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Thread: BB14: Final 3 HoH Part 1 - Endurance Comp Coverage

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    Default BB14: Final 3 HoH Part 1 - Endurance Comp Coverage

    Big Brother Dish
    Thursday, September 13, 2012
    8:37pm - 9:24pm BBT

    Wow!! What a live show!! And now...

    Happy Final 3 Endurance Comp to us!!! :0) We'll be here covering the comp until the glorious end.. Whenever that may be! We've got plenty of coffee! We fear nothing!

    Now let's get on with the Endurance Coverage already!! :0)

    8:37pm BBT Feeds are back!!!!

    This one looks like a doozy!!! The HGs are being slammed against a wall, rained on.. dunked in water.. all while holding tight for their BB lives!

    Dan's intense!

    Ian looks like he grew up 5 years in the past 2 hours..

    8:46pm A surprise dunk leaves Ian gagging..

    Danielle looks like she's out for a canoe ride on a lake with a handsome young lad..

    8:47pm Another dunk and...

    ... Ian is OUT!!

    We now have one coach and his very untrusting player.. I cannot see her taking a dive any time soon. Can you??

    Between the rain and winds, I can't hear what they're saying.. Just that this comp is intense!

    Slamming into the wall..
    being rained on, dunked, etc..

    Dan's all game face..

    Danielle no less intense..

    : We goin' for a ride or goin' for a swim.
    Danielle: Ride.

    Dan sees Danielle struggle readjusting her grip and can't resist a smirk..

    Another slam into the wall, and they're both fine..

    9pm trivia..

    Feeds are back.. and BB is still slamming Dan and Danielle into a wall, dunking them in a river, raining on them and the like.. What ever happened to the days of holding on to a Key for Final 3 HoH??

    Danielle's toughing it out, but letting her pain be heard.

    9:12pm Dan's stealth whisper negotiating and Danielle's shaking her head no.

    Dan: No offense, but I kicked his ass.

    Ian: Good job, guys.
    Dan: Thanks, Ian.
    Danielle: (silence)

    And Dip.. and slam.. and swing and slam.. And dunk and slam.. and slam and slam..

    Dan: Ian, can we get like 4 quick minutes? Do you care?
    Ian: Go ahead.

    **Ian goes inside, and knocks on the bathroom door. hehe

    Danielle: You drive me effin crazy!!! Aaaahh!!!!
    Dan: (can't hear)
    Danielle: But you're an easy easy win. That's what I'm saying. I can't beat him in the second round.
    Dan: (can't)
    Danielle: You swear on Chelsea?
    Dan: I swear on Chelsea.
    **really? After tonight? After everything? You can't possibly believe him..
    Danielle: You fog my ass.. If you f*ck me over, I will castrate you slowly with a butter knife.


    Dan: When I take you to the end, and you win.. I'll be able to say that for the rest of my life.. that I coached someone to half a million dollars. It's not about friends.. It's about duty as a coach.
    Danielle: Alright.

    : You really wanna get rained on again?
    Danielle: I don't care. I'm not fallin'.

    Dan: Here comes the water..


    Danielle's Out!! Dan has won round 1 of the final 3 HoH!

    Just so we're all real clear.. This was not a fall.. This was Danielle handing round 1 of the Final 3 HoH Comp over to Dan on a silver platter.. Check out the Caps Lessa grabbed..

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