Big Brother Dish
Friday, September 14, 2012
8:20am - 9:42am BBT

Happy Friday, BB Lovers! Good morning to you and good morning to our HGs! Apologies for the lack of Overnight Report this morning.. There just wasn't much to tell ya!

As promised, both Ian and Danielle handed the comp to Dan on a ruby and diamond encrusted golden platter. Doh! Really Danielle? After all that went down last night? Really?

One thing left me sour last night.. and you guys know I'm never about any kind of conspiracy theories.. but.. why? Why? Why? I'd like a clear answer from production as to why the endurance comp didn't start immediately as it always has. If they were going to wait all the way until the episode had aired on the west coast, fine.. That I can understand. But they didn't. So why?

The HGs are still locked inside, so I am hopeful that we'll have either a Luxury Comp or Part 2 of the Final 3 HoH this morning.. BB got to waking them awfully early for there not to be something significant happening.

Although she had quite the crying jag last night for Shane, Danielle seems to have forgiven Dan for his latest transgression, and since she's telling him verbatim the conversations between her and Ian, I believe she's sincere in her devotion to the mist. Ian, much less so.. I believe he's got Dan's F2 plan figured out, but he hasn't been able to figure a way out of it yet..

Danielle: I had nightmares last night.. I couldn't sleep.
Ian: I don't know how he sleeps at night.

Dan's in the bathroom brushing his teeth. Ian's still in bed. Danielle makes her way to the bathroom, and Dan 1 arm hugs her good morning..

Ian's getting out of bed.. Danielle's sleepy girl sitting on the bathroom couch..

Ian makes his way to the bathroom, and talk turns to the construction noises coming from outside, which sends us briefly to fishies.

8:32am Ian's having a shower, Danielle's doing her makeup routine, Dan's tidying up the kitchen, and I'm about to hit publish so you don't all think I've gone completely awol..

8:40am See above. add dishes to Dan, and subtract shampoo from Ian's head.

8:45am That's a curious stance, dear..

8:46a BB sends us to fishies..

***So.. I have some 20,000 caps from this season, and every time I go to grab one to put up on the blog, and have to scroll through all of em. Inevitably, it'll stop somewhere around half way through, then I pull the curson down to the bottom again to get there.

This was the half way stop point today. Enjoy. Call it an eye candy ghost blast. ;-)

8:51am Feeds come back after 5 minutes and all the HGs are dressed or dressing.. Something's up!

: They gave us the washer and dryer.
Dan: Shhh.. Ian, use that spray. It'll make your clothes smell better.

8:57am After brief fishies, all HGs have reported to the HoH Room.

: It's messy.
Ian: As we left it.
**What's up, BB??

9:15am We're on an extended fishie break.. ♫lalalalaaaaa - According to some lovely dishers in the comment section who were paying more attention than me last night, the final 3 HGs are doing the season rundown for the Sunday Show over breakfast, instead of the usual dinner.. BB usually lets us in on this, at least after a while.

9:26am Our fishies turn to Trivia.. Hmmm..

9:42am Still trivia.. I hope they're getting eggs benedict.. yummm