September 25, 2014

Victoria Rafaeli did not win Big Brother, and the perception by many was that she floated her way far thanks to her alliance with Derrick. Still, we will give her at least a little bit of credit for making her really far and handling being on the block so well; despite whether or not you like it, she made it very close to winning $50,000, and if you listen to her, she thinks she would have actually won in the end.

We did not get to see a backyard interview with Victoria last night.

CarterMatt Do you think you would have had a chance versus Cody, had you been taken there?
Victoria Rafaeli I think I would have won the half a million dollars, and I think thats a big argument as to why they didnt want to take me to final three, because they know that if they had taken me, I would have won the half a million over them any day.

Would one of your arguments be being on the block so many times? One of the credits to your game is that you never freaked out when you were in danger.

I tried to remain positive, and for me to be on the block nine times, and for me to make it to final two, which nobody would have expected out of me. I had to play my way to make it through every single week, and if I had made the top two, I think that would be one reason why they would automatically vote for me.

[Look, for example], at Frankie. When he got nominated once he freaked out, the second time he couldnt even complete the challenge he did in a matter of minutes the week before. Nobody really understands the pressure. A lot of it is mental, and you cant focus in the competition when you know your life is on the line. Im very glad that Frankie did that, because now [people] could see what I was dealing with since week one.

Any hard feelings now towards Derrick, even after youve found out about him being a cop or some of the other secrets that he had?

Not at all. He didnt even win the final HoH, so who knows? He may have even taken me. I have no hard feelings, and I told him that if I wasnt winning the half a million dollars, it better be him because hes an amazing person inside and out.

When in the game did you think you were in the greatest danger, before of course the final three?

It was the week of the Rewind, because I actually was supposed to go home. Frankie was HoH, and he wanted to keep it all guys. He was basically the decision-maker. I was all dressed up [the night of the live show], I tried to come to terms with it that I was going to go meet Julie and be a part of the jury. BUT, that button did save me, and I ended up staying! That was huge for me.

Were you surprised to see that Zach found himself another pink hat?

Oh my God, I was so shocked! I was like what the heck, this spoiled brat got himself another hat? Whats going on here? But, I destroyed mine, so its not the same pink hat hes been wearing all season in the Big Brother house. Thats all that I can say.

Even though you didnt win, are you glad to have made it as far as the final three?

I am extremely grateful and I feel extremely blessed. I found my way through this game and fought to get as far as I could. It was not in my cards to be in the final two, so its all for the best and the best player did win. So I am very grateful.

Do you kind of wish you were in Team America so you could have done some of those missions?

Yes! That would have been so cool! I almost caught on to them with that rat [thing, thinking that it] cant be real. That would have been really fun, I dont know why I didnt get chosen!

Lets say that CBS tells you tomorrow that they are throwing you back in for another season. Do you think youd play the same game?

The only thing I would really change is not take anything personal and to heart. I try to see the good in people all the time. It is a game, and people do try to get to you in the worst way possible. That is probably the only thing that I would change, but Im very proud of the game that I played, and all [I] wanted was to play the best game that I could and walk out with my head held high.

So whats next for you? Are you going to go back to photography?

Photography is my passion and I definitely want to [get back] into that, BUT, who knows? Maybe some doors will open up for Victoria!!

Photo: CBS