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    Big Brother Dish
    Saturday, September 15, 2012
    12:35am - ? BBT

    Good morning, BB Lovelies! Happy Saturday! The HGs believe that they'll be having part 2 of the Final 3 HoH today. Part 2 to will be between Ian and Danielle. The winner will advance to the 3rd round, which will be played live on finale night. As the winner of part 1, Dan advances to round 3 without the need to play in part 2.

    There was some important game talk after midnight last night, as well as some funny bits. Frankly, they're one in the same. That's what I'll be focusing on in the Overnight Report today.


    As we rejoin our HGs, Ian is in bed, eyes wide open, and Danielle and Dan are upstairs on the HoH landing.. As you can see by the body language, all is not peachy..

    : You have to make him think that whoever.. you'll never vote for..
    Danielle: I said that earlier today.. I'm so mad that he's still here.
    Dan: What're we gonna do? You'll beat him tomorrow.. And I'll take care of you.
    Danielle: This isn't secret anymore.
    Dan: You're gonna have to start playin' some.. If he wins.. I'm gonna act happy.. Say, Dan, "I don't know why you're happy. Ian told me he's takin' me to the end." Say.. "me and Ian made a deal, so if he beats you, he's takin' me to the end."
    **Dan's setting her up to give him the plausible reason not to bring Ian, whom he believes he wont beat, to final 2.

    Danielle: Why would I say that? Why would I say anything?
    Dan: Cuz he goes.. the other way, Danielle would get mad.. If you scream out loud that you have a deal..
    Danielle: Why do we even have to deal with this Dan?
    Dan: Those are our options.
    Danielle: Did you not think this would happen?
    **Danielle's still pissed because Dan nixed her safety net to final 2, Shane, instead of his own, Ian.
    Dan: It doesn't matter now.
    Danielle: It does matter, because guess what? I'm gonna get f*cking 3rd place.
    **the spot she had reserved for you in her mind...

    : When did he say that he thought I could beat.. When did he say that?
    Dan: (inaudible)
    Danielle: Dan, this could be so much easier. I'm so pissed! You're still not telling me..
    Dan: What do you want me to tell ya?
    Danielle: Huh?

    : What do you want me to tell you?
    Danielle: How? How did you think this was a good idea?? How?!

    ***How is it not a good idea for him to do what benefits him?

    Dan: Shane was gonna win the 2nd round.
    Danielle: I would've dropped. You still would be in the same situation you're in now.

    **mm. not quite the same.. See? This way, he has 2 safety nets, instead of stupidly handing one to you.

    Danielle: And it does matter, because you're sittin' pretty and I'm f*cked!
    Dan: You're not. You need to calm down.
    Danielle: No. I'm sorry. I've done everything in this game to save your ass...

    : ..and I feel like I'm getting screwed over.
    Dan: Well, I can't help it if you feel that way, but..

    : Excuse me??
    Dan: You're gonna beat him tomorrow, and none of this is gonna matter.
    Danielle: ok

    : I hope you know how.. I hope you feel really bad when I walk out there. When I've done nothing but save you this entire game.
    Dan: Check

    12:43am After a few minutes of silence, during which Dan has had time to digest Danielle's words, he's suppressing a huge giggle fit.

    Dan (giggles)
    Danielle: What?!
    Dan: (giggles)

    Danielle: Don't laugh.

    : I mean it.. I'm f*cking heated.
    Dan: (covers his mouth to hide the huge grin. That doesn't work, so he hides his face in his shirt)

    : Alright.. tehe.. your move.. teehee
    Danielle: Why? Why are you laughing? You sat in there. You said to my face, I'll do whatever you want when it's your HoH, when you had full knowledge...

    Dan: (giggling) Are we gonna play chess or not?
    Danielle: No, because I.. You still haven't fully explained it to me.
    Dan: I did yesterday. Nothing's changed.
    Danielle: No.. No.. Cuz I logically still can't wrap my mind around it.
    **Seriously? Why in the world not? What logic would there have been for Dan to keep in a fierce physical threat who has a final 2 with you and not with him?
    Dan: Well, you couldn't wrap your mind around the funeral either, until I.. After it was clear to you.. So..
    Danielle: OK.. (livid)

    **Boyyyy.. You better make sure she doesn't go Nurse Ratchett on your ass.

    Dan: OK.. Your move.
    Danielle: (glare)
    Dan: hehehe
    Danielle: OK.. Here's a question, Dan. Why didn't it.. If you can "Control the End" so well, why didn't you let me win the endurance?
    **Well, that wouldn't have been him controlling the end now would it? Part of controlling the end was getting both you and Ian to toss him the endurance. But, a hearty thank you for the fabulous range of expressions in that one question...

    Danielle: ..and you get him to drop the puzzle to you.
    Dan: Cuz I couldn't beat him at that. You're good.
    Danielle: Oh, ok. Yeah. Or maybe you're just saying that to keep your own ass safe.
    **Folks.. You really have to watch this for yourself in the flashback section of of the feeds. It's quite fantastic.
    Dan: Whatever you want.
    Danielle: No, it's not whatever I want. I want you to literally talk it through.
    Dan: I've done that.
    Danielle: You better start talking, or I'm gonna f'ing blow.
    **Shane's gone, dear.
    Dan: Blow?? hehehe.. The only thing.. It's not gonna matter after tomorrow, and then we can move forward.

    : Dan.. My whole f*cking life I've had to have surgeries.. that they thought was cancers, ok? I gave up school. I gave up everything. I've done nothing but..

    : I've done nothing but be loyal to you.. and you are about to ruin everything.
    Dan: ok
    Danielle: ..because you lied to my face.. backstabbed me, because that's what was best for YOU..

    : I've never done anything in this game that wasn't good for (us).
    Dan: Do you think, if you lost to him in the 2nd round, that I wouldn't get him to dump the 3rd round?
    Danielle: Hellll no. I don't think he would.
    Dan: Don't worry.
    Danielle: No! No! No! (she furiously scratches her head) Don't gimme that bullsh*t!

    Danielle: You're playing by yourself, but you're doing what you want. You want me to tell you everything, but you don't tell me shit..

    ***Here's what's running through my head..
    (Could someone post the video for me.....thanks)

    ***Time to spray some mist...

    Dan: If I would've told you about the funeral, it wouldn't have worked.
    Danielle: ok
    Dan: If I tell you about this, it wont work.
    Danielle: Why wouldn't it work?
    Dan: Because.. it just wouldn't work. Just.. We've
    Danielle: Why wouldn't it work, Dan?

    : Because.. If you told him that I gotta work on him to get him to throw the 3rd and final part of the HoH?
    Danielle: OK.. and you're so confident that he'd throw it?
    Dan: If you don't trust me, that's fine.
    Danielle: (pissed) It's fine. You.. You don't care if I don't trust you. You don't care.
    Dan: What do you want me to do? There's nothing more I can prove to you... besides 70 days of playin' this game.

    : How many times have you lied to me?? How many times have you backstabbed me?
    Dan: Never.
    Danielle: How many times??
    Dan: How many times have I put you in jeopardy in this game?

    **This expression even came complete with a "oh no you didn't" with a neck swivel.

    Danielle: Right now! At the f*cking finale!

    : ok.. so you're not in a position to win round 2 and face off against me in..?
    Danielle: No! I coulda beat your ass on that endurance, but no, I, because I have a good heart, I threw it to you. You don't throw it to me. I throw it to you.
    Dan: ok
    Danielle: No, Dan, what is it?
    Dan: It's clear that you don't trust me... and that's fine.
    Danielle: No, it's not that I don't trust you.. If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have f'in fallen off.
    Dan: ok.
    Danielle: No. I want you to tell me.
    **see above video.

    Dan: hehehehe
    Danielle: Cuz it's been.. It's been..

    : ..all day..
    Dan: Can you move first? (she does) That's not where I wanted you to move. (**bwahaha)
    Danielle: I don't care. (**ahh, but he just told you his game)
    Dan: hehehe.. That's fine. I'll take it though. Are you sure you wanna move there?
    Danielle: (very clipped) Yeah. Take it.
    Dan: We're playing chess.
    Danielle: Yeah, we're playing.
    Dan: You just gave up your game.
    **roflmao for what he's saying and she's not hearing. and again with the eyebrows..

    Dan: hehehehe.. what's the question? What is the question? Your move.

    : How.. was keeping somebody that's so smart in this game.. beneficial?
    **I'm sorry. Was Dan supposed to hand you and Shane the checks? Perhaps with a bonus from his own personal account?

    Danielle: ..for us.
    Dan: For us to get to the end.. cuz I can get him to do whatever I want him to do. I couldn't get Shane to do whatever I want.
    Danielle: Whatever YOU (she points at him.. again) want.
    Dan: right.
    Danielle: So.. It was a very selfish move, right?
    Dan: No.. because we both want the same thing. Except.. I wanted to control the end.

    **shame I suck at graphics.. there really ought to be steam coming out of her ears on this one.

    Dan: I knew exactly how it was gonna go down.
    Danielle: ..and you didn't care about my feelings.
    Dan: Not as long as you're in the final 2 with me, I don't care.
    Danielle: (processing) mm hmm mm hmm.. so through what of your crazy antics do you think you can get Ian to throw it? Besides him thinking that I would vote against him?
    Dan: Let me handle that.
    Danielle: Dan.. It's day 70.
    Dan: ok
    Danielle: Why do you think if you tell me it'll blow it?
    Dan: I can't explain, other than I'll just mist him. Don't worry..

    Danielle: You know if you screw me over in the end? My dad will kill you.
    Dan: Do you think I'm gonna screw you over in the end?
    Danielle: No.. but you don't.. You're leavin' me in the dark.. While you're doin' things, it's just what you wanna do, because you can and..

    Enough! Moving forward into the night..

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    She is only upset because Dan cut short her showmance. This woman would do a lot better on the Love Connection.

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