Find out what the BB14 HGs had to say about the finale other game moments

by Branden Barker
September 19, 2012

Ian won Big Brother on Wednesday night, but the entire Big Brother 14 cast were the starts in the SuperPass Backyard interviews on the Live Feeds. Even Boogie stopped by for a chat.

Spicy caught up with your favorite house guests and here’s a look at some of those moments:

Britney was on cloud nine over Ian’s win. “I felt like he was my little brother,” she said. “I basically loved him to pieces.”

Frank, still reeling from winning the $25,000 America’s Choice award, is already thinking about the possibility of returning to the game. Everyone is talking about whether or not he’s an All Stars shoo-in and he said if he was asked back next
week he’d do it in a second.

Shane’s interview was actually kind of depressing. He’s still down from being cut by Dan and had spent the past six days not knowing if Danielle also stabbed him in the back or not. I think everyone watching wanted to give him a hug.

Janelle says she was all for Dan winning the game but her happiest moment in the game was winning her first coaches competition. He least favorite: getting turned on by her teammates.