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Thread: The Last Saturday Afternoon in the Big Brother 14 House

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    Default The Last Saturday Afternoon in the Big Brother 14 House

    Big brother Dish
    Saturday, September 15, 2012
    2:07pm - 5:35pm BBT

    Good afternoon, BB Lovers! :0) I hope you're having a terrific Saturday! The HGs still haven't had part 2 of the Final 3 HoH yet..

    BB: Danielle, please come to the Diary Room.
    Dan: 1st Diary Room in frikkin forever.
    Danielle: Comin'.

    Danielle goes..

    : How are things?
    Dan: If I joke around about Shane at all, she still gets pretty pissed.. Just trying to lighten the mood. Just the sheer boredom.

    Dani comes back. They just needed to tell her she'll be having a DR soon, so to get her makeup on..

    Dan: What's goin' on?
    Danielle: Nothin. I just gotta put makeup on in a little bit.
    Dan: Make an order?
    Danielle: No.

    Dan: We've been so good today.. talking about only appropriate topics..
    Ian: Let's talk about something inappropriate. I was freakin' out this morning when they woke us up, cuz I was chubbin' big time.
    Dan: What are you talking about?
    Danielle: He's talkin' about morning wood.

    : Playing Cards rule..
    Dan: Your move, sweet cheeks.
    Danielle: Don't call me that.
    Dan: Dani girl?
    Ian: That'd be like a girl flirting with me and saying, Hey, Ian boy.. That's not sexy.

    2:17pm - Dan wins the round.. Gloating ensues..

    Food of the gods... BB has given them In and Out Burgers. It's a religious experience for Dan..

    Ian declares it worthy of a move to California. Danielle picks hers apart..

    In addition to the games, BB also supplied the HGs with new games: Backgammon, which none of them know how to play, so BB supplies directions, Jenga and Connect Four.

    3pm Dan and Ian get to playing the games, while Danielle gets her makeup on..

    **I've just gotten a call that a friend's been hit on her bike.. I'll be back..

    **5:15pm - I'm back - Thank you so much for all your good wishes and prayers. My friend is pretty banged up, couple of broken bones, face, tooth, and she's going for surgery tomorrow, but all things considered, she made out ok.. and she'll be fine. ooof..

    **Now to fill in a bit of what I missed.. In pictures, mainly..

    The boys played Jenga... Dan won. Ian stormed about.

    The boys and Danielle played Connect Four.. Dan was again victorious..

    Danielle and Dan wanted a siesta. Dan invited Ian to come along too. The 3 went into the room and the boys chatted on until Danielle picked up her blanket and left for the living room..

    Dan followed and encouraged Ian to as well, saying openly to both that he just wanted all 3 of them to be in the same place, because it's more comfortable that way.

    Danielle really just wanted to study in peace and quiet..

    This brings us to present..

    5:15pm.. Danielle and Dan are legitimately napping, and Ian is stimming and studying at the dining room table..

    5:30pm Ian is more focused on the study, and he's let the slinky go..

    While Danielle and Dan nap somewhat peacefully, Ian is agitated for lack of Hammock and delay of game...
    While Dan and Danielle nap, Ian's agitation increases.. He's gone from studying to pacing and back quite a few times. Now he's playing follow the HG with the camera.. He even hides out of it's view, then pops back in with a "Ha!"

    Danielle's awake now, but it appears she's not in the mood to interact.


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