Biggest Loser." Real creative there, Jordan.

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Rob's Breakdown

Back in Kauai, Dolvett talks about how Rob really needs to face his fears. "We're propelling off of this waterfall," Dolvett states with a sick sense of glee. Rob, obviously, is not cool with this.

"I have a fear of heights, but I'm going down there with you," Dolvett claims. The two start practicing, and Rob immediately bursts into tears. "I feel like I can't hold myself," he says before falling a bit and (seriously) screaming at Dolvett. "There's no way I'm doing this!"

This doesn't stop Dolvett, who exclaims how Rob still needs to conquer his fear. Rob claims it's all just an embarrassment, yells some more, and just walks away. I'm sorry, but Rob comes off as a massively unlikable dude.

Dolvett tries one more pep talk, as Rob looks at him slack-jawed. "Let's just do it," Rob finally says, defeated. Of course he scales the stupid, beautiful waterfall with ease and there's a brief shot of a rainbow.

Swinging with Lori

Jesse decides to try and change Lori's life once more, so I'm curious as to what one-on-one challenge he'll attempt to showcase with her. It's... a gigantic swing! "The tree represents your past," Jesse says. "You'll be responsible for letting go." Unlike Rob, Lori decides to embrace the challenge and doesn't throw a massive temper tantrum. And Lori is... well, she's really, really high up there.
She hesitates for a second to let go, but smiles wide as she swings among the nature/life symbolism.

The High Climb

Bob's "challenge" with Scott and Jordan also involves heights, since they're going to need to learn about "finding balance" back at home. As they each scale gigantic poles approximately 25 feet in the air, Scott and Jordan are both expected to walk towards each other and eventually jump off the pole. Both of them are absolutely terrified and extremely wobbly. Thankfully, nobody died.

Back in Hawaii, Lori and Sonya bond a bit about the beach. Supposedly Sonya once tried on a bathing suit that even made her cat throw up. Now, they're both a lot more confident. I'm sure the Jenni-O taco recipe that Jen later tries to promote totally helped with that confidence.

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The Challenge

"Aloha," Alison says with glee, prior to announcing that the contestants will be playing a coconut-filled lacrosse match for their challenge today. Three goals will give them a one pound advantage at the weigh-in, which can definitely make a difference at this point in the game. Contestants start out by balancing a coconut in a lacrosse stick while crossing a log balance beam, which is a difficult challenge for absolutely everyone except for ex-soccer player Toma. Unfortunately, his aim at the net leaves a lot to be desired.

Lori manages to score the first goal, which proves to the rest of the contestants that this challenge can definitely be completed. Toma finally finds his stride, and scores the next goal. Unfortunately for him, Lori's good aim scores her a three-goal victory before Sonya and Rob can even reach the net.

Shortly after, we get a montage of everyone's time in Hawaii. What an amazing trip, you guys.

The Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

Let's see where Scott and Jordan stand. Jordan's wife has a baby on the way, but even though he wants to be there for the birth, he also wants to stay on the ranch. He manages to lose eight pounds, which officially puts him under 220 pounds. Scott becomes a little concerned, especially since this is his New Year's Resolution, and the year just started today. My words, not his.

Amazingly enough, Scott loses nine pounds, which secures his spot at Comeback Canyon. Even better, this is his third consecutive week with Bob. "How can I be upset?" Jordan states, giving Scott mad props for being an amazing athlete. Let's see who'll be competing against Scott next week.

Crossing the Red Line

The Losers are back at home, and will be facing the red line tonight. First up is Lori, who loses a meager three pounds. She seems pretty happy about the number, especially since she's felt so much better with that whole tree swing thing that Jesse made her do back in Hawaii. Also, she has that one pound advantage.

Toma is up next, and loses an impressive eight, keeping him safe for next week. "New year, new beginnings... good start," he claims after a celebratory cheer.

Sonya weighs in third, and is a bit fearful based on being so close to going home last week. She'll need to have lost more than three to stay in the game, and she ends up losing five. This girl is seriously a fighter.

Next up is Rob, who loses six and is guaranteed safety. That means that it'll be between Woody and Lori this week.

Woody has had like, no airtime on the show this week, by the way -- thus, this is his time to shine. He needs to have lost more than five pounds, but sadly just loses three. I guess his time is up. "I feel like I've already won," he says in his closing monologue. "I've won life."

He's lost an impressive 107 pounds since starting the show, which is definitely something to celebrate.

Checking Up with Jordan

Jordan lost 128 pounds total, and looks incredible. He's a thin guy now! Even better, he managed to be home in time for the birth of his son. "You guys were the reason I kept going," he says to his wife right before his baby simultaneously farts and sneezes on him. He's planning on joining a softball league soon, and getting back on the field.

Next Week: It's the makeover episode, you guys! The best episode of the season!

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