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Thread: Who will win if Final 2 was now on Week 10?

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    Lightbulb Who will win if Final 2 was now on Week 10?

    With only a few weeks left of this season's BB, I thought it would be a good time to look at who we think could win based on each possible final 2 pairing and who would then be on jury. With 7 people still in the house this makes 21 possible final 2 combos. Before I get into my current predictions i want to give you the chance to make your own. Here is a blank copy of my voting chart:

    Once i had the chart made I filled a copy in with my predictions and came up with the following:
    (Note - It may be more fun to write down your own predictions before seeing mine or anyone else that posts their thoughts this way we do not influence you)

    So as you can see I think everyone has a chance to win except Spencer. So do you agree with my thoughts? disagree? How do you see the votes going?
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    Unfortunately, I think Andy is the winner of BB15.....YUCK to the Nth degree!

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