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    Default Poll FAQ

    Ok, not really a FAQ, more like a "How To"

    -Start a new thread in the News & Discussion Forum (we decided to have them here unless they become popular, and if so maybe we'll start a Poll Forum)
    -Title the thread however you want, it doesn't have to be the exact question you're polling, but please preface it with "Poll:"
    -If you're not going to describe your poll in the text of the thread, use a "." or some other character as a place holder (similar to NT threads)
    -scroll to the bottom of the page after you've entered the thread title & text and check the box where it says "Post a Poll"
    -Under that checkbox, type in how many answers your poll will have, up to a maximum of 15 (this doesn't have to be absolute as it can be changed later to add more or remove answers)
    -Click "Submit New Thread"
    -You will then be re-directed to a page where you'll actually create your poll (what you did before was to create the thread that contained your poll)
    -Type your poll question into the first box
    -The second box is where you can change the number of answers. If you DO change this number then click "update options" after doing so (also, if AFTER entering all the possible answers, if you need to add or remove boxes for more or fewer answers, you may scroll up and change the number of answers and click on update and the answers you've already entered will NOT be lost
    -scroll down to Miscellaneous Options and choose Allow Multiple Choice if you want to allow people to be able to choose more than one answer
    -check off box to Make Votes Public if you want to allow people to see who voted for each answer
    -MAKE SURE YOU SELECT PREVIEW POLL FIRST, before clicking "Submit Poll". Once a Poll is submitted it CANNOT be changed!

    One last note - once you click on a number within a public & answered poll to see who responded to each answer, you will no longer be able to see the posted replies (if there are any) to the thread (however, you can go back into the thread after viewing the votes by clicking the back button.

    Hope all that made sense, and if not, just state your question below! Thanks!
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