by Stacy Carey
September 20, 2013 11:01 AM EDT

Aaryn Gries of Big Brother 2013 certainly had people talking this summer, and it seems that will continue for a bit despite the show ending. Many were curious to see how Gries would react when she learned she lost her contract with a modeling agency, and she has seemed nonchalant and perhaps even a bit defiant about it. Aaryn is back on Twitter now, updating folks on what she envisions coming next.

Gries tweeted
Thursday, "Long day! 4 agency meetings and another interview with The LA Times. Reading a lot of 'aspiring model' talk. Try host! #rumors." Prior to going on Big Brother 2013 Gries was a student who did modeling "for fun," which she was quick to point out to some critics after she got out of the house and learned she was currently without a modeling contract. She also noted that she didn't really like that modeling agency anyway, and things were tense before she went off to do the show.

The reality TV star has talked now of writing a book, hosting and doing more modeling. It seems clear she's got her eye on the land of becoming a celebrity, but will people accept that? She has apologized for the derogatory comments she's made in the house, though not everybody buys that she's all that sincere or has really come to understand how thoroughly she offended people.

Many Big Brother 2013 fans will be curious to see what comes next for Aaryn Gries. Many suspect she'll be at the top of the list for a return to the show, perhaps as early as next summer. Gries has her fans, but she's got a lot of critics too. Will people accept her making her way into Hollywood and entertainment circles?