Screencap via CBS Big Brother live feeds

Stacy Carey
Reality TV Examiner

September 19, 2013

Spencer Clawson took third place this season on “Big Brother 2013.” On Sept. 19 EW chatted with Spencer via Sirius, and fans of the show were curious to see what he had to share. Spencer, along with several other houseguests, came under fire for derogatory comments they made on the show. Clawson's employer has even made statements that it was not happy with things that were said. What did Spencer have to say about it all?

Clawson worked for Union Pacific prior to doing “Big Brother 2013,” and he took a leave to do the show.

The company has issued three statements regarding Spencer over the past few months, the most recent just this week. They say, in part, that “a formal investigation will be held under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement to determine the facts involving Mr. Clawson's behavior” from his time on the show.

The statement adds that after the investigation, Union Pacific “will determine the appropriate action regarding Mr. Clawson's employment status.”

Spencer says he's aware of the company's statements, and he knows he's made “some unfortunate comments.” He says he doesn't have any hate in his heart, and sometimes one says some “bone-headed things” in a social game where one talks so much. Clawson says that he hopes those he has offended forgive him.

This “Big Brother 2013” houseguest adds that the things he said were simply bad jokes. As for his job, Spencer says that he understands the railroad is trying to get some distance from him, but he hopes he can get back to work. He says he loves his job and is good at it, and he's anxious to get back to some normalcy.

Do you think Spencer Clawson should lose his job for the “jokes” he made on “Big Brother 2013”? Fans think it's interesting to see how each of the three main players to come under fire for their commentary have reacted.

They all have apologized for the things they said, though Aaryn Gries said she didn't like her modeling agency anyway and has plenty of other opportunities. GinaMarie Zimmerman is more upset about losing her job, and obviously Spencer Clawson has to await his fate, in large part because his job is union and things have to be handled differently. Andy Herren also will be waiting to see what the College of DuPage does in terms of having him back to teach next semester, should he want to continue.

“Big Brother 2013” is now wrapped up, and it does go down as the most controversial in the show's history. Whether fans like it or not, Spencer Clawson took third place, GinaMarie second and Andy Herren took home the big money prize.