Big Brother Dish
Friday, September 14, 2012
1:45pm - 4:27pm BBT

Starting around 1:45pm on Feed 3, Dan went into the Arcade Room and began talking to the feeds. He's thinking it out. It's a great flashback, both for Dan fans and fans of the game in general.. This is the thought process in action, out loud..

Here's what he had to say, minus the shout-outs to random people..

: Alright, Dan.. Now how do I finish this thing off and win this game? Right now in the jury: Ashley... I didn't really do anything bad to her. I voted her out. But.. I didn't really talk to her that much in the game. After Ashley came Britney. Essentially, I stabbed her in the back with the funeral. She's going to be mad at me. (pause) Do I have any shot at Britney's vote? Possibly. How would I get Britney's vote? Could I get is vs Ian? No. Could I get it vs Danielle? Maybe. But I have to convince her hard core not to vote personally, cuz she's gonna vote personally. I stabbed Britney in the back.... So after Britney there's Frank... I've lied to Frank's face twice. Probably more than that... Stabbed him in the back. He may not want to vote for Danielle over me. He doesn't want a girl to win. If I stroke Frank's ego then I may get Ashley's vote..

Dan: I've gotta finish this game off. I've come way too far not to make it to final 2... Anything less than a win is a disappointment.. Man, I had to play a ruthless game this summer. It's what I had to do to get to the end.

Dan: Sorry, America. I had to send out your Jeff Schroeder 2.0 in Shane. I know you hate me, but please don't send my wife death threats.

Dan: I can't believe I talked both of them off the Endurance Comp.. Unbelievable. (various shoutouts)

The conscience kicks in..

: America, please vote for Ian for your favorite houseguest. Please vote for Ian.

Dan: Jury house.. Oh man.. I wonder what that's like with Shane walking through the door there. (pause) Well, he can go tan there. He'll enjoy it.

Feed 3
Ian comes in to the arcade room, and Dan tells him he was just trying to get a little alone time. Dan uses it to reestablish his ties..

: I wanna cut her. She's actin' like such a baby.
Ian: Seriously.. It's 6 days.
Dan: She was super upset about Shane.. But.. Enough's enough.. We're in the final 3. We should be celebrating.
Ian: Last night, you slept like a baby.. I looked over at her, and I was like, how does he do it?
Dan: What?
Ian: Sleep at night. I was reeling.. She wants your head on a platter.
Dan: That's good for you. You're covered both ways.
Ian: If I'm against her, that means she won the final 3 HoH, and that means we're essentially even in competitions. I mean, I can say I founded the alliance, but I'm not as good a person as she is..

Talk turns briefly to another season of BB..

Ian: ...he'd probably go down as one of the most bitter jurors in the history of the show. I think Porsche played the better game of the 2. I mean Rachel won a lot of shit, but her social game wasn't as tight. If I beat her, it'll be you and me in the 3rd game, and I'll take you.. so we're done. I mean, if she gets.. The only way it happens is if it's that f'in morph.. I feel like she might be alright at that.
Dan: Do you think it's gonna be live?
Ian: I hope not. I hope it's the veto orders.. And if it's morph, I'm gonna be pissed. I always get a little bit scared.. I don't wanna be too confident. I think I'd get your vote, Joe's vote and Britney's vote, but I'd need Ashley's.. Did Britney's being there a week.. Was it enough to get Ashley's..

Ian: There's no way I could possibly beat you. No way.
Dan: Obviously, if I scumbagged .. if I voted her out, there's no way I could get her vote.
Ian: If it was you and me in the Q n A, I may as well throw it..
Ian: I mean, I wouldn't but..
Dan: Then you wouldn't get her blood on your hands and you'd get her vote.

Ian: Thing is, we don't have final 2 deals with her. It's a lot different.
**Oh sweet Ian. Win these 2 comps. Throw to no one.
Dan: Oh, right.

Ian: It's a huge cushion.. huge difference between 50k and 500.. I could buy a house.. pretty decent one too.
Dan: You played a good enough game to make that happen.

Ian leaves to go read his HoH letters and get in a bit of Memory Wall studying...

Dan settles in for a nap in the arcade... then moves into the bedroom. Danielle's napping in the bedroom, as well.. I'll let you know when something else cool or interesting happens. :-)

At the moment, it's 3:23pm.. and we've got 2 snoozers and one occasionally murmuring, pacing, hand and mouth popping, stimming at the table, Ian..
***BB, throw the kid a bone and bring the Hammock into the livingroom or something.

Feed 1
Ian: Skull duggered.. Shane got skull duggered so bad. Painful.

Feed 3
I see Danielle's sitting up with her eyes open, so I go to check if she and Dan are talking. That's a no... But the look on her face is intriguing.. as if she's figuring something out.. or horrified.

Then she begins counting on her fingers.. votes? dates?

Divine inspiration? Intervention?

3:40pm Ian comes into the bedroom.. so now all three are there..

Ian: Dan, Willie and then Frank.. Pretty much all quack pack. What was it? Me, you, Dan, Willie, Frank..

They hear loud construction noises..
Danielle: What in the hell? Do you think still think it's the morph thing?
Ian: Hell no. Morph is just a tv screen and a buzzer. It sounds like (they're building) something physical.

Dani: There's 3 girls and 3 guys at jury right now.
Ian: mm hmm. Ashley.. God. (pause) It was incredible when we saw that picture from Mattress Mayhem..
Dani: Oh, I know. She gained so much weight here. She couldn't even fit in her clothes. (pause) So none of the pictures will go black and white anymore?
Ian: Actually, I don't know. Maybe the 3rd place, but.. Isn't it nuts to see your picture there in color with a key?
Dani: It's just crazy that all the floaters, the coaches, are gone..
Ian: All the 1st round picks all the last round picks.. Wouldn't it be something if the final 4 was just the 2nd picks? And we were here with Willie?
Dani: That'd be too weird.

Ian: Isn't readin' the letters just the best?
Dani: mm hmm. We had a double and a fast forward that same week..
Ian: We went from 7 to 3 in a one week span. It's nuts. It's really crazy if you think about it that way. It feels like eons since Frank left. Eons. Since he's 7th place. It's gonna be so good to watch this.. compelling tv.

Danielle: What do you think about what Dan did last night? Do you think it got bad ratings?
Ian: Him?
Danielle: The show?
Ian: No.. It's huge. It's watched.
Danielle: How do they get ratings, just by how many people tune in?
Ian: Yeah.

Please read the following conversation knowing both are still deeply enveloped in Dan's mist and proceeding accordingly. Danielle moreso than Ian..

Ian: You want him gone, don't you?
Dani: You have no idea.
Ian: Holy shit.
Dani: You just took out my best friend.. my romance.. whatever.. and it wasn't that he just took him out, it was how he did it. he just lied to my face.. He swore..
Ian: What'd he swear on?
Dani: Nothin'. He just swore. But he knew if I knew, then I wouldn't have taken him down.
Ian: And he would've gone.
Dani: I just wanna be in the 3rd round and go, ya know, revenge is so sweet.. Ian's never wronged me and you have. I'm sorry, Dan. I vote to evict you.
Ian: Pretty sweet. I could use 50k.
Dani: You would..
Ian: No.. Jenn will never vote for me, simply because I have a penis..and Frank hates my guts..
Dani: I think Frank and Ashley will vote for you.
Ian: No way. Ashley is too dippy.. too personal.
Dani: Joe will never vote for a girl.
Ian: I think I'd get Joe's vote. There's no way I'd ever get Frank's.. I've lied to his face.. multiple times. What I did to Frank was like.. Well, not quite as bad, but it as up there.. Same with Ash.. Not to mention, my goodbye to Frank was..
Dani: Mine wasn't nice either. Anyway.. There's no way in hell I'm gonna let everyone think I'm a bad person by bringing Dan to final 2. And I think you're getting America's Favorite.
Ian: She is getting it. I heard the cheers.. He got a standing O.

Danielle: I really don't think I'd beat you. Honestly in my gut..
Ian: I think you'd win..
Dani: So you're basically saying, if you won, you wouldn't take me..
Ian: Not necessarily..

Dani: That's the flip side. If you take Dan, they may all say, well, he made it to final 2, he deserves a 2nd win. Lead by Joe.. He said anyone who survives his own funeral deserves it.
Ian: I don't think I could win against either one of youns.. I mean, it'd be tight. Tight.

**We've reached the end game, folks. Take me! They hate me. No. They hate me more.

Dani: My friggin' speech against Dan will be more epic than my jury speech. Do you have any idea how bad I wanna say it to him? Is it sad, ian, that I wouldn't even shed a tear? That I would say it smiling?
Ian: No. I understand.
Danielle: If Dan wins it? And I know he would vote to evict me? I will not give him the vote. Over my dead effin body.
Ian: Silence is so awkward now. You can just hear every creak. It's so weird. Nobody.. The power went out.

Danielle: Why do you think they're so adamant about building? Do you think we're playing tonight?
Ian: No, tomorrow.

Ian hears a power source go out.. and goes to the fridge to confirm it.. He tries going to the DR to tell them, but they wont let him in, so he looks directly into camera to tell them, and the camera nods at him, as if to say, yes, we know.

Timecheck -- 4:14pm

Danielle: How are we supposed to survive til Wednesday.. with nothing to do?
**You? What about me? You at least have a crack at 500k! Dance, monkey, dance!
Ian: I don't know. We need the frikkin backyard, like ASAP.

Danielle: They're filming their questions today..
Ian: How do you know that?
Danielle: (mouths something)
Ian: Roundtable discussion..


Ian: I miss Brit-Brit.

Talk turns to production, sequester at "that Friggin Marriot" and Skippy sends us to the only avaiable lump left in the house... Lump-o-Dan

Danielle: Do you think Julie asked Shane about him and I?
Ian: Definitely.
Danielle: What do you think he said?
Ian: Good things.
Dani: Did he even hug you?
Ian: I think so. I like freaked out. I expected to be gone.

Dani: He bulldozed outta here.
Ian: I don't exactly blame him though..
Dani: I never knew I could miss someone this much.
Ian: I miss him too. Fortunately for me though, Britney left, and then 2 hours later I won HoH.. Revenge time. That was the easiest set of nominations ever in this show. I'm just glad we made it to the final 4 together.
Dani: Yeah.

Ian and Dani begin rehashing..


Danielle: What makes me the maddest about Dan is I've carried him this entire game, Ian, and I just saved his ass.
***bwahahahahaha! bwahahaha! omg. *snortlaugh!*