Find out her Top 10 Takeaways from the BB14 finale

Even after so many seasons of our beloved summer soap opera game, Big Brother, there is still magic in the air come finale night. Our season has come to an end, and we have a new winner!

And if theres anything weve learned from other shows, its that you have to take the good and take the bad, you take em both and there you havethe facts of life. The Facts of Life. By the way, if youre not watching Survivor you should. Blair, from The Facts of Life is one of the castaways!

But really, the final two of Big Brother 14 came down to good versus bad. Ian, who so wanted to be seen as a villain, proved to be less villainous than the man he sat next to last night. Dan.

So lets go over the TOP 10 TAKEAWAYS FROM THE BB14 FINALE:

10. Dont get your haircut in the jury house. Um, did you guys see the number they did on Shanes hair?!

9. Jenn is obsessed with rats. She loves to talk about them, apparently. And interestingly enough, she was swayed in her voting once or twice before ultimately voting for Ian. She was such a wild card from the beginning but she finished out the season the same way she started it. Leaving us thinking huh?

8. Britney is not bitter. Britney raised valid arguments for both Ian and Dan and seemed to be the most objective and diplomatic of the jury members. Good for Britney. While Frank and Shane acted a fool and lost sorely, Britney was able to keep her perspective uncluttered of pride and anger.

7. The final round of HOH is more than just about luck. Every year its the same competition at the end. And its up to the final two to control the rest of their BB destiny. How well do you know your jury members? Are you capable of putting yourself in their shoes and answering how they would answer? Dan couldnt do it. Ian could. End of story.

6. Frank ultimately gets what he wants. Clearly the boy lives a good life. Hes big and healthy and doesnt have to work for a living. And although he was on the block for what seemed like the entire summer, he won Americas Favorite Houseguest anyway in the end. Must be nice.

5. Danielle Reyes is still the only BB alum to have been robbed. Meaning, Dan was not robbed last night. The game of Big Brother has one winner, and your loss or win is in your hands and your hands only, when you enter that house.

Any player who discounts the importance of jury votes is not a whole player. Dan went overboard in some of his moves this summer and it cost him votes, period.

4. Ashley is as Ashley does. She is consistent if nothing else, and we can either love her or leave her. I have come to love her. Im even thinking about creating a dreamboard for myself that I can also use as a pizza tray in the case of an emergency. Bless her clueless little soul.

3. Danielle will need a lot of time to recover from this season. Not only did she look like she was aging five years every five minutes, but Danielle got hit with some hard realities last night both on the live finale and in the live backyard interviews.

2. Dans Mist only works in person. Oh, that stuff does not work via a television screen and audio with a jury in another room. As well it shouldnt. Dan became so wrapped up in his own mist that he became blinded. Dollar signs replaced what used to be the pupils of his eyes and he was to smug to begin the finale with in the first place. Classic fail.

You never count your dollars before Grodner hands you the check. Dan played a hell of a game, but this was Ians first-time trying and despite all the odds Ian put himself in the final two.

And the #1 thing we can take away from last nights finale:

1. Sincerity trumps rehearsed sales pitches. Meaning, Ian trumped Dan. Ian answering the jury questions as they came (or winging it as he called it) displayed who he was without having to use props or memorized speeches. Dan delivering cold-call worthy empty words as answers to the jury questions was a complete fail. Ians final speech rendered Dans tongue even shorter and Dan choked out his Death of a Salesman monologue to no avail.

This is a very good thing. It shows us there is still good in the BB world. And it also shows us that people who just stumble upon this show still prefer to see a young nerdy college student triumph over a conniving wanna-be televangelist parading as a Catholic school teacher.

Congratulations Ian. 1,000 points for you!

I had you #1 from my very first pre-season blog, and you have done me proud! You now have fans in Belgium!

by Jun Song
September 20, 2012