Big Brother Dish
Thursday, September 13, 2012
11:11am - 1:20pm BBT

Good afternoon BB Lovers!!

As I write this at 1:20pm BBT, the HGs are enjoying a very quiet HoH lockdown, and we're about to be off preparing for the Endurance Competition on the feeds this evening, but there's something you've got to see...

There were 2 rather significant exchanges this morning. The first was between Dan and Danielle. The 2nd was between Dan and us...


Dan: Is everything still good?
Danielle: Oh yeah.

**Need clarification? OK.. here ya go..

Dan camera whispers to the live feeders..

: Your time's up, Shane. Finally. I've got my 2nd shot to take you out, son.

Things are looking bright for Ian at the moment. Pity the fool who hasn't promised to bring Dan to final 2...

As long as Danielle delivers on her promise to use the PoV on Dan, giving Dan the sole vote of the week, it looks like Shane will be joining the jury tonight, and Ian will make it to Final 3.

HoH Lockdown.

Get in on the fun, and watch the feeds with your own eyes! Final 3 Endurance is a wonderful introduction to the feeds!