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    My Letter Of Gratitude To You
    by Dan Gheesling

    Wow! What an incredible ride…again. Finally getting back to our home in Michigan I have been able to sit back for a second and truly appreciate what the heck just happened! The past three months have been an absolute dream come true for me. There was no way that dream could have come remotely true without a lot of help.

    I have a lot of thanks to give out. Uprooting from my everyday (and very happy) life was not an easy thing to do, because frankly, there is nothing normal about leaving everything you love behind for 3 months to go play a game.

    My Beautiful Wife
    EVERYTHING that happened this summer would not have been possible without my wife Chelsea. When the opportunity arose to go back and play the game that I love one more time, Chelsea did not hesitate for even one second to support me.

    Lets face it, it takes a very special woman to allow her husband to flat out leave her to an empty house, a lot of responsibility, and the scrutiny of the internet 24 hours a day. Chelsea backed me 110% with all of her love and support even with the uncertainty of the Big Brother abyss we were both about to head into together.

    On the outside, the average person might think Chelsea wanted me to go back on Big Brother to try and win the money, but Chelsea wanted me to go, because she knows how much I love the game.

    As a husband, knowing that my wife put aside any of her personal concerns, to allow me to pursue a dream, is indescribable. So much so that I will be spending the rest of my life attempting to show her the same amount of love.

    As much as Chelsea has told me how proud she is of me, I am equally as proud of her. She is the exact same person she has always been, even an insane summer has not changed her. I’m lucky to have her as my wife, as I have said many times before, I am totally outchicked.

    The cool part is, everyone got a chance to see how great Chelsea is for themselves. I know she really enjoyed getting to interact with everyone this season and the few (of many interviews) that I have seen her do just make me smile. Because what you see with Chelsea is what you get. Selfless, beautiful, kind, and compassionate, Chelsea continues to amaze me after I find out more and more of the things that went on this season.

    Chelsea is my everything and without her love and support, I would have never gone back.

    Deep down I know there is nothing I can ever do to equal the amount of love and support she has shown me with my Big Brother passion, but I am going to spend the rest of my life trying. I love you Chelsea.

    Both of My Families
    Playing Big Brother for the second time, I entered with not one, but two families with the addition of my massive family of in-laws. I’m not going to lie, I was a little concerned for BOTH families.

    I was worried about putting the Gheesling side of the family through ANOTHER season of stress. My Mom, Dad, Sister, Uncle Glen and the rest of the family already had to live through one season of live feed tormenting and now they were being thrown back into the fire. My family just doesn’t watch Big Brother, they EXPERIENCE it along with me. Both the good and the bad.

    When I saw my Dad at the Finale, he looked like he had been through a 3 month endurance challenge and said he relaxed ONLY after I had made it to the Final 2.

    (Later that night he went on to Big Brother fandom and took photos with Jordan, Britney, Janelle, Rachel, and Danielle Donato).

    I read my sister Kelly’s blog post and teared up at her heartfelt words down to the concern of my bandaged fingers.

    Of course, I knew my Italian Mom (who is now on Twitter, what the heck?) would be worried about two things, if I ate in the house, and if I was mentally OK coming out.

    The Gheesling family was thrown back into the fire and I wasn’t surprised at the results: a family united once again to defend me and enjoy the summer.

    Heck, my Mom and Sister (and Pat Baker!) even made over 100 Karate Kid bandannas(affiliate link) for the Finale party in Dearborn. Talk about crazy love.

    I was also concerned about how my massive in-law side of the family would even look at Big Brother.

    Would they understand that I had to lie to their faces about where I was going for the summer?

    Would they understand the game? Would they think less of me for lying to everyone in the house? Would they be embarrassed?

    Would they be shocked at what I was capable of doing?

    All of these questions were running through my head before I stepped into the house, because as a new member of their family, I didn’t want to change how they felt about me.

    Lucky for me that they did understand, and were overwhelmingly supportive. They helped to hold the fort down and support my wife while I was gone. Everything from my brother in-laws checking up on Chelsea daily, to her family throwing insane parties for every episode, I am grateful for their support in an extremely abnormal situation.

    I even had to laugh when I heard about Chelsea’s Dad, Scott, a very serious automotive engineer, creating a logic map of all of the decision I would need to make in the later parts of the game.

    To find out how much love and support they showed both Chelsea and I during the summer, made me realize how lucky we both are to have them.

    Which brings me to one of the greatest things to come from this Big Brother experience: to see that my two families (with the help of Big Brother) finally starting to come together as ONE big family.

    Seeing photos of both the Gheeslings and Niemiecs celebrating TOGETHER was the greatest prize I could ask for.

    Our Friends
    This time around on Big Brother, I wasn’t able to tell ANY of my friends ahead of time. It bothered me because they deserved to know and I thought that they might be a little mad. Boy was I wrong! My best friends were there all summer to not only support me, but also Chelsea.

    Whether it was a girlfriend of Chelsea’s staying the night to keep her company, a phone call from out of state, or Memphis and Ashley taking care of my family in LA, our friends were there all summer.

    Not to mention the small army of family friends I grew up with, standing by my Mom’s side calming her down anytime I was in harms way! (Pat Baker lead the charge)

    Anyone who knows me, knows I have a lot going on, especially business wise. My friends stepped up to the plate to prevent any stress on Chelsea and really picked up the slack. If any problems came up, they were taken care of immediately by my friends (especially Dave), and for that help and support to Chelsea, I will be forever grateful.

    Members of Team Dan/Team Mist
    You will rarely hear me use the term “fans” to describe people who CHOOSE to support me. If you have supported me in the past or even now, I look at you as a member of the team. I may be the coach, but you guys are the ones who do the heavy lifting and score all the points!

    I appreciate you guys more than you will ever imagine. If I needed one of my love messages to get tweeted to Chelsea, you guys were there for me, every time. (Vern from Wisconsin and Memphis also thanks you).

    I hope I never let you down throughout the season, because I know you saw different side of Dan the PLAYER/MISTER. Just know that although you saw a new side of game play from me, I am still the same guy outside of the house.

    The same guy who loves, cherishes, and adores your support (and LOLs at your crafty PhotoShop work).

    The same guy who will (eventually) respond to every e-mail.

    The same guy who will attempt to respond to every tweet.

    The same guy who knows he would be nothing without his teammates.

    This season, especially on the live feeds, I tried to share even more of my personal self to you than ever before. Things I used to hide (love of video and computer games (Space Quest!), childhood obsession with MTG cards, things from the past, my Pat Flynn SPI fanboyism, and of course my Karate Kid obsession) I wanted to share with you during this season. These things I shared not for the houseguests I lived with, but for you to get to know me on a different level.

    The first time around on Big Brother I hid a lot of the “weird things” because I wasn’t as confident. But those “weird things” help to make up precisely who I really am.

    The Team has definitely gotten a lot bigger over the summer and usually when things get bigger, they become less personal.

    But not in this case. It is because of teammates like you that allow me to live out my dream and I remind myself of that everyday. In the same regard, I am here, for you. If I can inspire, coach, or help you in anyway I can, I will be here.

    I will continue to share my life with you and do my best to provide VALUE to your life through this blog (as well as Twitter, YouTube {check Me and Frank reunited Video!} and Facebook).

    I’ve seen via Twitter, e-mail, and the message boards you going to battle for me. I’m never been so positively overwhelmed in my life as I was when I first turned on my iPhone and saw all of the tweets of support. Thank you.

    A special thank you goes out to those who were on Team Mist before it even existed (Colleen Kelly, Andi, AllFourOne, and Kristy).

    Having a team and supporters is not a right, it is a privilege. One that I do not take lightly.

    Am I going to write another book? Yes.

    Am I going to be available for hire to coach individuals? Yes.

    Am I going to constantly blast you with advertisements, promotional messages, and sales messages? Never. People do that who have no respect for their supporters.

    You make a conscious decision to support me and I take that very seriously.

    Just as you provide support to me, I promise to provide value to you.

    Oh, and by the way, the collective power of you guys as a team made the BEST THING EVER HAPPEN. Seriously, the coolest thing that happened to me from this experience is this:

    Your support put me on Ralph Macchio’s map, even if just for one tweet, I can die a happy Karate Kid fanboy now.

    Reality TV/Internet Family
    As soon as I got off the show Chelsea and my family could not stop talking about how previous Reality TV friends have really gone to bat for me.

    I’m especially grateful for the support from Rob Cesternino, Murtz Jaffer, and Matt Hoffman. I realize it is not their duty to support me, it’s their choice.

    The coverage I have read or seen from them is amazing, flattering, and very much appreciated. The way my family was treated during interviews was even more so appreciated. This I will never forget.

    A special thank you goes out to my epic web designer Nina Cross who worked hand in hand with me on the website (while having no clue I was going on Big Brother LOL) as well as helped my wife Chelsea with any web problems she ran into. If you need a website done, SHE is the best.

    To my favorite Big Brother sites, ONTDBB (Ruthless!), Jokers Updates, Hamsterwatch (BBQ got me this season), and BBDish: thank you. The passion you guys have for Big Brother is amazing!

    Finally, as a self proclaimed fanboy of Smart Passive Income, I am in debt to Pat Flynn, for inspiring and teaching the me best way to write and deliver eBooks.

    Fellow Houseguests and CBS
    Big Brother was a dream for me the first time. To experience it twice is incredible and it would not have been possible without a lot of people.

    All of my fellow houseguests (some special ones in particular) made the 75 days a great journey and something I will never forget.

    A big thank you to those who rolled the dice on me to come back into the house for a second time: Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan, Julie Chen, Shawn Laws, Jerry D’Alessandro, and Don Wollman.

    Of course a special thanks goes out to my fellow Dark Knight, Chris Roach.

    A smaller thank you to the new DR producers (you know who you are and why it is smaller, SJP, Sosa, Biggie, Wiz J, E, Wiz C, LOL). Many of you took a chance bringing me back and I can only hope I didn’t disappoint!

    The End…
    This isn’t the end, it is just the beginning.

    The response I have gotten from everyone has inspired me to work just as hard outside of the house to keep you updated as I did while inside.

    I will continue to share my thoughts, opinions, photos, and anything else going on in my life with you, right here on the blog on a regular basis.

    For those who want to stick around, I would recommend joining the mailing list to stay on top of everything. And for those who are leaving, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

    It has been one incredible journey and while you may never see me again on television, I will always be here for you.

    Thank you for everything I will never forget it.

    From the luckiest guy in the world, your Dark Knight,

    Dan Gheesling
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    OK, I'll admit it. I've been misted by Dan. He played a different game this time, but it kept him in the game. I'm a Dan fan, and always will be. From what I have read he is a really nice guy out of the BB house. A nice letter. Glad he made final two.

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    out of all the returning HGs I was most happy to see him, however I was pissed off BB let those 4 come back in the first place.

    My Letter To Dan:
    Dear Dan,
    Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. You played a great game, I know it, you know it, all the fans know it, America KNOWS it! With that being said, we have all moved on now. Just except the fact that the only reason the jury didn't vote for you was because they all got beat by YOU! A bunch of dumb-skull cry babies who can't grasp the fact they got beat in a GAME.


    When a president goes to the White House floor, and does what he says he'll do, we'll all be drinking that 3 Bubble Up & eatin' that Rainbow Stew

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