Big Brother Dish
Wednesday, September 12, 2012
9pm - 11pm BBT

Right at 9pm, the feeds came back on and we find Danielle talking about missing items, that she thinks Kara might have kept.. then talk moves to her favorite subject JoJo and Dan asked why she and JoJo didn't get along..

Dani: Jenn told me that she was jealous of me, that I got all the attention.. she'd be all I'm used to getting all the attention..
Dan: I never heard her say that..
Shane: I heard she did..
Dani: Then she started personally attacking...
Shane: only thing I heard her say was that she deserved it more..
Dan: I think they put you and her in here to fight.

--riviting conversation, I know. It goes on to who said what when they played "Never have I ever" and Frank's play by play of what Frank would do to Ashley, and Britney was egging it on...

Dan: I ask the questions, I don't answer them.
--Lessa: hahahah!

Dan: In a week you can do whatever you want...
Shane: Oh stop
Dan: Danielle's just smiling...

Dan: The night we get out of here are you gonna share a hotel room
Dani: I haven't thought about it
Shane; me either
Dan: You've thought about it..
Dani: No, you just brought it up... do they give us all the same hotel?
Shane: can you run to other people's rooms?!
Dan: ...why couldn't you, when this is over?
--Lessa: hahahahaha!

Dan has Ian - who's just out of the DR - tell the story about another country's BB and the guy who had to pretend to be mentally challenged, and it was a BB set up.

Ian: The twist was, if he could convince the houseguests that he was mentally challenged and he belonged there he'd get immunity for that round and the next - if not, he was nominated. He passed.

Talk turns to the first weeks, first competitions, etc...yikes! then they talk about reptiles and I try REALLY HARD not to listen as I'm extremely phobic - lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Ah, now on to other Jackass stories.

9:47 Annnnnd... talk has run the gamete, about everything BUT what we want to know. COME ON HOUSEGUESTS.... Talk to me...

Dani to the DR...

9:50 Shane: Get your Veto!

And there we have it - Danielle won POV!

Dan: how do you think that Joe would have done in that comp?
Ian: the one we just did? That's my thing, if we were gonna bring a floater, it had to be one that couldn't win. Jenn came close the last two - she knew everything on Memory Lane...

Ian: One of us three will be watching Britney's wedding video..
Shane: I'd be interested to see it... she talked about it enough.

Shane; Our fate is in your hands
Ian: I'm scared! (laughing)
Dani: I don't even have a vote!
Shane: think they'll do it live? the meeting? And then the vote?
Dani: Like, you right now, they'll give their speech and you, right now, you'd stand up and go..


Shane; Do you know what your doin?
Dani: Not saying.
Ian: Just saying, a lot of people on the Jury hate me!
Dani: Oh stop...

Ian: I should pack tonight..

Shane: I'm packing too - me you and Dan should...
Ian: You've never packed..
Shane; Nope... none of us have..
Dani: I've packed 4 times, just saying!

Shane; I can't believe it's a live veto meeting!
Dani: Yeah, I remember when you said you're gonna nominate tonight and I was like year right, and then got to the DR and they said real soon. Then they woke me up and were like Veto Soon... wait - that was TODAY.
--Lessa: hahah!

Talk about the upcoming show, competitions, etc. No real game talk. Not that there's much to talk about at this point. *L*

Ian: I can't believe this is the final four -best final four ever. If we had Brit at final five it would have been perfect, but this, this is amazing! Do you think the Jury house knows about the quack pack?
Dani: depends on Britney.
Shane: Should whoever goes tell?
Ian: I don't think it'd matter, we're all part of it.. I think I'd spill it..

Shane: Me too, just walk in and quack..

Dani: It's weird, I don't think I feel like we're on Showtime, just on the live feeds.
--Lessa: *headdesk* it's the same thing. *LOL*

Ian: remember the good ole days before the feeds came on?
--Lessa: pffft! *L*

10:35 - Dani heads up to shower, the boys talk video games in between yawns...

Dan: Showtime's definitely not on us right now..
Ian: Dani's in the shower? yeah, definitely on her...

Shane comments on his blisters, and heads up to get the guaze and stuff to rebandage his hands.

Ian: I don't know really. Everytime I've said if I go, you can have the beers, and she's like stop stop, so I don't know really.

Dan: Played every If/Then scenario?
Ian: Way I see it, I'd be hard pressed to win against either one of them in the final two. Either I'm going or my best shot at winning is.
Dan: if you had a choice at the end - you think you have a better chance against me or Dani to win..
Ian: You.
Dan: even though Brit said otherwise? Why you think she said it?
Ian: It was right after the funeral, she wasn't to happy. No bitter jury from me - I'll vote whoever I think played the best game, male or female, I'm looking at you Jenn. She wants a girl to win..
Dan: Three girls on the jury right now?
Ian: Brit, Ash, Jen. Frank and Joe. It'll be even after this one. If I stay, I have to win the final HOH to win..
Dan: you'll win 25k either way.
Ian: you underestimate the power of Janelle... If Janelle doesn't, Britney does
Dan: no way dude!
Ian: I don't think I'm getting it dude. I'd love too, but realistic..

Dan: Think someone's going tomorrow?
Ian: No question, one of us two.

11 PM
Shane's back, general conversation, and it's time for me to go. G'night, ya'll! Carolyn will be back with The Overnight Report in the morning, though I think I got her convinced to sleep in a little, as we have endurance tomorrow night - WHEEE! The final three endurance is BY FAR The best part of the season! Especially with this four - no matter who is in the comp, I foresee a battle! Will it go 3 hours? five? EIGHT? No matter what - it'll be AWESOME. Joining us here is great - but watching it on the Live Feeds with us is even BETTER - so hit up the Big Red Button, and get your three day trial NOW, so you're all ready to play with us tomorrow night!

Sleep well, Dishers - catch ya on the flip side!