By Chris E. Hayner
February 11, 2013 9:30 PM ET
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Mark Belelo
, best known for his appearances on "Storage Wars," committed suicide Monday, by carbon monoxide poisoning. TMZ reports Balelo had been arrested on a drug-related charge Saturday, and upon release from jail was distraught.

He called his fiancée, telling her he was afraid he might hurt himself. She met him at his office, and the two spoke for a few hours, before Balelo took a nap. When he woke up, he seemed to be in a better state of mind. His fiancée left Sunday evening. Monday morning an employee found him dead in his car, parked in the garage at his auction house.

Balelo first appeared on "Storage Wars" during the second season. He was referred to by some on the show as "Rico Suave," due to the fancy clothes he wore to the auctions. He was also the subject of ire from the other bidders, as he would show up to bid with large amounts of money, easily outspending everyone else.

An autopsy will be conducted on Balelo Tuesday.

Photo/Video credit: Facebook