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Thread: Candice Stewart of 'Big Brother 2013' Admits Shock Over Shows, Elissa Slater Retweets and Supports

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    Default Candice Stewart of 'Big Brother 2013' Admits Shock Over Shows, Elissa Slater Retweets and Supports

    by Stacy Carey
    September 21, 2013 12:40 PM EDT

    Many fans of Big Brother 2013 have been curious to see how the houseguests would react as they got home and watched the shows. Candice Stewart was the recipient of a lot of bullying this season, and now she's starting to see just what had viewers so angry.

    As Big Brother 15 live feed watchers know, there was a lot of racist rhetoric this season in the house.

    Some of it Candice heard, but a lot she didn't. A little bit made it onto the live shows, but most didn't.

    Stewart has said that she and Aaryn Gries bonded in the jury house and Gries has changed, but many felt Candice still had a lot she needed to see before she lended that much support.

    Friday Stewart tweeted, "Watching these episodes #Heartbreak #StopHate. So didn't understand the severity of the issue this season till now." Fellow BB15 houseguest Elissa Slater quickly retweeted the post. Elissa was one of the few who would speak up about how inappropriate some of the comments by other houseguests were, and Slater has tried to stay very positive on her Twitter page since returning.

    As many of Candice Stewart's followers are pointing out, the live feeds were far, far worse than anything shown on the CBS broadcasts. YouTube is filled with live feed compilations showing the derogatory and hurtful things houseguests like Aaryn Gries, Amanda Zuckerman, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Andy Herren and Spencer Clawson said. The anti-black, anti-Asian, anti-Hispanic, anti-gay, anti-adoption and anti-female comments were hard for fans to hear, and surely will be even harder for the houseguests to watch as they catch up to them. While some of the players said they were taken out of context, the live feeds don't lie.

    While Candice Stewart and some of her fellow houseguests were trashed by players in the house, they have a lot of support from Big Brother 2013 fans at home. Many will be curious to follow these folks on Twitter and see what more they have to say as they catch up to the tapes of just what happened this summer in that house.

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    They forgot anti-semitic and Jeremy is getting off easy.

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