Big Brother Dish
Saturday, September 15, 2012

: Bottom line is, just prepare like you've been preparing. Don't worry about everything else, cuz that's in my control now.

Danielle: How? WHen you have 2 people that are taking you? How?
Dan: hehe

: How is it not a worry for you?
Dan: What's that?

: It's not a guarantee that you can work on him..
Dan: Well, was it a guarantee that he was gonna drop? Was it a guarantee that I saved both of our asses?
Danielle: What do you mean?
Dan: With the funeral?
Danielle: ok. Shane promised that he would drop 1st. I could've beat Shane in the 2nd round.
Dan: Then you can beat Ian in the 2nd round.
Danielle: Not as easy as I could've beaten Shane..
Dan: You can still beat him. What does it matter?
Danielle: Oh, it matters.
Dan: Your move.
Danielle: Um.
Dan: So you're not even playin?

Danielle: You just feel like you can do whatever you want to me... and I'm a nice girl, I should just sit here and accept it. Cuz you're my coach.. I should just sit here and accept it.

**He hasn't been your coach for quite some time now.

Dan: The reason you should accept it is because of the final result.. and that's all I care about. So call me heartless, or whatever you want..
Danielle: Tell me how you.. and you swore!
Dan: OK.. put it this way.. What does getting angry about it do now, besides...
Danielle: Because I just wanna know. I want.. I'm tired of sitting here wondering.
Dan: I understand. I don't know how to further explain it to you. So I don't have any more answers for you. All I think getting angry is doing is distracting you from what you should be doing.

Danielle: (this pisses her off even more) Don't even, Dan.
Dan: ok. done.
Danielle: Because.. Distracting me.. from.. what I should be doing..
Dan: You don't need to be upset. You gotta big competition tomorrow.
Danielle: I'm not trying to get upset. I been upset for days! And you think it's just.. rainbows.. and..

**Did Ashley sneak back into the house?

Danielle: ..and everything else.. and you don't care.. because you're laughing.. because you're in an amazing spot.

**and you're pissed, because you fancied that spot for yourself, but you gave it away, so if you think about it, YOU are the only person you should truly be pissed at.

Dan: No.. I'm laughing because, in 24 hours, I mean.. I wouldn't expect an apology from you, but..

Danielle: (shakes her head no, vigorously)
Dan: ..but at least I hope you can laugh it off.
Danielle: (completely exasperated with him) How (pause) (move a chess piece)
Dan: Check. (pause) Listen.. Bottom line, you know I care about you, and I'm gonna d..
Danielle: I'm listening..
Dan: I told you I'm never gonna do anyhthing to hurt you or jeopardize you in this game. I know I'm scaring you, but you gotta trust me... and that's all I can answer. And in the worst case scenario, I'll still take care of you.

Danielle takes a full minute and a complete range of facial expressions to process this one before opening her mouth to speak again..

**by the way, those eyes and eyebrows? I do the same thing.. It's reason number 569 that I'll never play BB or poker. I have no poker face. My eyes tell alllll. If I don't like you, it's very clear.

Danielle: You expect me to believe that you would somehow convince Ian to take me over you?
Dan: No. (very low) I'll get him to drop the 3rd one.
Danielle: But if he doesn't?
Dan: Well, what if this house gets struck by lightening and we all die? I don't play with that. I play knowing what I'm able to do in this game. Being confident in what I'm able to do. And I'm confident you can beat him tomorrow. And I'm confident if you can't, I'll talk him into dropping.. How come you're not as confident in me as I am in you?
Danielle: Because I've never, ever hurt you.
**It's not his fault you play with your every nerve exposed.

Danielle: Physically or emotionally.. Ever!

Dan: I wouldn't care if you did. As long as you didn't hurt me in this game.

**And that's the big difference. She can't separate the two, and he refuses to marry them.. he can't even comprehend it.

As I write, it's now 10:31am BBT and BB just called a wrap on this Overnight Report. If you've enjoyed reading it and looking at all the pics even half as much as I enjoyed putting it together, we have a win! :0)

I'll see you in a new top post very soon! Just gotta make a quick run for caffeine.