Jodi Getting Evicted
We'd love it if this show went Bachelor-style and evicted a whole host of houseguests during week one, but since that seems unlikely, we'll just enjoy the fact that Jodi was ousted simply because she was on Dan's losing team before she ever got to play in a single HoH competition or even received her key to the house.

Frank's Sense of Humor
We wish we had two of these jokers. Actually, one of Frank was plenty, but we've got to give the strangely tressed dude some credit for making his multiple Veto speeches entertaining and for gamely doing whatever it took to get himself off the block all summer.

Boogie's Meltdown Over Ian Flipping Sides
Boogie blaming Dan for tattling about his plot to go against Britney and company? Pretty great. Dan covering for the true flipper Ian to keep their alliance secret? Awesome. Boogie being clueless about the whole thing until he found himself nominated? Priceless.

Baby Zingbot
Seriously. Mini-zing. Adorable.

Emotionless Janelle
There was a great conversation between Janelle and Britney where Janey admitted that she never ever cried. Even at a funeral. Or when her child was born. We saw her blank face repeatedly shown. Too bad we didn't get to see how she would have reacted to Dan's funeral, but everyone realized her lack of feelings was a very dangerous thing indeed.

The Coaches Going Into the Game
We didn't love the coaches twist and we were ticked off that the reset invalidated everyone who had voted Frank out (no matter how entertaining he was), but making the coaches actually have to work for their cash instead of resting on their laurels was well worth it.

The Fierce Five
The meeting between the Fierce Five gymnasts and Shane and Danielle was just the most awkward thing on this show all summer. And that includes the elimination interviews with Julie Chen. Take people trapped in a house who hadn't watched the Olympics and Olympians who clearly didn't watch Big Brother and put them in a room together. "Who's your favorite?" "Uh, you?" We couldn't have scripted it better.

Dan's Funeral
After losing a veto and taking the punishment of solitary confinement, Dan reemerged as a reborn player. He told the houseguests that he knew he was leaving, then threw his own funeral at which he talked about getting to know everyone and his special relationships… and then he seemingly (but not really) shoved his ex-teammate Danielle under the bus by saying she had betrayed him. A genius move that made for one of the most exciting turnarounds we've ever seen on this show. "No, because then you wouldn't cry," was so chilling and manipulative, we were nearly clapping for joy.

Jenn Pulling Dan Off the Block
We mostly ignored Jenn's presence all summer since she was utterly forgettable… well, until she decided to use her Power of Veto to save Dan after his funeral speech. The move ousted another coach/power player, Britney, and got Jenn a lot further along in the game then we would have ever imagined.

Dan Evicting Shane
Dan knew how to work Danielle to a tee and convinced her to remove him from the block in order to put up her boyfriend, lying that he was going to still vote Ian out. Naturally, when given the opportunity, Dan voted out Shane and got to do so by standing in front of the room so he could witness Danielle's gobsmacked expression in all its glory.