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Thread: Latw Friday Morning in BB 14 house

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    Default Late Friday Morning in BB 14 house

    Big Brother Dish
    Friday September 14, 2012
    9:15am - 12:10pm BBT

    9:51am BB gives us a quick little glimpse to confirm it is indeed the breakfast..

    11:20am Still Trivia..

    11:35am Feeds are back!!

    : I'm tired.
    : I am too.
    Dan: I may just hibernate today. Dan and Ian are clearing the table... and Dan plans to toss quite a bit of the food, since they'll never eat it.
    **Dan, if you put it into the storage room, I'm sure the P.A.s would love to get their mitts on those desserts. 11:40am

    : Thanks for brunch, Big Brother. That was really good.
    : Yeah, Thanks Big Brother.
    Dan: We should to that t-rex later today if there's no comp..

    : Yeah, I don't think there will be. Dan pulls the table cloth off the table and Ian tells him Newton's Law is why that works.. and explains it. 11:44am Danielle's out of the DR, laying on the couch in the living room. Ian's called to the DR. Dan keeps singing "plates and cups and cups and plates," causing skippy to keep sending us fishing.

    Danielle: Do you think I would've taken you off the block if..
    : Did that champagne make you a little loopy? 11:47am
    Danielle: He's starting to really irritate me. I started to say something.. He kept talking over me. If he wins this, I will not die happy.

    : Wanna play rummy later on?
    Danielle: Yeah, so I can beat your ass?
    : You're up one game.

    : The live feeders have gotta be like, Dan and Danielle are actually awake before noon? Somethings up. (pause) Something's not sitting well with me.. Maybe because it was real food, instead of Ralph's processed garbinos.
    : What a joke. What a joke. Quack Quack.. 11:50am

    BB: Dan to the dr.. Ian has now grabbed the other couch in the living room.. Dan's out of the DR in a minute.. and we have all 3 HGs sprawled out where there used to be standing room only..

    11:55am Chatter about Getting back to normal life... and all that entails after having been inside the BB house.

    : Where you're not freaking out.. 12:10pm Nap time for them..

    ***Errand time for me.. I'll be back with a new top post in a bit. :0) Thank you for being a part of the dish!
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