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Thread: The Last Saturday Morning in the Big Brother 14 House

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    Default The Last Saturday Morning in the Big Brother 14 House

    Big Brother Dish
    Saturday, September 15, 2012 10:30am - Noon BBT

    Happy Saturday, BB Lovelies! As of 10:30am, our HGs have been woken for the day... Time to entertain us! Let's see what they have to say for themselves!

    As of 11am, Danielle and Ian are still hiding under their covers, but Dan is up and on the bathroom couch. He's already said, "Good morning, Chelsea," and in the event he should speak some more regarding game, you'll be the first to know..

    Dan's yammering on about his team back home. Danielle's eyes open in bed.. perhaps thinking about how to best move forward, and with whom. Ian's still sleeping.

    Danielle gets out of bed and goes 1st to the storage room to change her batteries, like a well trained critter. Then she checks out her migrating, now chin, zit...

    She makes way to the bathroom, and Dan gives her a smile..

    Dan: They played two Weezer songs this morning.
    Danielle: Wizard J..
    **and we go fishin'

    Dan: I never heard that rabbit fur coat song in my life.
    Danielle: Some of those songs sucked.
    Dan: I think that was a Fleetwood Mac remake.

    Dan: So Saturday, Sunday, Monday, TUesday..
    Danielle: 4 more nights..
    Dan: It's almost over.. (sniffle)
    Danielle: You're sad?
    Dan: I know I'm never comin' back this time.
    Danielle: Even if Memphis came?
    Dan: It's bittersweet.. I have a lot of memories in this house.. (he refers back to Kara) I could not have taken 70 days of that. Women.. One I can handle. Together they're a force to be reckoned with.. Jerry said that. Do you think you and Kara would've fought?
    Danielle: I would've never let it go that far. I think she would've with Britney.. If you said the wrong thing to Kara, making fun of her, I think she would've gone off.
    Dan: Britney cuts it off quick.
    Danielle: Me n Britney got into almost a screaming match once.. When we were both on the block. She said, if I stay here, the next HoH, I'm making all of ya'll fall off, and I said, isn't that a little cocky? I get along with anybody..
    Dan: I'm surprised Ian got along with her so well..

    : Ian, like yesterday, he was gettin' annoying;..
    Dan: How many times have you seen him do dishes this summer? Twice? He doesn't understand how to fit in with everything.. He probably never will either.. When he gets out of here, if he just changes how he responds to some things..
    Danielle: He just thinks he's the shit.
    Dan: He's just young.
    Danielle: I'm only 2 years older than him.
    Dan: But you're so much more mature..

    ***Breathe in the pretty mist.. mmm....

    Dan goes to use the facilities..

    Danielle: Why are they still building? What is this?! (big yawn)

    Danielle: Ummmm... Let's see..

    Dan: Is he still in bed?
    Danielle: mm hmm. I think I got it down. Got it. And then it was Frank and Joe, Danielle and Jenn, Shane and Ian..

    Danielle: I can name all the HoHs.. all the Vetoes.. (she does. we don't need to)
    Dan: That's really good. That's all right. You showered last night?
    Danielle: mm hmm
    Dan: I'm gonna go get some clothes and hop in the shower. (he pops back in to quiz her a tiny bit more)

    BB: Ian, please change your batteries.
    Dan: Danielle, wanna guess the time? 11:30..

    Danielle: Do you still think it's the morph, even though they're still building?
    Dan: Yeah.. They've had really elaborate morph sets before. You may have to pull yourself between pics.. The fact that it's at night makes me think so more.. Wanna half a pop tart?
    Danielle: Yeah
    Dan: What flavor?
    Danielle: Anything but smores.

    11:32a Dan describes the part 2 from season 7.. built for whoever had more upper body strength, which was Boogie, not Janelle. Danielle hopes it's the Morph.

    ***I hope it's today, during the day, or live on Wednesday.

    Dan: Do you feel well-rested, or no?
    Danielle: Yeah. I'm just stressin'.
    Dan: Want some water?
    Danielle: No thanks.

    Danielle: I remember he said something else about you last night.. Oh.. he was like, "what dumbass listens to Joe and Jenn? They were the 2 biggest floaters in the house." He's just tryin' to say that to make sure I'll like take him..

    : You know who I wanna hook you up with? My brother in law.
    Danielle: Is he cute?
    Dan: He's a real nice guy..
    Danielle: I'd be open.

    Chatter and misting about their continued friendship outside the house..

    BB: Ian, please change your batteries.
    After 1 more minute of morning resistance, Ian gets up and walks to storage in his underwear.

    Ian: What time is it? Yo, what time is it guys?

    Ian crawls back into bed and pulls the covers over his head, in a traditional BB coccoon.

    Happy Chatters..

    : Internet, can you please make an image of Danielle and Shane on the Titanic, but Shane falling overboard and me as the captain of the ship?
    Danielle: And now they're gonna do it.. Will ya'll please put Dan's face on the monkey that has the cymbals?
    Dan: Why?
    Danielle: Cuz it would make me laugh to see your face on a little dancing monkey..

    Dan makes more requests..

    Danielle: Don't make me look like a bad guy, Dan!!
    Dan: For all 10 people on the live feeds right now. It's Saturday. People are watching football.

    Danielle wonders about her little brother..

    Danielle: Do you think that um.. I wonder if he said (at school) "my sister's on big brother." I could totally see him milking this.

    Talk turns to friends back home..and some of them haven't signed releases apparently..

    Danielle: I wonder who else is trying to get big off of me being here, apart from my brother..
    Dan: Big off BB? T.
    Danielle: I'll frikkin' kill him.
    Dan: Yeah right.
    Danielle: Dan, I don't think you understand how bad it was. I almost filed for a restraining order.

    **and Skippy sends us to Lump-o-Ian while she talks about this.

    It's Noon in the BB 14 House!! That means the morning is over.

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