By Andrea Reiher
September 17, 2012 3:05 PM ET
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The "Big Brother 14" house is winding down for the summer, but there are some big questions looming for Wednesday's live finale.

The second part of the final Head of Household competition is over and Ian has won. Dan and Danielle had pre-planned that she would lose her mind and start yelling at them and tossing around things like "taint the jury" and "if you don't take me, nobody will vote for" and whatnot, so as to possibly scare Ian into throwing the final HOH to Dan (to make Dan the one who gets blood on his hands by evicting Danielle).

However, Ian doesn't really seem to be falling for it. And Danielle's meltdown is growing more genuine with every passing hour. She senses something is amiss with her alliance with Dan and is worried he won't take her to the finals.

She knows Ian won't -- and he won't. He wants to beat Dan. But what is Dan going to do?

Well, Dan has said several times when he is alone that he's taking Ian because he can only win against Ian. He has also said maybe he should throw the final HOH to Ian so he doesn't have to burn the Danielle bridge.

Here's where Dan loses us -- we don't see how he could possibly lose against Danielle in the finals. Let's look at the votes. Danielle would have Shane for sure, but would she really have Britney, Joe and Jenn to give her the money? We actually think Britney will vote for Dan over Danielle because she respects the game play -- but she won't vote for Dan over Ian.

Against Danielle, we think Dan gets Frank and Ian for sure and probably Ashley. Are we wrong in thinking that? Frank's super bitter about his loss, but he's a fan of the game and respects good game play. Danielle just doesn't have a good argument for winning.

Meanwhile, we think Ian has a pretty solid argument for winning. He's been much more of a gamer than Danielle. We feel like the jury would be much more inclined to crown Ian the winner since he legitimately played the game and since Dan has already won.

But against Danielle, Dan actually has a shot to win again, we think.

Let us know in the comments, hamster fans, because we are honestly a little baffled by Dan's strategy at this point.

Either way, the live finale should be pretty good because so much is up in the air. Dan has clearly run rings around the other houseguests this summer, but him having already won is a huge strike against him (even though it shouldn't be). What do you think?

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