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Thread: Elissa Slater, Rachel Reilly and Fellow 'Big Brother 2013' Stars to Guest on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

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    Default Elissa Slater, Rachel Reilly and Fellow 'Big Brother 2013' Stars to Guest on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

    by Stacy Carey
    September 24, 2013 11:25 AM EDT

    Big Brother 2013 fans who are missing Elissa Slater and Howard Overby will want to make sure they keep an eye on upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful. According to TV Guide, a future episode of the soap will be including these fan favorites.

    TV Guide shares
    that Elissa and Howard, along with former Big Brother contestants Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas, Jeff Schroeder, and Survivor star Malcolm Freberg, will be appearing on the soap. The appearances have already been filmed, and Slater will play a Bikini Bar hostess. Rachel and Brendon have appeared on the show previously, and both Rachel and Elissa can be seen in scenes on Oct. 30 and 31 where they are shopping on the Forrester Boutique.

    Slater shares she's been a fan of The Bold and the Beautiful since she was 6, so getting a chance to be on the show is a great opportunity for her. Could it turn into more? She seems open to the idea. Elissa has been busy since the Big Brother 2013 finale aired.

    She's been spending time with family, she's connected with fans, and then there's her celebrity gigs. Elissa also joined Rachel and fellow Big Brother 2013 alum Nick Uhas for some Emmy fun.

    Will you be tuning in to watch Elissa Slater, Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas, Howard Overby, and Malcolm Freberg when they appear on The Bold and the Beautiful? It doesn't sound like a specific air date has been released yet, so stay tuned.
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