Screencap via CBS Big Brother live feeds

Stacy Carey
Reality TV Examiner

September 19, 2013

“Big Brother 2013” was a very controversial season, and finalist GinaMarie Zimmerman definitely got people talking. Unfortunately for her, it typically was not in a positive way. Zimmerman even lost her job over the things she said, and fans were anxious to hear how she'd react. On Sept. 19 Entertainment Weekly did a Sirius interview with GinaMarie, and fans won't want to miss the highlights.

GinaMarie Zimmerman won $50,000 in the finale of “Big Brother 2013,” but she was awfully excited to see her pseudo-showmance partner Nick Uhas. While fans think GinaMarie was quite over-the-top in her adoration for Nick, she has yet to realize how extreme things were. From the sounds of things, Nick is being quite friendly and cordial, though fans who have followed him since he left the “Big Brother 15” house know that these two contestants are not exactly on the same page regarding their "relationship."

Zimmerman says she's waiting for her first date with Nick before she gives him his hat back (even though as fans know, it really wasn't his hat). GinaMarie says that they met one another's families and held hands, but some fans are simply left shaking their heads. Can a romance really develop between GinaMarie and Nick? Stranger things have happened, but few are counting on it.

Did GinaMarie Zimmerman realize she was doomed against Andy in the finals? GinaMarie says that Andy is awesome, and she did her best in talking with the jury. She knows she stumbled over her answers and she was nervous, but she's happy with how things ultimately went. She says she busted her butt in competitions, and she feels she played a good game.

The big question is, what does GinaMarie know about all the controversy from this season? She says she knows she lost her job, and she apologizes for the things she said that offended people. She says she knows she has a big mouth and she's from New York, but she definitely apologizes. She adds that she had a big heart and a big personality, and she didn't mean to offend people.

Zimmerman says that losing her job over the things she said on “Big Brother 2013” is a “big stab in the heart.” She says she loves pageants, dancing and the kids, and she wants to be a good role model. She wants the kids to look up to her and now she is upset she won't see them “for quite a while.” The pageant organization's statement was brutal, and GinaMarie hasn't fully caught up to the details yet. She says she only has good things to say about the organization, and she would never intend to take away from what they do. She is a bit surprised that they aren't standing by her, but she knows they have to protect themselves.

GinaMarie says her parents raised her better than to be the kind of person who would say the things she did during her time in the house, and they were disappointed in some of what they heard. How are things with Candice Stewart? GinaMarie said that she thinks things are fine on that front.

As for Nick, it seems Nick is considering a move to Los Angeles, while she's in New York, so they have yet to determine what the future holds for them. GinaMarie says they have plans to talk and she is looking forward to learning who the real Nick is. As “Big Brother 2013” fans know, these two didn't even really develop a romance in the house, but GinaMarie hasn't let that stop her. Whether anything comes next between them remains to be seen, and most would imagine he will try to gently ease her into remaining simply friends.

What did you think of GinaMarie Zimmerman's interview and apologizes? Did she deserve second place on “Big Brother 2013”? She says that she's hoping fans look at the bigger picture and forgive her and the other houseguests for the offensive things they said during their time in the house.