by Chris Pursell |
April 1, 2013 at 7:42 PM |

Bill Maher (right) made some pointed comments about Donald Trump on HBO's "Real Time" Friday night (Photos: Getty Images)

Celebrity Apprentice” maestro Donald Trump has withdrawn his lawsuit against Bill Maher, who joked on “The Tonight Show” that if Trump could prove he wasn’t part monkey, he would donate a cool $5 million to charity. After Trump showed his birth certificate, the billionaire immediately called for Maher to pony up, and sued when he didn’t.

TMZ reports that Trump has now dropped the case, quoting Trump’s Executive Vice President and Special Counsel Michael Cohen as saying, “The lawsuit was temporarily withdrawn to be amended and refiled at a later date.”

When (or if) the lawsuit will be brought back to the courts remains unclear.

For his part, Maher maintains that his quote was always a joke.