Big Brother Dish
Wednesday, September 19, 2012
12am - 3:22am BBT

Good morning, BB Lovers! Welcome to the last Overnight Report of Big Brother 14! Thank you so much for being a part of BBDish this season!

After the winner of BB14 is crowned on the live show, I'll open a new top post for the Back Yard Interviews, mostly so the comment section will be more manageable for everyone, though I will be posting caps and quips...And then tomorrow night, the Los Angeles wrap party will be shown live on the feeds as well.

OK.. On with the Overnight!

To cut to the chase - Having heard Dan rehearse his final 2 speech, I now believe, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that Dan plans to throw part 3 to Ian, whom he trusts 100% will take him to final 2. If you'd like to hear the final workings of the speech, go directly to 2am. If you'd like to see Dan fine tuning it, start at around 1:30am.

I believe Ian will bring Dan, but I cannot say with 100% certainty. Personally, I'd love to see Dan screw up on tanking it, somehow win part 3 and have to be the one to evict Danielle. Of course, although shell-shocked once again, she'd probably still vote for him anyway.

Or.. better.. for Ian to be the one to deliver the final crushing power play blow of the season.. and for him to bring Danielle to the Final 2. It would be quite the power player trifecta: Boogie, Frank, Dan..

In truth, I'll be quite happy with whomever should win.. My desire for Ian to make the power play comes more from a place of always wanting to expect the unexpected.

Danielle found a couple of anti-depression pills somewhere in the house and is speculating about which HG they may have belonged to...

: I don't think Boogie was taking depression meds.

Then we move on to contraceptive implants.

Danielle: You never know with that guy. Basically a girl has her period once a month because the lining gets thick. Mine doesn't til 3 months.
Dan: Are you afraid of getting pregnant when you get it out? Why doesn't it grow into the wall? can you knock it out of place?
Danielle: I'm sure if someone kicked me or punched me. Ya'll never ever hit the uterus. I had to get my cervix dilated to get the thing put in. You have to go the 1st day of your period.
Dan: Why did you get it?
Danielle: Plan B was 50 per pill.. 100 dollars for 2 mistakes.
Ian: Does it make sex better? Without the condom?

: Yeah.. If..
Ian: You have to understand, I've never..
**we know.. and that's perfectly fine, young one. no rush.
Dan: After tomorrow night..
Ian: Only if Kristen's there.. Wanna hear something funny? On the 1st night when we picked our beds, I purposely slammed my bag on yours..
Danielle: I knew it! I knew it! I knew you did..
Dan: 74 days.. Do you have something to admit to him?
Danielle: Well..

: They would come to me.. I was like, he's not coming after you guys.. He's just never been around pretty girls like you..
Danielle: Ian, do you wanna know what day I finally took a shower without you there?
Ian: Don't even..
Danielle: Day 8.

Danielle: Are you kidding me? Boogie was talking about my ass being wide.
Dan: I'd let that go. You're gonna see him 1 more time in your life.
Ian: Did you say something about it in the Dairy Queen? They asked me about it.. How long?
Dan: I was like, you gotta dismiss this. This is the kind of stuff that grows into segments..
Danielle: No feeds on yet.
Dan: Danielle, can you let that go? What are you gonna get outa him? And apology that isn't real?
Ian: I don't think you should worry about it. You have one of the better asses in the history of the show. He just picked you and JoJo cuz you were easy. He was just trying to get heat off of Frank..

Dan: You need to hate these people.. That's like Cobra Kai shit.
Danielle: Nobody thought you were creepy, Ian.. Don 't listen to Dan.
Dan: You're in the dojo.. and Boogie's like, you gotta hate these people..

Ian talks about how he was honest with Britney about the only negative thing her ever said about her in a DR.
Ian: I said, it wasn't a surprise that she didn't do well in the booty scooty, because she had a bad case of no-ass-at-all. She was totally cool with that.

: Didn't you do like a bunny hop, and Willie saw you? WIllie was f'in great.. He was probably like, WTF is this guy doing?
Ian: I remember I was playing "not blue is lava" with the carpet tiles..
Dan: I liked the guy..
Ian: Once I got the safety.. Supposedly the plan was to put up the 1st picks anyway.. In other words, not me and Danielle.
Dan: ..Danielle was the number 5 pick.
Danielle: The only reason it bothered me was Boogie would constantly mention it.

Ian: Who would you have picked?
Dan: I probably would've picked Willie, but he wouldn't look at me in the eye.
Ian: Joe was a good late run snag.. He got a bear.. He lasted the longest out of Janelle's whole team..
Dan: He did much better once she was gone..
Ian: I feel like there were 3 people who really bucked the coaches.. Wil, Ashley and Me..
Danielle: Joe was pissed..
Dan: How's you like to be the only vote? 8 to 1?!
Ian: Sometimes, you gotta lose to win. Being really careful about being completely honest the 1st 3 weeks, it basically gave me a blank check to lie my ass off.. especially to Boogie and Frank, after the reset.
Danielle: Frank, you not on the block is like Easter without eggs..
Dan: He said that to him?
Danielle: Yeah.. and then, oh, and by the way, your social game is shit.
Ian: The reality is, he probably wouldn't have been able to beat many people besides Jenn and Joe. He just isolated himself completely.
Danielle: Yeah. His social game is shit, and this game is a lot of social.
Ian: It is a lot of social.. Once I found my footing, i was alright. It's so funny though.. Brit was drunk, and we were just sitting there laughing our asses off.. and she was called to the DR and they were like, uh, she's had a lot to drink..

Dan: Speaking of night..
Ian: You calling it?
Dan: Yeah..

They all head inside..

Ian: I swear when I get outta here, I'm goin' straight to facebook, and posting ducktales.. Better be playin' Ducktales tomorrow morning.. That's all I'm sayin'.
***Hey BB, You've given Dan oodles of Weezer! Give the boy what he wants! Here's a youtube of it you can pump in...

Dan: Last hug..

: Awww..
Dan: You did really good. I'm proud of you.
Danielle: I'm proud of you.
Dan: You came a long way.

Ian asks Dan about the oversized checks..

Ian: (then jokes) So ya took that big one to the bank?
Dan: I still have it in my office at home.
**If you win this season, I want to see a pic of you with both big checks on twitter, ok?

Dan: G'night Big Brother. It's been a good season. G'night camera over the door. Goodnight, camera over the memory wall.. That's it.

Dan pauses a minute to look at all the house guests on the memory wall..

And waves goodnight, one last time..

Monkey love.. One last mini prank on Danielle..

: (Scream!)
Ian: So cute. You gonna sell his ass? Are you?
Dan: Do you want him?
Ian: I'd rather you not sell him.. Don't sell him.

Dan: F*ck... this is it, guys.. I felt like today was never gonna get here. You two might be back.
Ian: You wont do it again?
Dan: Last hurrah.. Never say never though..

Back to original bed grabs..
Ian: In all honesty, though, I did say you and Kara were the cutest.. ever.. I said like, Kara's like the cutest thing on planet earth.. and then I said you're cute too.. Then I saw you moved with Kara.. and it was ok.. It made more sense for Joe to share with me. He obviously can't share with Kara.. That's gonna be a problem.

Ian: I'm so honored to be part of an alliance with you guys.

Dan: Me too.
Danielle: Me too.
Ian: Britney and Shane.. I miss them too.. Obviously, only one of the Quack Pack can win.. So..


Ian: Yeah, I definitely liked Kara the first few days.. Then I realized Ashley was.. more realistic?
Danielle: Shakin' my head..
Ian: Come on.. Can't knock a guy for tryin'. That was one of the things I wanted to do when I was here, so I went for Ashley.. Then she went for Frank..

Dan: (zingbot voice) Ian.. What do you have in common with Boogie, Frank and Jenn? You all made out with Ashley. Zzzinnnnggg...

: That was better than my stalker zing.
Ian: Yeah.. she did make out with everyone on my team. I think she could tell that the conversation had dried up, but she did enjoy when I flirted with her.. Did she ever say anything?
Danielle: Just that she had you locked up.. like you'd never vote her out.

Dan: G'night, kids. It's been a fun summer. I'll see you guys on the flipside.

: (flips off the light) I don't wanna leave.. ever.. I mean, I kinda wanna go back to real life, but.. it's just so simple. It's just us 3 here.. It's super.. I don't know how to put it. Ian.. Lemme make sure I have my green water bottle inside.. I don't wanna lose it. It's super ebay gold.

Danielle: Dan, I'm sad.
Dan: Why?
Danielle: I'm gonna miss this.
Dan: I'm proud of you. You've come a long way.
Danielle: So have you.

Ian: It's inside. It was on the kitchen table. This sucks. I adore you guys.
Dan: Same goes, man. It's been a fun summer.
Danielle: Ditto.


Sweet dreams, house guests...

Thank you for a crazy, intense and very fun summer! But you're not quite done yet, are ya?

Dan is up and in the backyard with a stopwatch supplied by Big Brother. He's working aloud on his speech for the 500,000. He's only got 90 seconds, and he's got to make each second count.

: When this game started, I knew I was in trouble, because of all the competitors.. That's not good. 90 seconds to say why I deserve a million dollars. 5 points.. 1. My game never depended on me having to roll a ball into a hole r win any challenges. Who do I gotta stroke on jury? Frank, Brit, Ashely and Shane.. Shit. That's 10 seconds each.. Alright. 5 most important points. You guys forced me to play. You guys are that good. You forced me out of my game... You forced me to play a different type of game..

: Alright.. 1st main point.. when I 1st got to this game.. When this game restarted at the reset, I knew I was in trouble, I saw some great social gamers in and Joe, some phenomenal physical players in Frank and Shane, and __ in Broitney. I knew I didn't excel in any of those areas, so I knew I had to play a completely different game than I was comfortable with.. because you guys.. you guys forced me.. F*ck.. f*ck f*ck f*ck.. Fewer points, more effective..

: When this game got reset, I knew I was in trouble, because I looked around the pirate ship and saw some phenomenal physical players in Frank and Shane, some great social players in Jenn and Joe, and one seriously underestimated coach in Britney, and a total wildcard in Ashley.. and it scared me.. I had to play a totally different game.. I had to play a ruthless game, not because I wanted to, but because I had to. I had to play a ruthless game. I had to get you to trust me, and stab you in the back.. I couldn't play an honest, noble, nice-guy game, like Shane..

1:45am.. Flashback on this for a preview on Dan's speech..
Dan: I gotta tell them what I did. Stop kissing ass. First 30 kissing ass. Last 60 what I did. Ok.. Start again.

: When the reset was hit, I knew I was in trouble. I knew I couldn't beat these people.. I had to play a different game. .. (looks at timer) I can kiss up for a little more. When this game got reset I knew I was in trouble.. I saw 2 phenomenal physical players in Shane and Frank that I knew I couldn't beat, I saw... but at the end, I was glad she was on my team, because I would never wanna play against her.

He's working and reworking the speech.. fine tuning..

Dan: Of course how could I forget, my loyal warrior Danielle..

**There you have it. He's throwing Part 3 to Ian.

Dan: I had to convince Danielle to use the veto on me, and tell her I would never vote her boyfriend out.. start over.. If you wanna award someone.. I can get that part down. When this game was reset, I knew I was in trouble, cuz I looked at everyone on the ship and saw.. I had to play a game that didn't depend on me winning comps to get to the end. So I had to play a different game, a ruthless game, I had to play on your emotions, get you to trust me, and once you did.. That's why I had to do crazy things, like host my own funeral, to get myself out of a situation, where I didn't win a comp and still get myself through. That funeral wasn't a fly by night operation.. I had to convince you Danielle and I weren't working together. I had to throw Britney off the scent of me and Frank working together, because I knew I was about to make a deal.. and thirdly, I had to..

Dan: One thing I tried my hardest not to do is never make personal attacks, which is more than I can say for the guy sitting next to me.. In the last week, Ashley, he's attacked both your intelligence and your weight.
**Low blow!
Dan: (consults timer) I don't have time for that Ashley crap. Oh.. and one more thing.. This guy's gonna say he founded the quack pack.. he didn't. It was already me, Britney, Shane and Danielle.. and we needed a fifth. Last time I checked, it was Britney leading him up the HoH stairs..

2am --Timecheck
Dan: ..I had to play on your emotions, because you would always be more likeable than me.. At the end of the day.. The only thing I can ask of you is that you vote for the best player.. played this game 24 hours a day.. Damn.. too long.. First part's good. What did I do in this game to win? Get you to trust me, share your power, can't be cocky.. One of my strongest moves in this game was hosting my own funeral. 1 it caused chaos, 2, it made you guys believe that Dani and I would never work together again.. and it moved Shane and Danielle up on the hit list, instead of me and Danielle.. and 3, it made me so hated that I became attractive to sit next to in the end..

Still working.. The 2:04am version is pretty solid. I'd recommend watching from 2:01am..

Dan: ...I may not have a photographic memory like Ian, but I played this game 24 hours a day, and did what I could to get to the end and to have this chance to speak to you. One more time.. When this game was reset, I knew I was in trouble.. (2:07am getting better) What I do have is a burning desire to play this game.. 2 minutes. I gotta cut it down a little bit..

2:08am - Dan goes into the bathroom.. then into the storage room to return the stopwatch.. then back quickly and quietly into bed.

2:40am - Still all sleeping.. I believe this concludes the Overnight Report.. I'm gonna give em til 3:30am, before I hop back in bed and sleep while the critters sleep.

3:22am Zzzzz... I think they really mean it..