It's the Final Game of the
"RTVL BB15 Challenge"

Before I get to the details,
I just want to thank everyone for playing this season.
Hope you all enjoyed it and remember to come back early next season
for the Pre-Season Bonus Game!!!

All answers must be submitted by
9:30pm ET/ 8:30pm CT
WEDNESDAY, September 18th!!

This game is about what you think will happen
during the September 18th Finale.

This game is for 1000 points!
This weeks winner will be announced after the September 18th Live Finale Show.

Click here to play:

Anyone can still win since the game is worth 1000 points!
Good Luck and Have Fun Everyone!!!

NOTE: Game 12 is still being scored and all the bonus points from this season will still need factored into the scores.
It will take me a few minutes after the finale to tally everything up.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Even though Big Brother is over remember we are hear all year round. Join us in chat during prime time tv hours and discuss shows as we watch them. At this time I do not have another game scheduled until next BB, but keep an eye on the forums cause you never know if i could start up a game. Also try out the RTVL Pools. We pick who we think will win and root for them all season (or until they annoy us.) Its not for any prizes except the pride that you are the winner! We are a small community here but we like to grow the RTVL family so dont be a stranger and stick around for more fun!!!