Big Brother Dish
Saturday, September 15, 2012
6:45pm - 9:20pm BBT

Good evening, BB Lovers! The feeds went to Trivia at 6:53pm, and there is no doubt, part 2 of the Final 3 HoH is underway! See...

BB: Dan, please go to the Diary Room.
Ian: This is it.
Dan: (hugs Danielle) You're gonna do great.

Dan: Hello, Danielle and Ian. It's time for Part 2 of the Final 3 HoH Competition!

And.. Trivia!!

As soon as the feeds come back and we can discern the winner of part 2 from the conversations of the houseguests, we'll be posting the spoiler here.. Please refresh this post periodically for new info..

As of 9 :05pm Feeds are back and Ian Won Part 2 of the Final HoH!!

When the feeds returned, Danielle was yelling at Ian about turning the jury against him.. She then continued screaming at him a couple minutes later in the bathroom..

Danielle: If you take him to final 2, I will turn the entire jury against you!! I swear to f'ing G-d!! You lied to me!!

: I'm not lying to you now.
Danielle: NOW?!?!?!?
Ian: He was a jerk to do that in front of you..
Danielle: I can't believe you're turning into him!!!


Ian: I came here to win 500,000 not 50. She thinks we have a deal..
Dan: Well, do we.
Ian: Yeah.

Dan: Why'd she get so mad if there was no deal with you and her..
Ian: I don't know. She hates you.. She's been really mad at you.
Dan: I don't buy that playing cards with me bullcrap.. I know she's bein' fake with me..
Ian: Just behave yourself over the next few days..
Dan: What do you want me to do around her?
Ian: Just don't talk about Shane, don't goad her.. Just behave.. Please..

Dan: Did you tell her that you don't have a deal with her?
Ian: Just please be couth about it..
Dan: She said..
Ian: "If you take someone like him to the final 2.."
Dan: So if you win and vote her out..
Ian: I'm not gonna throw it.
**good boy. stick to your guns.
Ian: Just behave yourself. I'm not babysitting the 2 of youns for the next 4 days.

Ian leaves the room.

: (whispers) You're gonna throw it to me.

Feed 3.4

Danielle's fake rage continues..

Danielle: I'm not mad at him, I'm mad at you! You made a deal with the devil. I'm telling you, if you cut me for that man, you wont get my vote and you wont get Shane's either!

Ian gets into the shower, giving Dan and Danielle time to meet.. Dan coaches her on what more to say to Ian.. to badger and bully him into taking her or more towards the goal of Ian tossing part 3 to Dan.

: Dan, please reattach your microphone.
Danielle: His mike was on. WHy'd yall do that?

Dan makes tracks, straight to the bathroom, to cover BB's bust.

: Dude, I can't be around that chick.. I'm just gonna stay away from her.

Dan: Why's she so pissed? Cuz she knows it's over?
Ian: shh
Dan: She's in the bedroom..

Danielle makes her way from the bedroom to storage for snackage..