By M. Giant |
Season 15 | Episode 33 |
Aired on 09.11.2013

My thanks and the thanks of my family to Angel for covering the show yet again this past Sunday, this time with only a few hours' notice. Everything's okay now, but of all the things I prefer to watching Big Brother, hanging out in a Duluth hospital isn't one of them.

Julie comes to us from the studio, which is unusual for a Wednesday night. Almost as unusual as her jaunty side-ponytail. Then she tells us that the finale is only a week away, and I realize she looks fantastic.

After the previouslies and credits, Julie reminds us that it's down to McCrae and the Exterminators (Judd, Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie) and nobody else. HoH Spencer nominated McCrae and GinaMarie, though obviously McCrae is the target. But he thinks he can still fight and win the Veto. Sure, that could happen, now that all the good players are gone.

After the nominations, GinaMarie is overacting her response to her nomination, because she's still handcuffed to McCrae like they're the Defiant Ones. Later, Spencer asks Andy and Judd how his nomination speech went. They think he did a good job of not alarming McCrae overly, and are now more worried about preventing him from winning the Veto. Judd asks what happens if McCrae does win it. Well, mathematically, someone in this room will have to take his place, and Spencer comes right out and says it'll be Judd. But GinaMarie will be the one to go home, which is easy to say given that she isn't in the room. Judd's a little nervous that Andy isn't even being considered, but oddly that doesn't appear to be bothering Andy at all.

While everyone save Spencer is hanging out in the living room like a bunch of lethargic zoo animals, Judd is ordered by the Big Brother Drill Sergeant to do 75 sit-ups. That's kind of a lot. I know I wouldn't be able to do it, at least not all in one day. But Judd pulls it off, taking his belt off early on, and manages to get through them while he housemates lounge sympathetically. The good news for Judd is that he appears to be done. Then he shows us his featureless stomach in the DR to demonstrate that it looks the same as before. I'll take his word on that.

Filler montage of McCrae being leashed to GinaMarie, which includes mention of her recent McCrae-adjacent activities like dropping deuces, menstruating and sitting right outside the shower while McCrae cleans himself. Fortunately, we only see the last of those. Then it's time for them to lose the friendship bracelets at last. Spencer gave the gifts that have finally stopped giving.

The first order of business for the newly separated McCrae is to go listen to Spencer and Andy's assurances that he's safe, so he theoretically won't fight hard for PoV. And, if he does, they hope he'll be on their side against Judd and GinaMarie. Wisely, he trusts none of them and remains determined to win the Veto.

For that competition, the houseguests go out into the backyard dressed as superheroes to find that a small-scale cityscape has been set up out there. And then last year's winner, Ian, is lowered into the set by a cable while wearing his own superhero outfit. GinaMarie is impressed as Ian Carusos his sunglasses and mutters, "It's weird being back here." I just bet. Each of the five players is standing on the roof of their own skyscraper, and it turns out that this is a repeat of last year's competition, where they have to swing back and forth trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle on a vertical magnetic wall. The trick is that they have to hit a button on the opposite pedestal at least every twenty seconds or the magnetism shuts down and the pieces fall. Plus they have only ten seconds to hot the button again if they run out of time and if they miss that they're out. First one done will win PoV.

The horn sounds, and everyone starts assembling and swinging back and forth on their harnesses.

Judd sucks at this -- surprise! -- so he's focusing on keeping his board magnetized. At least he's doing a much better job of that than GinaMarie is. McCrae has all his pieces on his wall before anyone else, but upside down. And then he misses his button on his next swing back and has to start over anyway. Judd's frustration is growing, to the point where he gives up and starts helping Andy on the platform next to his as his time runs out. This pisses off Spencer, who thinks Judd should be helping him instead of Andy. "I’m the one who makes the replacement nominations," Spencer DRs. Yes, and you already said it was going to be Judd. Andy and McCrae appear to be tied for the lead, but McCrae has learned from his previous mistake… and wins. So that's the Exterminators screwed. Oh well, it's not like any alliance of more than two people ever makes it to the end alone anyway. Spencer blames Judd for his loss, and both GinaMarie and Judd are pretty worried about being next out the door. Andy seems fine, though.

After the ads, GinaMarie is in the HoH room with Spencer, fretting about what's next. Spencer tells her he wants her to stay because he trusts her more than Judd, who bailed on the PoV competition. He even promises to save GinaMarie if it ends up being a tie. But later, Spencer tells Judd that he isn't going home either. Judd says he wants to stay and fight against McCrae and suggests nominating Andy instead. Spencer shuts that right down, for reasons Judd doesn't understand. But then there is much Judd doesn't understand. He is resigned to the fact that neither Andy nor McCrae will vote for him, so he sighs, "I'm just gonna start raisin' hell, I guess."

Well, that sounds strategic. So he goes downstairs and starts stomping around and knocking shit on the floor like an angry toddler. Not helping himself at all, in other words.

McCrae calls the Veto meeting and announces that he will be using it on himself. Spencer names Judd as the replacement nominee. No surprises there. But then, just as McCrae is about to adjourn the Veto meeting, Judd interrupts to say something. He accuses McCrae of lying to him and being the reason he left the first time. "Coming back into this game I was after you, and, you know, I'm still after you." Spencer freaks out in the DR about what a dumb move this is, and Judd concludes by telling Spencer and Andy that he's after McCrae. "Wowzers," McCrae says before actually succeeding in adjourning the meeting. "I guess you lost McCrae's vote," GinaMarie DRs. McCrae doesn't get it, but doesn't seem too upset about it either. And Andy DRs that Judd just pissed away any chance he had to stay.

Time for America's Vote to pick the favorite houseguest. And with 16 to choose from, it's so hard to decide which one I hate least.

Julie gets back on the viewscreen to let the nominees give their speeches. GinaMarie shouts out to the folks at home and tells her housemates that she always tries her best. Julie sounds a little nervous when she says it's Judd's turn. Judd makes a promise to Andy and Spencer that he'll take them to the final three if they keep him, but he can't tell them how yet. As for McCrae, he says he's still after him, but would still appreciate his vote. Andy is the first to be sent to the DR and he votes to evict Judd. So does McCrae, so that's a unanimous vote to evict Judd. Great plan there, J-U-Double-Dumb. Julie gets back on the viewscreen and tells Judd that he's out by a 2-0 vote.

Judd only hugs GinaMarie and McCrae (whom he tells to check in his Bible for something Judd left him), and on his way out the door he says he's voting for Spencer or Andy at the end. And he's out, again, giving Julie a big hug in the studio. The final four recover, and then start doing stuff like going to the bathroom and fretting about their contacts.

Julie starts her exit Chenterview with Judd by asking him what he whispered to McCrae. Judd explains that he left a message in McCrae's Bible to encourage him, which is weird, because he left the house talking up Spencer and Andy, and Julie says as much. "Reverse psychology, I want him to go after them!" Judd crows. Julie turns away so as not to laugh directly in his face, and asks who Judd's actually rooting for. "I guess GinaMarie," Judd says, saying that they all underestimated her. Julie is frankly amazed. She brings up his alliance with the Exterminators, and his choice to bail on his final-two deal with Elissa to stay loyal to them. Judd has no regrets on that score; "Working with Elissa is the hardest thing that you can possibly do," he declares.

He talks about how mercurial she is, but he doesn't know that word so he uses a lot more. Julie asks him why he thinks Andy kept GinaMarie, and Judd thinks GinaMarie is probably easier to beat and more trustworthy. Now it's time for the farewell messages. GinaMarie gives him a yearbook-style goodbye, while Spencer says he hopes Judd isn't seeing this, but he had no choice after McCrae won the Veto. McCrae confesses to having voted against Judd, which I think even Judd was able to figure out, and blames Andy and Spencer for wanting Judd out. As for Andy he's all weepy again and claiming to be most proud of being Judd's fellow Exterminator. Julie asks what Judd finds so amusing after he watches that. "I've just never seen a guy cry so much," Judd says. And then he signs off, "Let's hope those girls don't scratch my eyes out in the jury house!" Why couldn't he be this entertaining inside the house?

With four players left in the house, we get the same HoH competition that we always get at this stage -- the Before or After game. There's a circular platform divided into thirds by high walls, with GinaMarie, McCrae and Andy each occupying one of the sections. The platform is also divided into concentric rings with each player's name, as well as the word "before" and "after." Julie will ask them all whether one event took place before or after another event in the house this summer, and for each one they get right, they get a point. The one with the most points at the end wins HoH. The first question is about Amanda's spray-tan penalty and whether it was before or after the first double eviction. They all answer "before" -- GinaMarie with some hesitation -- and all get it right. The second question is whether David was nominated by the MVP before or after Jeremy's wine rant. Only GinaMarie correctly answers "before," so she's in the lead now, 2-1-1. They all get the correct answer for the third question, in which Aaryn's third HoH win came before Elissa's first HoH win. And they also get right answers about Candice winning five grand after the time-travel Veto competition.

The next question is pretty confusing: whether the first female eviction was before or after the first female PoV winner. They all get that one right, too, meaning GinaMarie is still a point ahead of the other two. Then Julie asks about the first unanimous eviction being before or after Helen's curfew. It was after, and only McCrae gets that one right, so he's tied with GinaMarie and Andy's down by one point. So Andy's pretty much out of this competition looks like. Then Julie asks whether Candice's third turn as a Have-Not was before or after Howard's eviction. This time only Andy gets it right (Before), so we have a three-way tie. Everyone grabs the tiebreaker boards to prepare to guess a number, as usually happens in this competition. Julie asks how many seconds the last PoV competition was. Andy guesses 414, McCrae 2010 and GinaMarie 1800. That's quite a range. But the right answer is 884, so Andy managed to pull it out after all. Now he's a lock for the final three and will soon have to nominate almost everyone else in the house for eviction. I'm thinking Spencer will be fine until at least the Veto, but I've been wrong before.

After the ads, Julie tells us there's another live eviction tomorrow night, the final three-part HoH competition and clip show on Sunday, and the finale next Wednesday. One of these four people will be a half-millionaire by this time next week, which is almost enough to make me want them to send someone else back in for another try again. Almost.